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Author: Addoum, Jawad M.
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1. Addoum, Jawad M.
Korniotis, George M.
Kumar, Alok
Stature, Obesity, and Portfolio Choice
Management Science 63,10 (October 2017): 3393-3413.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
Keyword(s): Assets; Cross-national Analysis; Financial Behaviors/Decisions; Financial Investments; Health and Retirement Study (HRS); Height; Obesity

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Using multiple U.S. and European data sources, we show that observed physical attributes are related to participation in financial markets. Specifically, we find that individuals who are relatively tall and of normal weight are more likely to hold stocks in their financial portfolios. We consider several potential mechanisms that could drive the relation between physical attributes and portfolio decisions. We find that teenage social experiences as well as genetic and prenatal endowments that are fixed at birth are the two channels through which height affects financial decisions. Furthermore, we find that the relation between body mass index and portfolio decisions is largely driven by education and race.
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Addoum, Jawad M., George M. Korniotis and Alok Kumar. "Stature, Obesity, and Portfolio Choice." Management Science 63,10 (October 2017): 3393-3413.