Hours per Week at Each Job - Appendix 2

Hours per Week at Each Job - Appendix 2

Variable Created

  • CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.xx (HOURS)--number of hours usually worked per week at each job

This program creates a variable for each job in each survey round reporting the usual number of hours worked per week. If a job lasts 13 weeks or less, the program uses hours reported as of the job's start date. For jobs lasting longer than 13 weeks, the variable provides hours usually worked as of the end date or the most recent report (for example, the interview date). The number of hours reported in this created variable is also the number used to calculate the created hourly rate of pay (CV_HRLY_PAY) and hourly compensation (HRLY_COMPENSATION) variables described elsewhere in this appendix.

Variables Used

/*Variable Names in the Program           Variable Names on the Gator*/

  PUBID                                   PUBID
  R1UID1                                  YEMP_UID.01_1997
  R1UID2                                  YEMP_UID.02_1997
  R1UID3                                  YEMP_UID.03_1997
  R1UID4                                  YEMP_UID.04_1997
  R1UID5                                  YEMP_UID.05_1997
  R1UID6                                  YEMP_UID.06_1997
  R1UID7                                  YEMP_UID.07_1997
  R1HRS1                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_1997
  R1HRS2                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_1997
  R1HRS3                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_1997
  R1HRS4                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_1997
  R1HRS5                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_1997
  R1HRS6                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_1997
  R1HRS7                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_1997
  R2UID1                                  YEMP_UID.01_1998
  R2UID2                                  YEMP_UID.02_1998
  R2UID3                                  YEMP_UID.03_1998
  R2UID4                                  YEMP_UID.04_1998
  R2UID5                                  YEMP_UID.05_1998
  R2UID6                                  YEMP_UID.06_1998
  R2UID7                                  YEMP_UID.07_1998
  R2UID8                                  YEMP_UID.08_1998
  R2UID9                                  YEMP_UID.09_1998
  R2HRS1                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_1998
  R2HRS2                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_1998
  R2HRS3                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_1998
  R2HRS4                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_1998
  R2HRS5                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_1998
  R2HRS6                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_1998
  R2HRS7                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_1998
  R2HRS8                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.08_1998
  R2HRS9                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.09_1998
  R3UID1                                  YEMP_UID.01_1999
  R3UID2                                  YEMP_UID.02_1999
  R3UID3                                  YEMP_UID.03_1999
  R3UID4                                  YEMP_UID.04_1999
  R3UID5                                  YEMP_UID.05_1999
  R3UID6                                  YEMP_UID.06_1999
  R3UID7                                  YEMP_UID.07_1999
  R3UID8                                  YEMP_UID.08_1999
  R3UID9                                  YEMP_UID.09_1999
  R3HRS1                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_1999
  R3HRS2                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_1999
  R3HRS3                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_1999
  R3HRS4                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_1999
  R3HRS5                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_1999
  R3HRS6                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_1999
  R3HRS7                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_1999
  R3HRS8                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.08_1999
  R3HRS9                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.09_1999
  R4UID1                                  YEMP_UID.01_2000
  R4UID2                                  YEMP_UID.02_2000
  R4UID3                                  YEMP_UID.03_2000
  R4UID4                                  YEMP_UID.04_2000
  R4UID5                                  YEMP_UID.05_2000
  R4UID6                                  YEMP_UID.06_2000
  R4UID7                                  YEMP_UID.07_2000
  R4UID8                                  YEMP_UID.08_2000
  R4UID9                                  YEMP_UID.09_2000
  R4HRS1                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_2000
  R4HRS2                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_2000
  R4HRS3                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_2000
  R4HRS4                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_2000
  R4HRS5                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_2000
  R4HRS6                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_2000
  R4HRS7                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_2000
  R4HRS8                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.08_2000
  R4HRS9                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.09_2000
  R5UID1                                  YEMP_UID.01_2001
  R5UID2                                  YEMP_UID.02_2001
  R5UID3                                  YEMP_UID.03_2001
  R5UID4                                  YEMP_UID.04_2001
  R5UID5                                  YEMP_UID.05_2001
  R5UID6                                  YEMP_UID.06_2001
  R5UID7                                  YEMP_UID.07_2001
