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Author: Park, Misun
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1. Park, Misun
Essays on the Economics of Fertility
Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Economics, University of Kansas, 2022
Cohort(s): NLSY97
Publisher: ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT)
Keyword(s): Childbearing; Labor Market Outcomes; Marriage; Modeling, Hazard/Event History/Survival/Duration; Underemployment

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This thesis includes three topics: (a) the effects of childbirth subsidy policies on the number of births in South Korea, (b) how a slowdown in retirement affects fertility rates among young adults through the labor market, and (c) how underemployment (i.e., overeducation) affects marriage and childbirth among young adults.

In the third essay, I explored the effect of underemployment--a phenomenon in which 4-year college graduates gain employment in a place that does not require that degree--on marriage and childbirth using the NLSY97. To help explain the link between underemployment and marriage and childbirth, I additionally investigated the factors related to initial underemployment and the effect of underemployment on future labor market outcomes. First, I found that being underemployed at the start of a career highly related to grades and major. Second, I found no evidence that underemployment prevented marriage and childbirth in the short term, both in cross-sectional and panel analyses. Third, through a hazard model analysis, I confirmed that underemployment persistently affected future labor market outcomes for both men and women and that the effect was stronger for men. I also found that, at least for women, underemployment at the beginning of a career negatively related to having a first child. Fourth, with a different measurement method to judge underemployment, I found that underemployed men at a starting point in their career were more likely to remain persistently underemployed but that being underemployed at the start did not relate to marriage or childbirth for men and women.

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Park, Misun. Essays on the Economics of Fertility. Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Economics, University of Kansas, 2022.