Appendix 11: Collection of the Transcript Data (High School)

Appendix 11: Collection of the Transcript Data (High School)

Data Collection Variables

Transcript Record Status and Transcript Wave

The Transcript Record Status variable is provided for all 8,984 respondents in the NLSY97 sample. For each respondent, the variable indicates whether or not a transcript was requested for the youth, and as appropriate, why a transcript was not requested, or why a transcript was not received. The second variable, available for all respondents with transcript data, reports whether the respondent's data was collected in wave 1 or wave 2 of the transcript survey.

  TRANS_STAT High School Transcript Record Status
  TRANS_WAVE Transcript Wave

Characteristics of Youth's Primary School

These variables pertain to the school from which the youth's transcript was primarily collected. In most cases, this is the last school that the youth attended. Three variables were extracted from Quality Education Data (QED) data files:

  TRANS_PR_SCH_SECT School Sector for Primary School
  TRANS_PR_SCH_DIST_STUDS Number of Students in Primary School's District
  TRANS_PCT_PR_SCH_9_12_STUDS Percentage of District Students in grades 9 - 12

Four additional variables were coded from a variety of sources. In priority order, we captured information from hard-copy school catalogs, on-line school catalogs, other on-line school information, or telephone calls to school staff. Information is valid for the 2004-2005 school year.

  TRANS_PR_SCH_CALC Primary School Offers Calculus?
School offers at least one term of calculus.
  TRANS_PR_SCH_AP Primary School Offers AP Coursework?
School offers at least one Advance Placement course.
  TRANS_PR_SCH_IB Primary School Offers IB Coursework?
School offers an International Baccalaureate curriculum.
  TRANS_PR_SCH_VOC_ED Primary School Offers Vocational Education Courses?
School offers at least one vocational education course.

Data Quality Flag

This flag, called TRANS_PROBFLAG, was constructed to alert users to the existence of cases whose data we believed was incomplete or flawed in some way that would make the case less likely to provide useful information. The flag is a composite of five separate tests flagging different types of problems; a positive result for any one (or more) of those tests resulted in the case being coded 1 (Yes) for TRANS_PROBFLAG. The variable does not indicate how many flaws are present in a given case. The five component tests are:

  Test Comment
  Is the case missing all Carnegie credit information? All cases without any Carnegie-credit information were positive for this test, whether the lack resulted from an absence of recorded course credits or an inability to establish Carnegie-credit equivalents for course credits.
  Is the case lacking all usable course-grade information? Cases were positive for this test if their records contained no grades other than 19 (Blank) or 20 (Unknown).
  Is there a grade-level sequencing problem? Cases were positive for this test if they showed either a grade-level reversion (lower grades seemingly occurring after higher grades) or an anomalous pattern of grade-levels in the data (e.g., 9th, 10th, and 12th grade courses, but none for 11th grade).
  Does the record show an extremely limited number of courses? Cases were flagged by this test if their showed 11 or fewer high-school courses.
  Does the case contain a limited number of academic years? This test codes cases that contain only one or two high-school academic years, where the transcript either indicates that the student graduates or contains no information on why the student left school.


Coding Information for Course Code Variables

As part of the NLSY97 Transcript Survey, project staff coded respondents' courses using the revised Secondary School Taxonomy of courses (SST-R). The SST-R codes use a combination of numbers and letters to create a unique identifier for each type and level of high school course content. Because the NLSY97 data base system requires that all data be in numeric form, it was necessary to convert the SST-R codes into numbers for use with the Transcript Survey data. The following table indicates the NLSY97 number assigned for each original SST-R code and course description. These codes were used in variables R97128.-R97251. (TRANS_CRS_CODE.01-.175) in the NLSY97 data set.

