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Author: Heath, Julia
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1. Heath, Julia
Kiker, B. F.
Determinants of Spells of Poverty Following Divorce
Review of Social Economy 50,3 (1992): 305-315.
Cohort(s): Mature Women, Young Women
Publisher: Association for Social Economics
Keyword(s): Divorce; Marital Disruption; Parents, Single; Poverty

Using samples from the NLS Young Women and Mature Women and a two-limit tobit technique, this analysis focuses on marital disruption as a proximate cause of poverty for single mother households. The dependent variable was length of poverty spell after divorce. The results indicate that the strongest and most consistent positive predictor of poverty is number of children, while current market hours and wages were significant negative predictors. In the human capital model, education and job tenure were also significant. The results in the decomposition of the tobit results indicate that for each subsample (by race and age), the majority of the changes in the length of poverty spell were caused by changes in the probability of being thrust into poverty initially, not by changes in length once a woman was classified as poor. Cohorts W, G.
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Heath, Julia and B. F. Kiker. "Determinants of Spells of Poverty Following Divorce." Review of Social Economy 50,3 (1992): 305-315.