  R5UID8                                  YEMP_UID.08_2001
  R5HRS1                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_2001
  R5HRS2                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_2001
  R5HRS3                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_2001
  R5HRS4                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_2001
  R5HRS5                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_2001
  R5HRS6                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_2001
  R5HRS7                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_2001
  R5HRS8                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.08_2001
  R6UID01                                 YEMP_UID.01_2002
  R6UID02                                 YEMP_UID.02_2002
  R6UID03                                 YEMP_UID.03_2002
  R6UID04                                 YEMP_UID.04_2002
  R6UID05                                 YEMP_UID.05_2002
  R6UID06                                 YEMP_UID.06_2002
  R6UID07                                 YEMP_UID.07_2002
  R6UID08                                 YEMP_UID.08_2002
  R6UID09                                 YEMP_UID.09_2002
  R6UID10                                 YEMP_UID.10_2002
  R6UID11                                 YEMP_UID.11_2002
  R6HRS01                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_2002
  R6HRS02                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_2002
  R6HRS03                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_2002
  R6HRS04                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_2002
  R6HRS05                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_2002
  R6HRS06                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_2002
  R6HRS07                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_2002
  R6HRS08                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.08_2002
  R6HRS09                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.09_2002
  R6HRS10                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.10_2002
  R6HRS11                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.11_2002
  R7HRS01                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_2003
  R7HRS02                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_2003
  R7HRS03                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_2003
  R7HRS04                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_2003
  R7HRS05                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_2003
  R7HRS06                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_2003
  R7HRS07                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_2003
  R7HRS08                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.08_2003
  R7HRS09                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.09_2003
  R7HRS10                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.10_2003
  R7UID01                                 YEMP_UID.01_2003
  R7UID02                                 YEMP_UID.02_2003
  R7UID03                                 YEMP_UID.03_2003
  R7UID04                                 YEMP_UID.04_2003
  R7UID05                                 YEMP_UID.05_2003
  R7UID06                                 YEMP_UID.06_2003
  R7UID07                                 YEMP_UID.07_2003
  R7UID08                                 YEMP_UID.08_2003
  R7UID09                                 YEMP_UID.09_2003
  R7UID10                                 YEMP_UID.10_2003
  R8HRS1                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_2004
  R8HRS2                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_2004
  R8HRS3                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_2004
  R8HRS4                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_2004
  R8HRS5                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_2004
  R8HRS6                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_2004
  R8HRS7                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_2004
  R8UID1                                  YEMP_UID.01_2004
  R8UID2                                  YEMP_UID.02_2004
  R8UID3                                  YEMP_UID.03_2004
  R8UID4                                  YEMP_UID.04_2004
  R8UID5                                  YEMP_UID.05_2004
  R8UID6                                  YEMP_UID.06_2004
  R8UID7                                  YEMP_UID.07_2004
  R9HRS1                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_2005
  R9HRS2                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_2005
  R9HRS3                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_2005
  R9HRS4                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_2005
  R9HRS5                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_2005
  R9HRS6                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_2005
  R9HRS7                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_2005
  R9HRS8                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.08_2005
  R9HRS9                                  CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.09_2005
  R9UID1                                  YEMP_UID.01_2005
  R9UID2                                  YEMP_UID.02_2005
  R9UID3                                  YEMP_UID.03_2005
  R9UID4                                  YEMP_UID.04_2005
  R9UID5                                  YEMP_UID.05_2005
  R9UID6                                  YEMP_UID.06_2005
  R9UID7                                  YEMP_UID.07_2005
  R9UID8                                  YEMP_UID.08_2005
  R9UID9                                  YEMP_UID.09_2005
  R10HRS1                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_2006
  R10HRS2                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_2006