Table 4. Numeric Course Code, R-SST Codes and Code Descriptions

TRANS_ CRS_ SST-R Code SST-R Description
1 1_11A General Mathematics, ESE/Functional
2 1_11B General Mathematics, Basic
3 1_11C General Mathematics, Regular
4 1_11D General Mathematics, Other
5 1_12A Consumer Mathematics, ESE/Functional
6 1_12B Consumer Mathematics, Regular
7 1_13 Pre-Algebra
8 1_14 Algebra 1
9 1_15 Geometry
10 1_16 Algebra 2 through Pre-Calculus
11 1_17A Advanced Mathematics, Calculus
12 1_17B Advanced Mathematics, AP/IB
13 1_17C Advanced Mathematics, Other
14 1_18 Unified Mathematics
15 1_19A Occupationally-Related Mathematics, ESE/Functional
16 1_19B Occupationally-Related Mathematics, Regular
17 1_21A Survey Science, Basic
18 1_21B Survey Science, Specialized Topics
19 1_21C Survey Science, Integrated/Unified Topics
20 1_22A Biological Science, Basic
21 1_22B Biological Science, Regular
22 1_22C BIO II ; Biological Science, Advanced and Honors
23 1_22D Biological Science, Specialized Topics
24 1_22E Biological Science, AP/IB
25 1_23A Chemistry, Basic
26 1_23B Chemistry, Regular
27 1_23C Chemistry, Advanced and Honors
28 1_23D Chemistry, Specialized Topics
29 1_23E Chemistry, AP/IB
30 1_24A Physics, Basic
31 1_24B Physics, Regular
32 1_24C Physics, Advanced and Honors
33 1_24D Physics, Specialized Topics
34 1_24E Physics, AP/IB
35 1_25A Earth Science, Basic
36 1_25B Earth Science, Regular
37 1_25C Earth Science, Advanced and Honors
38 1_25D Earth Science, Specialized Topics
39 1_26A Physical Science, Basic
40 1_26B Physical Science, Regular
41 1_26C Physical Science, Advanced and Honors
42 1_26D Physical Science, Specialized Topics
43 1_27 Engineering
44 1_31A English Survey, Language Skills
45 1_31B English Survey, Grades 7 and 8
46 1_31C1 English Survey, ESE/Functional, Grade 9
47 1_31C2 English Survey, ESE/Functional, Grade 10
48 1_31C3 English Survey, ESE/Functional, Grade 11
49 1_31C4 English Survey, ESE/Functional, Grade 12
50 1_31D1 English Survey, Basic, Grade 9
51 1_31D2 English Survey, Basic, Grade 10
52 1_31D3 English Survey, Basic, Grade 11
53 1_31D4 English Survey, Basic, Grade 12
54 1_31E1 English Survey, Regular, Grade 9
55 1_31E2 English Survey, Regular, Grade 10
56 1_31E3 English Survey, Regular, Grade 11
57 1_31E4 English Survey, Regular, Grade 12
58 1_31F1 English Survey, Advanced and Honors, Grade 9
59 1_31F2 English Survey, Advanced and Honors, Grade 10
60 1_31F3 English Survey, Advanced and Honors, Grade 11
61 1_31F4 English Survey, Advanced and Honors, Grade 12
62 1_31G English Survey, AP/IB
63 1_32 Literature
64 1_33 Composition and Writing
65 1_34 Speech
66 1_35 English as a Second Language
67 1_41A American History, Basic
68 1_41B American History, Regular
69 1_41C American History, Advanced and Honors
70 1_41D American History, Specialized Topics
71 1_41E American History, AP/IB
72 1_42A World History, Basic
73 1_42B World History, Regular
74 1_42C World History, Advanced and Honors
75 1_42D World History, Specialized Topics
76 1_42E World History, AP/IB
77 1_43A Government & Politics, Basic
78 1_43B Government & Politics, Regular
79 1_43C Government & Politics, Advanced and Honors
80 1_43D Government & Politics, Specialized Topics
81 1_43E Government & Politics, AP/IB
82 1_44A Economics, Basic
83 1_44B Economics, Regular
84 1_44C Economics, Advanced and Honors
85 1_44D Economics, Specialized Topics
