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Author: Turner, Charlie G.
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1. Turner, Charlie G.
Monk-Turner, Elizabeth A.
The Returns to Education and Degrees
Educational Research Quarterly 26,3 (March 2003): 45-56.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: School of Education, University of Southern California - Los Angeles
Keyword(s): College Graduates; Educational Returns; Labor Market Outcomes

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Differences in earning ability and returns to the associate's and bachelor's degrees are analyzed for the National Longitudinal Survey ofYouth. The average age of the sample is 27. Each additional year of education past high school yields an economic return of 1.9%. Only bachelor's degree recipients enjoy an economic advantage on completion of the degree (10%); associate and vocational degree holders do not significantly benefit from a "sheepskin" effect. Besides years of education and the bachelor's degree, being white, male, older, having more work experience, living outside the South, being in an SMSA, married, and having the bachelor's degree as an educational goal are all positively associated with higher wages.
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Turner, Charlie G. and Elizabeth A. Monk-Turner. "The Returns to Education and Degrees." Educational Research Quarterly 26,3 (March 2003): 45-56.