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Author: Goodwin, Leonard
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1. Goodwin, Leonard
Poor Youth and Employment: A Social Psychological Perspective
Youth and Society 11,3 (March 1980): 311-351.
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: Sage Publications
Keyword(s): Earnings; Job Search; Poverty; Unemployment, Youth

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This paper researches nonemployment of poor youth and its psychological impacts. The results illustrate high unemployment rates for poor youth. Youth programs such as supported work demonstration projects show that work effort increases markedly; however, this activity tends to decrease over time as the youths leave the programs and have to make their way in the regular labor market. In addition, loss of employment bears a negative psychological impact which discourages poor persons from further work effort. Such discouragement may underlie the findings of Becker and Hills (1979) and Corcoran (1979) that low employment during the teenage years seems to affect negatively the subsequent earnings of black teenaged males and the short term employment rate and longer- term earnings of poor teenaged women.
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Goodwin, Leonard. "Poor Youth and Employment: A Social Psychological Perspective." Youth and Society 11,3 (March 1980): 311-351.