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Author: Aschaffenburg, Karen E.
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1. Aschaffenburg, Karen E.
Rethinking Images of the Mobility Regime: Making a Case for Women's Mobility
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 14 (1995): 201-235
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: JAI Press, Inc.
Keyword(s): Gender Differences; Inheritance; Mobility; Mobility, Social; Parent-Child Relationship/Closeness; Stratification

Challenges the conventional approach to social stratification and proposes that female (F) mobility should be explicitly assessed in 3 ways: marital, as father-daughter, and mother-daughter. Analysis of data from 4 subsamples of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth in 1987 (total N = 14,964) reveals that regardless of which theoretical perspectives is taken, the structure of F mobility differs from male mobility. There is no simple single-parameter way to summarize how the effects differ from those in the standard father-son regime: the process is more complicated than a global muting of associations between origins and destinations or a uniform adjustment to the inheritance parameters. More significantly, an analysis of the net effects of mothers reveals that they are extremely important to both sons and daughters, but that the reasons that they matter are different. Overall, the regime for daughters is much more one of structured randomness. 6 Tables, 7 Figures, 1 Appendix, 89 References. Adapted from the source document. (Copyright 1996, Sociological Abstracts, Inc., all rights reserved.)
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Aschaffenburg, Karen E. "Rethinking Images of the Mobility Regime: Making a Case for Women's Mobility." Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 14 (1995): 201-235.