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Title: The Determinants of Illegal Drug Use
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1. Gill, Andrew Matthew
Michaels, Robert J.
The Determinants of Illegal Drug Use
Contemporary Policy Issues 9,3 (July 1991): 93-105.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Western Economic Association International
Keyword(s): Drug Use; Earnings; Modeling, Probit; Time Use; Wages

Drug use is analyzed using a model in which an individual's time is allocated among labor, non-drug consumption, leisure, and drug use, where the individual is cognizant of the effect of drug use on wages. Comparative static results are analyzed, and data from the NLSY are used to estimate a probit model of the individual decision to use drugs. It is found that noneconomic factors dominate the decision for both harder drugs and for drugs more broadly defined. Wages and the associated difference in wages between users and nonusers do not influence the likelihood of drug use. Variables indicating underlying personality problems, such as those associated with problem drinking, and a predisposition to illegal acts exert strong influences. Because drug price data are not available, these findings cannot be taken as being conclusive. [ABI/INFORM]
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Gill, Andrew Matthew and Robert J. Michaels. "The Determinants of Illegal Drug Use." Contemporary Policy Issues 9,3 (July 1991): 93-105.