NLS Youth '97 Cohort

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth - 1997 Cohort
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Men and women born in the years 1980-84
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NLS Youth 1997
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National Longitudinal Survey of Youth | 1997
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Relationship to Household Parent Figures (Interview Date) - Appendix 3

Variable Created


Available for rounds 1-7, this variable indicates the relationship of the respondent to the primary adults in the household at the time of the interview. The round 7 program is included below; previous rounds are very similar.

Relationship to Household Parent Figures (Rounds 7-9 Childhood Retrospective) - Appendix 3

Variables Created


This program creates variables indicating the relationship of the youth to the primary adults in the household when the youth was age 2, 6, and 12. Note that this program uses data from a special "Childhood Retrospective" section included in rounds 7-9.

Core Employment Variables, Linking to Past Rounds

SAS Code for Variable Creation

data two;
set r14.current

Core Employment Variables, Current Round section

SAS Code for Variable Creation

data two; set r14.current
CALL SYMPUT ('E100000 ','YEMP_100000_01 YEMP_100000_02 YEMP_100000_03 YEMP_100000_04 YEMP_100000_05 E06 E07 E08 E09 ');
CALL SYMPUT ('E100100 ','YEMP_100100_01 YEMP_100100_02 YEMP_100100_03 YEMP_100100_04 YEMP_100100_05 E06 E07 E08 E09 ');

Core Employment Variables - Appendix 2

Variables Created

A large set of core employment variables is created using a single large program. This program is very long and is divided into two HTML files to speed downloads and viewing. The main file sections are as follows (each contained in a separate file):

Hourly Rate of Pay/Compensation and Job Length < 13 Weeks - Appendix 2

Variables Created

  • CV_HRLY PAY.xx
  • CV_JOB_13_WKS.xx (CV_JOB<13_WKS in rounds 1-6)

This program creates the hourly rate of pay for NLSY97 respondents. The hourly rate of pay is constructed from stop date information for respondents whose job lasted more than 13 weeks. For all other respondents the start wage is used. Note that hourly rate of pay is reported with two implied decimal places.

Employment Status Recode - Appendix 2

Variables Created

  • CV_ESR

Using data from the CPS section, this program creates a variable for the respondent's employment status during the week before the interview. The CPS section was included only in rounds 1, 4, and 10, so these variables are available only for those rounds.

Hours per Week at Each Job - Appendix 2

Variable Created

  • CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.xx (HOURS)--number of hours usually worked per week at each job

This program creates a variable for each job in each survey round reporting the usual number of hours worked per week. If a job lasts 13 weeks or less, the program uses hours reported as of the job's start date. For jobs lasting longer than 13 weeks, the variable provides hours usually worked as of the end date or the most recent report (for example, the interview date).

Current or Most Recent Employer - Appendix 2

Variable Created


For each round, this program creates a variable indicating which employer roster loop contains information for the respondent's current or most recent job (often referred to as the CPS job) at the date of the interview. If the respondent holds more than one job at the same time, the main job is the job at which he or she usually works the most hours. If hours worked are the same, the main job is the one with the earliest start date.

Veteran Status - Appendix 2

Variable Created

  • CVC_VET_STATUS--indicates whether the respondent has ever served in the active armed forces, the reserves, or the National Guard.

This program uses the military job information from the employer roster to create a variable indicating the respondent's status as a veteran.

Download the Veteran Status program file


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