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Author: Behler, Rachel
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1. Cavanagh, Shannon
Smith, Chelsea
Behler, Rachel
Ressler, Robert Wayne
Cozzolino, Elizabeth
Economic Volatility and Union Formation in Young Adulthood
Presented: Chicago IL, Population Association of America Annual Meeting, April 2017
Cohort(s): NLSY79 Young Adult
Publisher: Population Association of America
Keyword(s): Cohabitation; Economic Changes/Recession; Geocoded Data; Marital History/Transitions; Marriage

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The romantic lives of young adults have undergone profound change. Still, many continue to form unions during this life stage. Building on literature that highlights the significance of economic resources in shaping unions and life course theory's emphasis on linked lives and historical context, we consider how economic volatility, measured within families of origin, communities in which they live, and the historic moment (e.g., the Great Recession), can shape how young people's romantic lives unfolds. Using a sample drawn from the NLSY79-YA and geocode data, we estimated union formation sequences using person-month data and explored how sources of economic volatility shaped young people's romantic lives. Overall, three sequences emerged: mostly single, early cohabitation, and early and persistent marriage. Remaining single was the modal category. Income-to-needs volatility was associated with cohabitation, with young people raised in more volatile households, net of important covariates, more likely to cohabit than others.
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Cavanagh, Shannon, Chelsea Smith, Rachel Behler, Robert Wayne Ressler and Elizabeth Cozzolino. "Economic Volatility and Union Formation in Young Adulthood." Presented: Chicago IL, Population Association of America Annual Meeting, April 2017.