  R10HRS3                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_2006
  R10HRS4                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_2006
  R10HRS5                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_2006
  R10HRS6                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_2006
  R10HRS7                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_2006
  R10HRS8                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.08_2006
  R10HRS9                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.09_2006
  R10UID1                                 YEMP_UID.01_2006
  R10UID2                                 YEMP_UID.02_2006
  R10UID3                                 YEMP_UID.03_2006
  R10UID4                                 YEMP_UID.04_2006
  R10UID5                                 YEMP_UID.05_2006
  R10UID6                                 YEMP_UID.06_2006
  R10UID7                                 YEMP_UID.07_2006
  R10UID8                                 YEMP_UID.08_2006
  R10UID9                                 YEMP_UID.09_2006
  R11HRS1                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_2007
  R11HRS2                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_2007
  R11HRS3                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_2007
  R11HRS4                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_2007
  R11HRS5                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_2007
  R11HRS6                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_2007
  R11HRS7                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_2007
  R11HRS8                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.08_2007
  R11UID1                                 YEMP_UID.01_2007
  R11UID2                                 YEMP_UID.02_2007
  R11UID3                                 YEMP_UID.03_2007
  R11UID4                                 YEMP_UID.04_2007
  R11UID5                                 YEMP_UID.05_2007
  R11UID6                                 YEMP_UID.06_2007
  R11UID7                                 YEMP_UID.07_2007
  R11UID8                                 YEMP_UID.08_2007
  R12HRS1                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_2008
  R12HRS2                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_2008
  R12HRS3                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_2008
  R12HRS4                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_2008
  R12HRS5                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_2008
  R12HRS6                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_2008
  R12HRS7                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_2008
  R12HRS8                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.08_2008
  R12UID1                                 YEMP_UID.01_2008
  R12UID2                                 YEMP_UID.02_2008
  R12UID3                                 YEMP_UID.03_2008
  R12UID4                                 YEMP_UID.04_2008
  R12UID5                                 YEMP_UID.05_2008
  R12UID6                                 YEMP_UID.06_2008
  R12UID7                                 YEMP_UID.07_2008
  R12UID8                                 YEMP_UID.08_2008
  R13HRS1                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.01_2009
  R13HRS2                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.02_2009
  R13HRS3                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.03_2009
  R13HRS4                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.04_2009
  R13HRS5                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.05_2009
  R13HRS6                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.06_2009
  R13HRS7                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.07_2009
  R13HRS8                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.08_2009
  R13HRS9                                 CV_HRS_PER_WEEK.09_2009
  R13UID1                                 YEMP_UID.01_2009
  R13UID2                                 YEMP_UID.02_2009
  R13UID3                                 YEMP_UID.03_2009
  R13UID4                                 YEMP_UID.04_2009
  R13UID5                                 YEMP_UID.05_2009
  R13UID6                                 YEMP_UID.06_2009
  R13UID7                                 YEMP_UID.07_2009
  R13UID8                                 YEMP_UID.08_2009
  R13UID9                                 YEMP_UID.09_2009
  E239011                                 YEMP-23901.01_2010
  E239012                                 YEMP-23901.02_2010
  E239013                                 YEMP-23901.03_2010
  E239014                                 YEMP-23901.04_2010
  E239015                                 YEMP-23901.05_2010
  E239016                                 YEMP-23901.06_2010
  E239018                                 YEMP-23901.08_2010
  E344021                                 YEMP-34402.01_2010
  E344022                                 YEMP-34402.02_2010
  E344023                                 YEMP-34402.03_2010
  E344024                                 YEMP-34402.04_2010
  E344025                                 YEMP-34402.05_2010
  E344027                                 YEMP-34402.07_2010
  E344281                                 YEMP-34428.01_2010
  E344282                                 YEMP-34428.02_2010
  E344283                                 YEMP-34428.03_2010
  E377011                                 YEMP-37701.01_2010
  E377012                                 YEMP-37701.02_2010
  E377013                                 YEMP-37701.03_2010
  E377014                                 YEMP-37701.04_2010
  E377015                                 YEMP-37701.05_2010
  E377016                                 YEMP-37701.06_2010
  E377017                                 YEMP-37701.07_2010
  E377018                                 YEMP-37701.08_2010
