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Author: Ramsberger, Peter F.
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1. Laurence, Janice H.
Ramsberger, Peter F.
Gribben, Monica A.
Effects of Military Experience on the Post-Service Lives of Low-Aptitude Recruits: Project 100,000 and the ASVAB Misnorming
In: Low-Aptitude Men and the Military: Who Profits, Who Pays? New York, NY: Praeger, 1991
Cohort(s): NLSY79, Young Men
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Keyword(s): Aptitude; Military Service; Veterans

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Though considerable research has been devoted to ascertaining the military performance of low aptitude recruits, there is a lack of documentation of the effects of military experience on those with low cognitive ability. Therefore, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense funded a study of low aptitude military veterans to determine the long-term effects of military service. More specifically, the Veterans' Life Experiences Study (VETLIFE) was conducted by the Human Resources Research Organization with the assistance of the National Opinion Research Center. Surveys with content based upon the 1966 NLS of Young Men and the 1979 NLSY were administered from October 1986 through December 1987 to samples of low aptitude military veterans who were previously participants of the 1966-1971 Project 100,000 or entered service erroneously as part of the 1976-1980 "misnorming" of the enlistment test. To serve as a baseline for comparisons, samples of nonveterans were drawn from the preexisting 1966 and 1979 base years of the NLS. The NLS 1966 coincided with the Project 100,000 sample, containing men of comparable birth years. Likewise, there was considerable overlap between the young men interviewed as part of the 1979 NLSY and those who entered under the misnorming. The male low aptitude nonveteran components of the NLS surveys with birth-years coinciding with their respective veteran group have been identified. Following a variety of demographic (weighting) and economic adjustments, the NLS samples will be compared with the veteran groups to determine whether or not low aptitude veterans fared better, worse, or equal to their nonveteran counterparts on variables such as income, employment, educational attainment, etc. as a result of having served in the military.
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Laurence, Janice H., Peter F. Ramsberger and Monica A. Gribben. "Effects of Military Experience on the Post-Service Lives of Low-Aptitude Recruits: Project 100,000 and the ASVAB Misnorming" In: .