86 1_44E Economics, AP/IB
87 1_45A Behavioral Sciences, Basic
88 1_45B Behavioral Sciences, Regular
89 1_45C Behavioral Sciences, Advanced and Honors
90 1_45D Behavioral Sciences, Specialized Topics
91 1_45E Behavioral Sciences, AP/IB
92 1_46A Geography, Basic
93 1_46B Geography, Regular
94 1_46C Geography, Advanced and Honors
95 1_46D Geography, Specialized Topics
96 1_46E Geography, AP/IB
97 1_47A Social Science, Humanities, and Other, Basic
98 1_47B Social Science, Humanities, and Other, Regular
99 1_47C Social Science, Humanities, and Other, Advanced and Honors
100 1_47D Social Science, Humanities, and Other, Specialized Topics
101 1_47E Social Science, Humanities, and Other, AP/IB
102 1_51A Visual Arts, Basic
103 1_51B Visual Arts, Regular and Advanced
104 1_51C Visual Arts, AP/IB
105 1_52A Music, Basic
106 1_52B Music, Regular and Advanced
107 1_52C Music, AP/IB
108 1_53 Dance
109 1_54 Theater Arts
110 1_61A Spanish, Year 1
111 1_61B Spanish, Year 2
112 1_61C Spanish, Year 3
113 1_61D Spanish, Year 4+
114 1_61E Spanish, AP/IB
115 1_62A French, Year 1
116 1_62B French, Year 2
117 1_62C French, Year 3
118 1_62D French, Year 4+
119 1_62E French, AP/IB
120 1_63A German, Year 1
121 1_63B German, Year 2
122 1_63C German, Year 3
123 1_63D German, Year 4+
124 1_63E German, AP/IB
125 1_64A Latin, Year 1
126 1_64B Latin, Year 2
127 1_64C Latin, Year 3
128 1_64D Latin, Year 4+
129 1_64E Latin, AP/IB
130 1_65A Italian, Year 1
131 1_65B Italian, Year 2
132 1_65C Italian, Year 3
133 1_65D Italian, Year 4+
134 1_65E Italian, AP/IB
135 1_66A Non-English Language Other, Year 1
136 1_66B Non-English Language Other, Year 2
137 1_66C Non-English Language Other, Year 3
138 1_66D Non-English Language Other, Year 4+
139 1_66E Non-English Language Other, AP/IB
140 1_67 Non-English Languages General/Survey
141 2_AA Family and Consumer Sciences Education, 1st course
142 2_AB Family and Consumer Sciences Education, 2nd (or later) courses
143 2_AC Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Specialty courses
144 2_B1 GLMP, Basic Keyboarding/Typewriting
145 2_B2 GLMP, Industrial Arts
146 2_B3 GLMP, Career Preparation/General Work Experience
147 2_B4 GLMP, Technology Education
148 2_B5 GLMP, Other
149 2_C01A Agriculture and Renewable Resources, 1st course
150 2_C01B Agriculture and Renewable Resources, 2nd (or later) courses
151 2_C01C Agriculture and Renewable Resources, Specialty courses
152 2_C01D Agriculture and Renewable Resources, Co-op/Work Experience
153 2_C021A Business Management, 1st course
154 2_C021B Business Management, 2nd (or later) courses
155 2_C021C Business Management, Specialty courses
156 2_C021D Business Management, Co-op/Work Experience
157 2_C022A Business Services, 1st course
158 2_C022B Business Services, 2nd (or later) courses
159 2_C022C Business Services, Specialty courses
160 2_C022D Business Services, Co-op/Work Experience
161 2_C03A Marketing and Distribution, 1st course
162 2_C03B Marketing and Distribution, 2nd (or later) courses
163 2_C03C Marketing and Distribution, Specialty courses
164 2_C03D Marketing and Distribution, Co-op/Work Experience
165 2_C04A Health Care, 1st course
166 2_C04B Health Care, 2nd (or later) courses
167 2_C04C Health Care, Specialty courses
168 2_C04D Health Care, Co-op/Work Experience
169 2_C05A Public and Protective Services, 1st course
170 2_C05B Public and Protective Services, 2nd (or later) courses
