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Source: Journal of Economic Development (JED)
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1. Richey, Jeremiah Alexander
The Effect of Youth Labor Market Experience on Adult Earnings
Journal of Economic Development 39,1 (March 2014): 47-61.
Cohort(s): NLSY97
Publisher: The Economic Research Institute of Chung-Ang University (Korea)
Keyword(s): Earnings; Employment, Youth; Labor Force Participation

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This paper investigates the effect of multiple youth jobs on adult earnings using the 1997 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth along with multiple regression specifications to identify treatment effects and a set of relatively weak nonparametric assumptions that provide tight bounds on treatment effects. Various specifications under an exogenous selection assumption indicate that an additional youth job increases adult yearly income by about $600 with the effect on men being larger than the effect on women. These specifications control for the number of adult jobs as well as the number of weeks worked as a youth. The partial identification strategy bounds the effect for men to be greater than zero, yet substantially smaller than the regression results. However, the confidence intervals on these estimates do not exclude a zero effect. Though a spurious explanation cannot be completely ruled out by the analysis, the results in this paper seem to imply that working multiple jobs as a youth has positive effects on adult earnings beyond pure labor market experience in contrast to the negative effect of multiple jobs as an adult.
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Richey, Jeremiah Alexander. "The Effect of Youth Labor Market Experience on Adult Earnings." Journal of Economic Development 39,1 (March 2014): 47-61.