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Source: National Institute of Mental Health
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1. McLaughlin, Steven D.
Family and Women's Labor Force Participation
Final Report, National Institute of Mental Health, 1979
Cohort(s): Mature Women, Young Women
Publisher: National Institute of Mental Health
Keyword(s): Child Care; Children; Earnings; Employment; Family Background and Culture; Fertility; Husbands, Influence; Schooling; Sex Roles

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Changing patterns of women's labor force participation and fertility are examined in order to provide an overview of the problems as well as an introduction to the theoretical and analytical perspective. Changes in fertility from macro and micro perspectives are described. The theoretical perspectives utilized in past efforts to understand the relationship between fertility and labor force participation are reviewed. Models involving either labor force participation or fertility as the dependent variable are critically assessed in terms of their implications for the study of the dynamic fertility/labor force participation relationship. Major conclusions are that: (1) the impact of pre-birth labor experience on fertility is minimal in almost all contexts and for both races; (2) a strong inverse effect of fertility on labor force participation is found for the total white and black sample; and (3) the dimension of family composition most important for labor force participation is the number of years spent with a pre-school child without an older relative.
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McLaughlin, Steven D. "Family and Women's Labor Force Participation." Final Report, National Institute of Mental Health, 1979.