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Title: Atypical Work and Pay
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1. Addison, John T.
Surfield, Christopher James
Atypical Work and Pay
Southern Economic Journal 73,4 (April 2007): 1038-1065.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Southern Economic Association
Keyword(s): Employment, Part-Time; Human Capital; Wage Differentials; Work, Atypical

Atypical work has long been criticized in popular debate as providing poorly compensated, precarious employment. Yet the empirical evidence is both incomplete and mixed. The main contribution of the present paper is to estimate wage differences for the full set of these alternative work arrangements while simultaneously controlling for observed demographic characteristics and unobserved person-specific fixed effects. The paper also allows for the skewness in atypical worker earnings while retaining the Mincerian human capital earnings function. Our improved estimates are consistent with some of the more optimistic findings reported in the literature, the caveat being that we are examining here only the wage component of the total compensation package. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

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Addison, John T. and Christopher James Surfield. "Atypical Work and Pay." Southern Economic Journal 73,4 (April 2007): 1038-1065.