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1. Adams, Arvil Van
Mangum, Stephen L.
Wirtz, Philip W.
Postschool Education and Training: Accessible to All?
Review of Black Political Economy 15,3 (Winter 1987): 68-86.
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: National Economic Association
Keyword(s): Education; Life Cycle Research; Racial Differences; Schooling, Post-secondary; Training, Post-School; Unemployment Rate, Regional

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This article examines knowledge and skill development during early adulthood when the individual has severed ties with formal education and entered the world of work. Focusing on the Young Men's cohort, the paper examines the economic and social forces influencing participation in various forms of postschool education and training. A recursive model is used to explore skill development patterns over the lifecycle. Attention is focused on the role of early human capital development and its influence on the cost and incentives for subsequent skill development in the adult working years. The findings point to the cumulative nature of skill development over the lifecycle with some important implications for efforts to reduce economic and social inequalities for blacks and whites.
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Adams, Arvil Van, Stephen L. Mangum and Philip W. Wirtz. "Postschool Education and Training: Accessible to All?" Review of Black Political Economy 15,3 (Winter 1987): 68-86.