Date Received Diploma or Degree - Appendix 1

Date Received Diploma or Degree - Appendix 1

Variables Created:


This program creates the variables that indicate the dates on which the youth received GED, High School Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Doctoral Degree and Professional Degree. The dates are calculated using continuous month numbers (see Appendix 7). These are cross-round variables using the most recent information available for every NLSY97 respondent.

Notes on variable decsion rules:

  1. If there are two or more valid but different dates for a degree receipt then we take the date reported in the earlier round as that would have been closer to the actual date, except GED receipt dates. In those cases we look at comments to see whether the earlier date that the respondent reported was the date that the respondent took the exam and the later date is the date R actually received the GED.
  2. If the respondent attends college without a High School diploma or GED then the respondent is asked for an  explanation in question YSCH-13900. If the respondent reports receiving a HS diploma or GED but gives no date  of receipt then we give corresponding date of degree received as  -3.
  3. If the respondent reports receiving GED or H.S. Diploma in YSCH-3113 that has not been reported elsewhere then we give the date of degree received as -3. If R reports a highest degree received in this question as an AA or higher degree and we find evidence that R was indeed in college, had a major of study, was pursuing that degree and left the college because R graduated or finished coursework then we the stop date of that enrollment as the date of receiving that degree. The same rule (except for having decided on a major) is used if R reports attending college to receive a GED.

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