  E37901B1                                YEMP-37901B.01_2010
  E37901B2                                YEMP-37901B.02_2010
  E37901B3                                YEMP-37901B.03_2010
  E37901B4                                YEMP-37901B.04_2010
  E37901B5                                YEMP-37901B.05_2010
  E37901B6                                YEMP-37901B.06_2010
  E37901B7                                YEMP-37901B.07_2010
  E37901B8                                YEMP-37901B.08_2010
  E38000B1                                YEMP-38000B.01_2010
  E38000B2                                YEMP-38000B.02_2010
  E38000B3                                YEMP-38000B.03_2010
  E38000B4                                YEMP-38000B.04_2010
  E38000B5                                YEMP-38000B.05_2010
  E38000B6                                YEMP-38000B.06_2010
  E38000B7                                YEMP-38000B.07_2010
  E38000F1                                YEMP-38000F.01_2010
  E38000F2                                YEMP-38000F.02_2010
  E38000F3                                YEMP-38000F.03_2010
  E38000F4                                YEMP-38000F.04_2010
  E380021                                 YEMP-38002.01_2010
  E380022                                 YEMP-38002.02_2010
  E380023                                 YEMP-38002.03_2010
  E381011                                 YEMP-38101.01_2010
  E381012                                 YEMP-38101.02_2010
  E381013                                 YEMP-38101.03_2010
  E381014                                 YEMP-38101.04_2010
  E381015                                 YEMP-38101.05_2010
  E381016                                 YEMP-38101.06_2010
  E381018                                 YEMP-38101.08_2010
  E381021                                 YEMP-38102.01_2010
  E381022                                 YEMP-38102.02_2010
  E381023                                 YEMP-38102.03_2010
  E381024                                 YEMP-38102.04_2010
  E381025                                 YEMP-38102.05_2010
  E381026                                 YEMP-38102.06_2010
  E381031                                 YEMP-38103.01_2010
  E381032                                 YEMP-38103.02_2010
  E381033                                 YEMP-38103.03_2010
  E381034                                 YEMP-38103.04_2010
  E582011                                 YEMP-58201.01_2010
  E582012                                 YEMP-58201.02_2010
  E582013                                 YEMP-58201.03_2010
  E582014                                 YEMP-58201.04_2010
  E582015                                 YEMP-58201.05_2010
  E582016                                 YEMP-58201.06_2010
  E582017                                 YEMP-58201.07_2010
  E582019                                 YEMP-58201.09_2010
  E599001                                 YEMP-59900.01_2010
  E599002                                 YEMP-59900.02_2010
  E599003                                 YEMP-59900.03_2010
  E599004                                 YEMP-59900.04_2010
  E599005                                 YEMP-59900.05_2010
  E599006                                 YEMP-59900.06_2010
  E599007                                 YEMP-59900.07_2010
  E599009                                 YEMP-59900.09_2010
  E880001                                 YEMP-88000.01_2010
  E880002                                 YEMP-88000.02_2010
  E880003                                 YEMP-88000.03_2010
  E880004                                 YEMP-88000.04_2010
  E880005                                 YEMP-88000.05_2010
  E880006                                 YEMP-88000.06_2010
  E880009                                 YEMP-88000.09_2010
  E984021                                 YEMP-98402.01_2010
  E984022                                 YEMP-98402.02_2010
  E984023                                 YEMP-98402.03_2010
  E984024                                 YEMP-98402.04_2010
  E984025                                 YEMP-98402.05_2010
  E984026                                 YEMP-98402.06_2010
  E984027                                 YEMP-98402.07_2010
  E984291                                 YEMP-98429.01_2010
  E984292                                 YEMP-98429.02_2010
  E984293                                 YEMP-98429.03_2010
  E984294                                 YEMP-98429.04_2010
  E984295                                 YEMP-98429.05_2010
  E584011                                 YEMP-58401.01_2010
  E584012                                 YEMP-58401.02_2010
  E584013                                 YEMP-58401.03_2010
  E584014                                 YEMP-58401.04_2010
  E584015                                 YEMP-58401.05_2010
  E584016                                 YEMP-58401.06_2010
  E584017                                 YEMP-58401.07_2010
  E584018                                 YEMP-58401.08_2010
  E584019                                 YEMP-58401.09_2010
  UID1                                    YEMP_UID.01_2010
  UID2                                    YEMP_UID.02_2010
  UID3                                    YEMP_UID.03_2010
  UID4                                    YEMP_UID.04_2010
  UID5                                    YEMP_UID.05_2010
  UID6                                    YEMP_UID.06_2010
  UID7                                    YEMP_UID.07_2010
  UID8                                    YEMP_UID.08_2010
  UID9                                    YEMP_UID.09_2010
  MIL1                                    YEMP_MILFLAG.01_2010
  MIL2                                    YEMP_MILFLAG.02_2010
  MIL3                                    YEMP_MILFLAG.03_2010
  MIL4                                    YEMP_MILFLAG.04_2010
  MIL5                                    YEMP_MILFLAG.05_2010
  MIL6                                    YEMP_MILFLAG.06_2010
  MIL7                                    YEMP_MILFLAG.07_2010
  MIL8                                    YEMP_MILFLAG.08_2010
  MIL9                                    YEMP_MILFLAG.09_2010

