Questionnaire Public Report04/11/2013 01:04:44 PM
Cohort:National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997
Round:Youth Questionnaire 97 (R2)
Instrument :Youth
  1. Time Use

YTIM-100 [R21630.00]Section: Time Use

([age as of 12/31/96] >= 15)

COMMENT: R was >= 15 years of age as of 12/31/96

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YTIM-200 [R21631.00]Section: Time Use

([enrollment status] = 1) or ([employment status] = 1)

COMMENT: R is currently enrolled in school or currently employed

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YTIM-300 [R21632.00]Section: Time Use

We are interested in learning about how you spend your time. Let's start with the way you spend your time on a typical weekday.

On a typical weekday, about what time do you generally get up in the morning?

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YTIM-300B [R21633.00]Section: Time Use

On a typical weekday, what time do you generally leave your home?

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YTIM-300C [R21634.00]Section: Time Use

On a typical weekday, what time do you generally arrive home at the end of your day?

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YTIM-300D [R21635.00]Section: Time Use

On a typical weekday, what time do you generally go to sleep?

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YTIM-500 []Section: Time Use

On a typical weekday, what are the main activities you participate in and/or places you go between the time you wake up and the time you go to sleep?

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YTIM-700 [R21636.00]Section: Time Use

XFER(ROS=PLACES,DIR=OUT,FIELDS=(PLACE=[place where R spends time]))

COMMENT: get the number of places R spends time at

Enter Number: 
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YTIM-800 []Section: Time Use

REPEAT([loop for where R spends time])

COMMENT: How long R at place

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YTIM-900 [R21637.00]Section: Time Use

How many hours do you generally spend at [place where R spends time()] on a typical weekday?

Enter Number: 

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YTIM-1100 []Section: Time Use

UNTIL([loop for where R spends time],[loop for where R spends time]=[no places])

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YTIM-1220 []Section: Time Use

Thinking about the past week, please tell me the main activities or places you spent your time at during that week.

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