NLS Youth 1979

The NLSY79 is a complex longitudinal survey comprised of multiple nationally representative samples. Because of this complexity the NLS staff creates a set of cross-sectional weights for each survey round. Using these weights provides a simple method for users to correct the raw data for the complex survey design in a particular year. If you are using data from just one survey the weight series provides an accurate adjustment. However, if you are using data from multiple survey years no single set of survey weights provides an accurate adjustment. For additional information, click here.

If your research spans multiple survey years using this web page you can create a custom set of survey weights which adjust both for the complex survey design and for using data from multiple years.

Place IDs you wish to weight in the text area below. One ID per line.

A download dialog box should appear within 1 minute to copy the file to your PC.

Example Custom Weights Output

Custom Weights have 2 implied decimal places.
(i.e., 130793 means the respondent represents 1,307.93 people)

ID  Custom Weight
1               0
2          130793
3          200122
.               .
n          143589