SAS Code for Variable Creation

*********************************** define arrays ****************************************;
 * job length;
 array e37701 e377011-e377019;
 array e37901b e37901b1-e37901b9;
 array e58201 e582011-e582019;
 array e58401 e584011-e584019;
 array e59900 e599001-e599009;

 * starting hours;
 array e23901 e239011-e239019;
 array e34402 e344021-e344029;
 array e34428 e344281-e344289;

 array e88000 e880001-e880009;
 array e98402 e984021-e984029;
 array e98429 e984291-e984299;

 * ending hours;
 array e38000b e38000b1-e38000b9;
 array e38000f e38000f1-e38000f9;

 array e38101 e381011-e381019;
 array e38102 e381021-e381029;
 array e38103 e381031-e381039;

 array e38002 e380021-e380029;

 * other variables;
 array euid uid1-uid9;
 array mil mil1-mil9;

 * created variables;
 array le13wk le13wk1-le13wk9;
 array hoursb hoursb1-hoursb9;
 array hours hours1-hours9;

 /*hand edits*/
 if pubid=4644 then e38000f1=2; /*comment about 8 hours per month*/
 if pubid=1874 then e880001=2; /*comment per month 8 hours*/
 if pubid=3407 then e984023=3; /*comment in a year I work about 200 hours*/
 if pubid=4644 then e38000f1=2; /*comment get about 8 hours per month*/
 if pubid=5637 then e344021=40; /*comment answer was given bi-weekly - weekly hours should be 40*/
 if pubid=7875 then e984021=30; /*comment states that really works 30 hours*/

 *******************************  job lasts at least 13 weeks   **************************;

 do i=1 to 9;
 do i=1 to 9;
   if mil[i] ne 1 and euid[i]>0 then do;
     if E37701[i]=0 or E37901B[i]=0 then le13wk[i]=1;
     else if E58201[i]=0 or E59900[i]=0 then le13wk[i]=1;
     else if E58401[i]=1 then le13wk[i]=1;
     else if E37901B[i]=1 or E59900[i]=1 then le13wk[i]=0;
     else if E37901B[i] in (-1,-2,-3) or E59900[i] in (-1,-2,-3) then le13wk[i]=-3;
   if uid1=-5 then le13wk[i]=-5;

******************** Generate Variables using current round info.  ***********************;

do i=1 to 9;

do i=1 to 9;
 if e23901[i] not in (.,-4,-5) then hoursb[i]=e23901[i];
 if e34402[i] not in (.,-4,-5) then hoursb[i]=e34402[i];
 if e34428[i] not in (.,-4,-5) then hoursb[i]=e34428[i];

 if e88000[i] not in (.,-4,-5) then hoursb[i]=e88000[i];
 if e98402[i] not in (.,-4,-5) then hoursb[i]=e98402[i];
 if e98429[i] not in (.,-4,-5) then hoursb[i]=e98429[i];

 if e38000f[i] not in (.,-4,-5) then hoursb[i]=e38000f[i];

 if e38002[i] in (.,-4,0) then hours[i]=hoursb[i];
 else if e38002[i] lt 0 and e38002[i] ne -5 then hours[i]=-3;
 else if e38002[i] gt 0 then do;
  if hoursb[i] gt 0 then hours[i]=hoursb[i]-e38002[i];
  else hours[i]=-3;

 if e38000b[i] lt 0 and e38000b[i] not in (-4,-5,.) then hours[i]=-3;

 if e38102[i] in (1,3) and e38103[i] not in (.,-4,-5) then hours[i]=e38103[i];
 if e38102[i] lt 0 and e38102[i] not in (-4,-5, .) then hours[i]=-3;

 if hours[i] in (-1, -2, -3) then hours[i]=-3;
 if euid[i]=-4 and le13wk[i]=-4 then hours[i]=-4;
 if uid1=-5 then hours[i]=-5;

data two;
set one;

 array hours hours1-hours9;
 array euid uid1-uid9;
 array mil mil1-mil9;
 array le13wk le13wk1-le13wk9;