171 2_C05C Public and Protective Services, Specialty courses
172 2_C05D Public and Protective Services, Co-op/Work Experience
173 2_C061A T&I, Construction Trades, 1st course
174 2_C061B T&I, Construction Trades, 2nd (or later) courses
175 2_C061C T&I, Construction Trades, Specialty courses
176 2_C061D T&I, Construction Trades, Co-op/Work Experience
177 2_C062A T&I, Mechanics and Repair, 1st course
178 2_C062B T&I, Mechanics and Repair, 2nd (or later) courses
179 2_C062C T&I, Mechanics and Repair, Specialty courses
180 2_C062D T&I, Mechanics and Repair, Co-op/Work Experience
181 2_C0631A T&I, Precision Production (Drafting/Graphics/Printing), 1st course
182 2_C0631B T&I, Precision Production (Drafting/Graphics/Printing), 2nd (or later) courses
183 2_C0631C T&I, Precision Production (Drafting/Graphics/Printing), Specialty courses
184 2_C0632A T&I, Precision Production (Metals/Wood/Plastics), 1st course
185 2_C0632B T&I, Precision Production (Metals/Wood/Plastics), 2nd (or later) courses
186 2_C0632C T&I, Precision Production (Metals/Wood/Plastics), Specialty courses
187 2_C0633A T&I, Precision Production (Other), 1st course
188 2_C0633B T&I, Precision Production (Other), 2nd (or later) courses
189 2_C0633C T&I, Precision Production (Other), Specialty courses
190 2_C0634 T&I, Precision Production, Co-op/Work Experience
191 2_C064A T&I, Transportation and Material Moving, 1st course
192 2_C064B T&I, Transportation and Material Moving, 2nd (or later) courses
193 2_C064C T&I, Transportation and Material Moving, Specialty courses
194 2_C064D T&I, Transportation and Material Moving, Co-op/Work Experience
195 2_C071A Computer Technology, 1st course
196 2_C071BA Computer Technology, 2nd (or later) courses, non-AP/IB
197 2_C071BB Computer Technology, 2nd (or later) courses, AP/IB
198 2_C071C Computer Technology, Specialty courses
199 2_C071D Computer Technology, Co-op/Work Experience
200 2_C072A Communication Technology, 1st course
201 2_C072B Communication Technology, 2nd (or later) courses
202 2_C072C Communication Technology, Specialty courses
203 2_C072D Communication Technology, Co-op/Work Experience
204 2_C073A Other Technologies, 1st course
205 2_C073B Other Technologies, 2nd (or later) courses
206 2_C073C Other Technologies, Specialty courses
207 2_C073D Other Technologies, Co-op/Work Experience
208 2_C08A Personal and Other Services, 1st course
209 2_C08B Personal and Other Services, 2nd (or later) courses
210 2_C08C Personal and Other Services, Specialty courses
211 2_C08D Personal and Other Services, Co-op/Work Experience
212 2_C09A Food Service and Hospitality, 1st course
213 2_C09B Food Service and Hospitality, 2nd (or later) courses
214 2_C09C Food Service and Hospitality, Specialty courses
215 2_C09D Food Service and Hospitality, Co-op/Work Experience
216 2_C10A Child Care and Education, 1st course
217 2_C10B Child Care and Education, 2nd (or later) courses
218 2_C10C Child Care and Education, Specialty courses
219 2_C10D Child Care and Education, Co-op/Work Experience
220 2_C11 Specific Labor Market Preparation, Unidentified Subject
221 3_1A Enrichment
222 3_1B Assistance
223 3_1C Service
224 3_2 Health, Physical & Recreational Education Credits
225 3_3 Religion and Theology Credits
226 3_4 Military Science Credits
227 4 Special Education Curriculum
228 5_5 Supervisor verification requested