Young Adults
YAdult Round 24 YA2010

Q11-TIME-BEGIN []Section: Section 11: Other Training


COMMENT: beginning of training section

Default Next:Q11-0Type:Internal Function
Lead-In:Q10-00 [1:1], Q10-0AAA [1:1], Q10-2 [2:2], Q10-2D [2:2], Q10-4 [0:0], Q9-3 [Default], Q10-0AA [Default], Q10-0C-A [Default], Q10-0H [Default], Q10-10A [Default]Mask:9999

Q11-0 []Section: Section 11: Other Training


COMMENT: check to see if R is younger than 18 and enrolled in school

If Answer = 1 Then Go To

Default Next:Q11-21BType:Internal Function
Lead-In:Q11-TIME-BEGIN [Default]Mask:99

Q11-21B []Section: Section 11: Other Training

CASE 1 : {EVER_DLI} = "Since " + {LINTDATE~X} + " have you";
CASE 0 : {EVER_DLI} = "Have you ever";
DEFAULT: {EVER_DLI} = "Have you ever"; END

COMMENT: text subst based on whether R is new to YA

Default Next:Q11-22Type:Internal Function
Lead-In:Q11-0 [Default]Mask:9999

Q11-22 []Section: Section 11: Other Training

{ever_dli} obtained any kind of certificate, for example, a license or journeyman's card for practicing a profession or trade?

 1   Yes   ...(Go To Q11-22-LOOP-INIT)
 0   No

Default Next:Q12-TIMEType:Select One Entry
Lead-In:Q11-21B [Default]Mask:AUTO‑SELECTED

Q11-22-LOOP-INIT []Section: Section 11: Other Training


Default Next:Q11-22-LOOP-BEGINType:Internal FunctionSave Symbol:CERT‑LOOP1
Lead-In:Q11-22 [1:1]Mask:9999

Q11-22-LOOP-BEGIN []Section: Section 11: Other Training


COMMENT: start loop about certificates, etc. that R has received

Default Next:Q11-22-LOOP-INCREMENTType:Internal Function
Lead-In:Q11-22-LOOP-INIT [Default]Mask:9999

Q11-22-LOOP-INCREMENT []Section: Section 11: Other Training

{CERT-LOOP1} + 1

Default Next:Q11-23Type:Internal FunctionSave Symbol:CERT‑LOOP1
Lead-In:Q11-22-LOOP-BEGIN [Default]Mask:9999

Q11-23 []Section: Section 11: Other Training

Is that a certificate, a license or a journeyman's card?

 1   Certificate
 2   License
 3   Journeyman's card
 4   Other (SPECIFY)   ...(Go To Q11-26)

Default Next:Q11-23AType:Select One EntrySave Symbol:^JOBCARD_NO({CERT‑LOOP1})^

Q11-23A []Section: Section 11: Other Training

DECODE ({^JOBCARD_NO({CERT-LOOP1})^},{%D1089%},1)

COMMENT: Stamp code for relationship for household member

Default Next:Q11-24Type:Internal FunctionSave Symbol:^JOBCARD({CERT‑LOOP1})^
Lead-In:Q11-23 [Default]Mask:A20

Q11-24 []Section: Section 11: Other Training

Is it still valid?

 1   Yes
 0   No

Default Next:Q11-25Type:Select One Entry
Lead-In:Q11-23A [Default]Mask:AUTO‑SELECTED

Q11-25 []Section: Section 11: Other Training

For what profession or trade is that {^jobcard({CERT-LOOP1})^}?


Default Next:Q11-25AType:Text Entry
Lead-In:Q11-24 [Default]Mask:A86

Q11-25A []Section: Section 11: Other Training

What activities or duties did that {^jobcard({CERT-LOOP1})^} qualify you to perform?


Default Next:Q11-26Type:Text Entry
Lead-In:Q11-25 [Default]Mask:A86

Q11-26 []Section: Section 11: Other Training

In what month and year did you receive it?

Enter Date:  

Default Next:Q11-27Type:Date Entry
Lead-In:Q11-23 [4:4], Q11-25A [Default]Mask:MY
Hard Min:{birthdate4}
Hard Max:{curdate4}

Q11-27 []Section: Section 11: Other Training

{ever_dli} obtained any other certificates, licenses or journeyman's cards?

 1   Yes
 0   No

Default Next:Q11-27-LOOP-ENDType:Select One EntrySave Symbol:^MORE_CERTS({CERT‑LOOP1})^
Lead-In:Q11-26 [Default]Mask:AUTO‑SELECTED

Q11-27-LOOP-END []Section: Section 11: Other Training


COMMENT: loop until all certificates, etc. have been asked about

Default Next:Q12-TIMEType:Internal Function
Lead-In:Q11-27 [Default]Mask:9999