Over 35 Assets (Collapsed) - Appendix 5

Over 35 Assets (Collapsed) - Appendix 5

Variables Created

  • CVC_HH_NET_WORTH_35 (total net worth)
  • CVC_HOUSE_VALUE_35 (value of owned housing)
  • CVC_HOUSE_DEBT_35 (amount of housing debt)
  • CVC_HOUSE_TYPE_35 (type of housing owned)
  • CVC_ASSETS_FINANCE_35 (value of financial assets)
  • CVC_ASSETS_NONFINANCE_35 (value of non-financial assets, excluding housing)
  • CVC_ASSETS_DEBT_35 (amount of debt, excluding housing)
  • CVC_ASSETS_RND_35 (round in which assets data were collected)

Round 17 initiated the age 35 assets section. Like the earlier assets sections at each 5-year age mark, this module is administered in the first interview after the respondent's 35th birthday. These variables report the respondent's assets at age 35. As with the earlier sections, the variables are presented as collapsed variables which will eventually contain data from all survey rounds in which the section is administered. (See the description of the age 20 variable program for more information.)

Researchers should note that, like many income and asset variables in the data set, this variable is topcoded to protect respondent privacy. More information about topcoding is available in the Income, Assets & Program Participation section.

Link to Over 35 Assets program file