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Source: Marketing Communications
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1. McLaughlin, Steven D.
Melber, Barbara D.
Female Challenge -- Converging Dreams and Separate Realities
Marketing Communications 11,10 (November 1986): 29-36
Cohort(s): Mature Women, Young Women
Publisher: Marketing Communications
Keyword(s): Attitudes; Behavior; Children; Educational Attainment; Employment; Family Structure; Marriage; Women's Roles

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Recent decades have witnessed fundamental changes in the way women organize their lives. A tremendous transition has taken place through which women have altered their relationships with their families and with the economy. Data on 10,000 women from the Mature and Young Women cohorts (1967-1983) were utilized. The investigation reveals that new levels of economic independence encourage the lifestyle of the ''primary woman,'' who makes major life decisions in such areas as work, children, education, and marriage. Attitudes of women are shifting closer to men's, and there are important and complex linkages between these and personal behavior. One important area remains unaffected: women continue to place a high value on marriage and family. Women want marriage, but they want greater independence within the union. Women's stress in meeting both family and career commitments, combined with their increased purchasing power, may produce important changes in women's consumer behavior.
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McLaughlin, Steven D. and Barbara D. Melber. "Female Challenge -- Converging Dreams and Separate Realities." Marketing Communications 11,10 (November 1986): 29-36.