Accessing Data / Cohorts

Large Data Set Downloads are currently unavailable.

It is recommended that users build custom data sets in Investigator for their particular research instead of downloading entire sets due to the extraordinarily large amount of NLS data. Users may access custom sets via the Investigator, the NLS online search and extraction tool.

For users who have the capacity to utilize extremely large data files and the programs to handle them, downloads are available for NLSY97, NLSY79, NLSCYA and the original cohorts: Mature Women, Young Women, Older Men, and Young Men.

Each download file includes a data file (.dat); a codebook file (.cdb); programs to read the data into SAS (.sas), SPSS (.sps), and R (.R); and a tagset file listing all reference numbers (.COHORT NAME). Stata programs are available through Investigator but are not included here because the full data sets are too large to open in Stata.

National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS) Cohort Data Sets

  • NLS Youth 1997 (NLSY97)
    Men and women born in the years 1980-84
  • NLS Youth 1979 (NLSY79)
    Men and women born in the years 1957-64
  • NLSY79 Child and Young Adult (NLSCYA)
    Biological children of women in the NLSY79
  • NLS Mature Women
    Mature women born in the years 1922-37
  • NLS Young Women
    Young women born in the years 1943-53
  • NLS Older Men
    Older men born in the years 1906-21
  • NLS Young Men
    Young men born in the years 1941-52