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Author: Stenoien, Ann Fraedrich
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1. Maranto, Cheryl L.
Stenoien, Ann Fraedrich
Weight Discrimination: A Multidisciplinary Analysis
Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal 12,1 (March 2000): 9-24
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Plenum Publishing Corporation
Keyword(s): Discrimination; Discrimination, Job; Employment; Gender Differences; Obesity; Wage Effects; Weight

Using data from the 1988 wave of the National Longitudinal Survey of Labor Market Experience of Youth on 12,686 Ss (aged 23-30 yrs at onset) the authors estimate weight-based wage penalties for young men and women. It was found that mildly obese (20% over standard weight) White women experience greater wage penalties than Black men experience for weight that is 100% over standard weight. Men do not experience wage penalties until their weight exceeds standard weight by over 100 lbs. ((c) 2000 APA/PsycINFO, all rights reserved).
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Maranto, Cheryl L. and Ann Fraedrich Stenoien. "Weight Discrimination: A Multidisciplinary Analysis." Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal 12,1 (March 2000): 9-24.