NLS Youth '79 Cohort

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth - 1979 Cohort
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Men and women born in the years 1957-64
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NLS Youth 1979
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National Longitudinal Survey of Youth | 1979
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As the 1979 Youth cohort approached their fifties, questions were added about retirement preparation and expectations, starting with the 2006 survey year.

Computer & Internet Access

In survey year 2000, respondents were asked if they had access to a computer at home running specified operating systems, whether they could access the web using a browser and whether they could access the internet through a modem or other connection. These questions were also asked in the 2002-2012 survey rounds but only if the respondent had not reported internet access at a previous interview.

NLSY79 Appendix 25: Attitudinal Scale Scoring

This appendix contains descriptions of scale score computations for four attitudinal scales: The Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression (CES-D), Rosenberg Self-Esteem, Pearlin Mastery and Rotter Locus of Control scales.

Business Ownership

Created Variables

BUSOWN_SOURCEYR. Survey year when business data was collected. Cross-round variable.

BUSOWN-UID-MATCH.01, 02, etc. Unique job ID in Employment History Roster of Business 01, 02, etc. originally. Cross-round variable.

BUSOWN-MATCH-QUALITY.01, 02, etc. Provides quality of the match between Business 01, 02, etc. ownership reported and past employers. Cross-round variable.

NLSY79 Appendix 24: Reanalysis of the 1980 AFQT Data from the NLSY79

The NLSY79 and NLSY97 are unique in that virtually all respondents took the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), with the results for the NLSY79 being used to norm the test. This appendix discusses the psychometrics of the Armed Forces Qualifying Test (AFQT) administered in 1980, with attention to the implications the analysis has for the efficient administration of those tests.

Errata for 1979-2012 Data Release

Newest Errata

MAJOR FIELD OF STUDY variables for 2004 [posted 01/17/2017]

Data for the major fields of study at colleges reported by respondents in the 2004 interview were inadvertently omitted. These variables will be included in the next data release. In the meantime, users can access these data by clicking here. The affected variables are:

NLSY79 Employer History Roster

The Employer History roster includes information on virtually all employers reported by NLSY79 respondents, with many of the employer characteristics reported for each employer included in a single record. These variables are classified as "XRND" variables, rather than being assigned to a single survey year. Data from 1979-2016 are currently available. The variables will be updated as necessary as revisions are made and with each progressive round.

NLSY79 Appendix 23: Revised Asset and Debt Variables and Computed TOTAL Net Wealth Variables

The NLSY79 public release data contains a variety of asset and debt data, as well as some computed variables depicting total net family wealth at each survey point. Below are descriptions of revised asset and debt variables for survey years 1985-2000 (found in ASSETS area of interest with question names ending in “_REVISED”) and the constructed Total Net Family Wealth (TNFW_TRUNC) variables.

Attachment 106: Codebook Pages for Geocode and Zipcode Variables

This attachment presents codebook pages for the restricted-use NLSY79 geocode variables. These codebook pages show the answer categories, frequency distributions, and other related information for the variables available on the geocode CD. These pages are provided to help users determine whether the geocode information would be appropriate for their research needs in terms of content, sample size, etc.


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