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1. Murray, Charles A.
Inequality Taboo
Commentary Magazine 120,2 (September 2005): 13-22.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Commentary
Keyword(s): Gender Differences; I.Q.; Racial Differences

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Most of the following discussion describes reasons for believing that some group differences are intractable. I shift from "innate" to "intractable" to acknowledge how complex is the interaction of genes, their expression in behavior, and the environment. "Intractable" means that, whatever the precise partitioning of causation may be (we seldom know), policy interventions can only tweak the difference at the margins. I will focus on two sorts of differences: between men and women and between blacks and whites.
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Murray, Charles A. "Inequality Taboo." Commentary Magazine 120,2 (September 2005): 13-22.