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Source: National Conference on Higher Education
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1. Parnes, Herbert S.
Nestel, Gilbert
Early Labor Market Experience of College Graduates
Presented: Chicago, IL, 32nd National Conference on Higher Education, 1977
Cohort(s): Young Men, Young Women
Publisher: American Association for Higher Education (AAHE)
Keyword(s): College Graduates; Duncan Index; Earnings; Educational Attainment; Mobility, Job; Occupational Status

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Young men and young women who earned baccalaureate degrees in the late 1960s and early 1970s enjoyed substantial labor market advantages in 1973 over individuals with lesser amounts of education who had been out of school for comparable periods of time. Male graduates also showed substantial improvement in employment stability, occupational status, and earnings during the first six or seven years in the labor market, and earnings growth for them is more rapid than for men who have started college but not completed baccalaureate degrees and for those with just high school diplomas. Female graduates, however, were no more likely than women with lesser amounts of education to have improved their occupational status or earnings in this period. College graduates whose degrees are in business or in science, math, or engineering enjoyed substantial earnings advantages over those with degrees in education, the humanities, and social science. College graduates in the early 1970s were equally as likely to enter high-level jobs as those in the late 1960s. The later graduates were, however, less likely to move up the occupational ladder during their first two years in the labor market.
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Parnes, Herbert S. and Gilbert Nestel. "Early Labor Market Experience of College Graduates." Presented: Chicago, IL, 32nd National Conference on Higher Education, 1977.