NLS Youth '97 Cohort

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth - 1997 Cohort
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Men and women born in the years 1980-84
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NLS Youth 1997
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National Longitudinal Survey of Youth | 1997
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Mother's Age at First Birth/Respondent's Birth

These variables were only created in Round 1.

Variables Created


This program creates two variables which identify the age of the youth's biological mother when she gave birth to her first child and when the youth was born. Note that this program uses data from the Round 1 Parent Questionnaire, so it is only available for respondents who have a completed parent interview.

Current Citizenship Status - Appendix 3

Variable Created


This program creates a variable summarizing the respondent's citizenship status as of the survey date. Status is coded as citizen, born in the U.S.; citizen, naturalized; applicant for naturalization; permanent resident; applicant for residence; or other.

Number of Residences since Age 12 - Appendix 3

Variable Created


Fertility and Child Status - Appendix 3

Variables Created

  • CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.xx~M, CV_CHILD_BIRTH_DATE.xx~Y--month and year of birth of youth's children (actual date)
  • CV_CHILD_BIRTH_MONTH.xx--month of birth of youth's children (continuous month scheme)
  • CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.xx~M, CV_CHILD_DEATH_DATE.xx~Y--month and year of death of youth's biological children
  • CV_CHILD_DEATH_MONTH.xx--month of death of youth's biological children (continuous month scheme)
  • CV_CHILD_STATUS.xx--status of youth's children

Marital Status and Marital/Cohabitation History - Appendix 3

Variables Created

  • CV_MARSTAT (marstat)--marital status as of interview date (10 categories coded)
  • CV_MARSTAT_COLLAPSED (cmarstat)--marital status as of interview date (5 categories coded)
  • CVC_FIRST_COHAB_DATE~M (cohm), CV_FIRST_COHAB_DATE~Y (cohy)--date of first cohabitation
  • CVC_FIRST_MARRY_DATE~M (marm), CV_FIRST_MARRY_DATE~Y (mary)--date of first marriage
  • CVC_FIRST_COHAB_MONTH (cohcm)--date of first cohabitation in continuous month format

Household Size as of Survey Date - Appendix 3

Variables Created

  • CV_HH_SIZE (HHSIZE)--Household size
  • CV_HH_UNDER_6 (UNDER6)--Number of household members less than 6 years old
  • CV_HH_UNDER_18 (UNDER18)--Number of household members less than 18 years old

This program creates several variables describing the composition of the respondent's household: the total number of residents, the number of residents under age 6, and the number of residents under age 18.

Training: Receipt of Certificate or Vocational License - Appendix 1

Variables Created


This program creates a cross-round variable that reports whether the respondent has ever received a certificate or license other than a GED through a training program. If so, a pair of cross-round variables provide the month and year that the most recent certificate or license was obtained. These variables are created for all respondents, not just those interviewed in the most recent round.

SAT/ACT Scores - Appendix 1

These variables were last created in round 11.

Date Left High School and Highest High School Grade - Appendix 1

Variables Created


Credits Earned toward Bachelor's/Associate's Degree - Appendix 1

Variables Created

  • CV_BA_CREDITS.01-.05

This program calculates fraction of credits earned toward a bachelor's degree (CV_BA_CREDITS) and fraction of credits earned toward a associate's degree (CV_ASSOC_CREDITS) for each round.


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