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Source: Social Indicators Newsletter
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1. O'Neill, June E.
Some Relevant Policy Uses of the NLS
Social Indicators Newsletter 18 (September 1983): 1-10
Cohort(s): NLS General
Publisher: Social Science Research Council
Keyword(s): Health/Health Status/SF-12 Scale; Longitudinal Data Sets; Mortality; NLS Description

This paper presents an overview of the NLS and reviews some of its uses which relate to specific broad areas of social policy in the United States. Based upon a longer report prepared for the Office of Research and Evaluation, Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor, it surveys NLS findings that have been used for guiding policies as well as issues that members of the policy community have expressed an interest in addressing in the future. Information on the use of the NLS was gathered from a variety of sources--staff of federal and state government agencies and congressional committees, researchers, published articles and testimony. This brief review indicates that the NLS already have produced much useful information that would not have been available from other sources, and that a wide variety of users in federal and state government rely on the NLS in formulating policy. Special attention is given to studies on unemployment and related labor market issues; women's labor force participation and male-female earnings differentials; and aging and retirement. Other uses of the NLS which are discussed at some length in the full report concern the issues of health, education, disability and mortality, alcohol use and delinquency in youth, fertility, military manpower and the evaluation of Department of Labor training and employment programs.
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O'Neill, June E. "Some Relevant Policy Uses of the NLS." Social Indicators Newsletter 18 (September 1983): 1-10.