 * created variables from previous rounds;
array R1hrs R1hrs1-R1hrs7;
array R1uid R1uid1-R1uid7;
array R2hrs R2hrs1-R2hrs9;
array R2uid R2uid1-R2uid9;
array R3hrs R3hrs1-R3hrs9;
array R3uid R3uid1-R3uid9;
array R4hrs R4hrs1-R4hrs9;
array R4uid R4uid1-R4uid9;
array R5hrs R5hrs1-R5hrs8;
array R5uid R5uid1-R5uid8;
array R6hrs R6hrs01-R6hrs11;
array R6uid R6uid01-R6uid11;
array R7hrs R7hrs01-R7hrs10;
array R7uid R7uid01-R7uid10;
array R8hrs R8hrs1-R8hrs7;
array R8uid R8uid1-R8uid7;
array R9hrs R9hrs1-R9hrs9;
array R9uid R9uid1-R9uid9;
array R10hrs R10hrs1-R10hrs9;
array R10uid R10uid1-R10uid9;
array R11hrs R11hrs1-R11hrs8;
array R11uid R11uid1-R11uid8;
array R12hrs R12hrs1-R12hrs8;
array R12uid R12uid1-R12uid8;
array R13hrs R13hrs1-R13hrs9;
array R13uid R13uid1-R13uid9;

***** Use R1-R13 info. for those with euid not eq to -4 but hours eq to -4;
***** To be consistent with created hourly wage and comp and job length, the rules here
      are the same as those for hourly wage and comp;
   *1) If the job lasts 13 weeks or less, and the job is from previous rounds, we use
       hours from the previous rounds;
   *2) If the job lasts 13 weeks or less, and the job is a new job, we -3 hours;
   *3) If the job lasts more than 13 weeks or the job length is -3,  we -3 hours;
   *The reason to -3 case 2) and case 3) is that they really should have answered hours info in the curr round;

flag1=0; flag11=0; flag12=0; flag13=0; flag14=0; flag15=0; flag16=0; flag17=0; flag18=0; flag19=0;
flag1_10=0; flag1_11=0; flag1_12=0; flag1_13=0; flag1_91=0; flag1_92=0; flag1_93=0;

do i=1 to 9;
 if euid[i]>0 and mil[i] ne 1 and hours[i]=-4 then do;

   if le13wk[i]=1 & 9700<euid[i]<201000 then do;
    do j=1 to 7;
       if euid[i]=r1uid[j] then hours[i]=R1hrs[j];
    do j=1 to 9;
       if euid[i]=r2uid[j] then hours[i]=R2hrs[j];
    do j=1 to 9;
       if euid[i]=r3uid[j] then hours[i]=R3hrs[j];
    do j=1 to 9;
       if euid[i]=r4uid[j] then hours[i]=R4hrs[j];
    do j=1 to 8;
       if euid[i]=r5uid[j] then hours[i]=R5hrs[j];
    do j=1 to 11;
       if euid[i]=r6uid[j] then hours[i]=R6hrs[j];
    do j=1 to 10;
       if euid[i]=r7uid[j] then hours[i]=R7hrs[j];
    do j=1 to 7;
       if euid[i]=r8uid[j] then hours[i]=R8hrs[j];
    do j=1 to 9;
       if euid[i]=r9uid[j] then hours[i]=R9hrs[j];
    do j=1 to 9;
       if euid[i]=r10uid[j] then hours[i]=R10hrs[j];
    do j=1 to 8;
       if euid[i]=r11uid[j] then hours[i]=R11hrs[j];
    do j=1 to 8;
       if euid[i]=r12uid[j] then hours[i]=R12hrs[j];
       do j=1 to 9;
       if euid[i]=r13uid[j] then hours[i]=R13hrs[j];

   if le13wk[i]=1 then do;
     if 9700 lt euid[i] lt 9800 then flag11=1;
     else if 9800 lt euid[i] lt 9900 then flag12=1;
     else if 199900 lt euid[i] lt 200000 then flag13=1;
     else if 200000 lt euid[i] lt 200100 then flag14=1;
     else if 200100 lt euid[i] lt 200200 then flag15=1;
     else if 200200 lt euid[i] lt 200300 then flag16=1;
     else if 200300 lt euid[i] lt 200400 then flag17=1;
     else if 200400 lt euid[i] lt 200500 then flag18=1;
     else if 200500 lt euid[i] lt 200600 then flag19=1;
     else if 200600 lt euid[i] lt 200700 then flag1_10=1;
     else if 200700 lt euid[i] lt 200800 then flag1_11=1;
     else if 200800 lt euid[i] lt 200900 then flag1_12=1;
     else if 200900 lt euid[i] lt 201000 then flag1_13=1;
     else if euid[i] gt 201000 then do;

   else if le13wk[i]=0 or -4<le13wk[i]<0 then do;

   else if le13wk[i]=-4 then do;