Over 30 Assets (Collapsed) - Appendix 5

Over 30 Assets (Collapsed) - Appendix 5

Variables Created

  • CVC_HH_NET_WORTH_30 (total net worth)
  • CVC_HOUSE_VALUE_30 (value of owned housing)
  • CVC_HOUSE_DEBT_30 (amount of housing debt)
  • CVC_HOUSE_TYPE_30 (type of housing owned)
  • CVC_ASSETS_FINANCE_30 (value of financial assets)
  • CVC_ASSETS_NONFINANCE_30 (value of non-financial assets, excluding housing)
  • CVC_ASSETS_DEBT_30 (amount of debt, excluding housing)
  • CVC_ASSETS_RND_30 (round in which assets data were collected)

Round 14 initiated the age 30 assets section. Like the age 20 and 25 sections, this module is administered in the first interview after the respondent's 30th birthday. These variables report the respondent's assets at age 30. As with the earlier sections, the variables are presented as collapsed variables which will eventually contain data from all survey rounds in which the section is administered. (See the description of the age 20 variable program for more information.)

Researchers should note that, like many income and asset variables in the data set, this variable is topcoded to protect respondent privacy. More information about topcoding is available in the Income, Assets & Program Participation section.

Variables Used

/**Variable Names in the Program         Variable Names on the Gator**/

  YAS30_105                              YAST30-105_2010
  YAS30_200A                             YAST30-200A_2010
  YAS30_210A                             YAST30-210A_2010
  YAS30_300A                             YAST30-300A_2010
  YAS30_500A                             YAST30-500A_2010
  YAS30_510A                             YAST30-510A_2010
  YAS30_520A                             YAST30-520A_2010
  YAS_1                                  YAST-1_2010
  YAS_DLIMORTGAGE                        YAST-DLIMORTGAGE_2010
  YAS_DLIOWN2                            YAST-DLIOWN2_2010
  YAS_2                                  YAST-2_2010
  YAS_DLIOWNED                           YAST-DLIOWNED_2010
  YAS_8                                  YAST-8_2010
  YAS_9                                  YAST-9_2010
  YAS_10M                                YAST-10~M_2010
  YAS_10Y                                YAST-10~Y_2010
  YAS_11                                 YAST-11_2010
  YAS_12A                                YAST-12A_2010
  YAS_12C                                YAST-12C_2010
  YAS_13                                 YAST-13_2010
  YAS_CH1                                YAST-CH1_2010
  YAS_CH2                                YAST-CH2_2010
  YAS_CH_CHECK                           YAST-CH_CHECK_2010
  YAS_CH3                                YAST-CH3_2010
  YAS_CH3AM                              YAST-CH3A~M_2010
  YAS_CH3AY                              YAST-CH3A~Y_2010
  YAS_CH4                                YAST-CH4_2010
  YAS_CH5A                               YAST-CH5A_2010
  YAS_CH5Bl                              YAST-CH5B_000001_2010
  YAS_CH5Bu                              YAST-CH5B_000002_2010
  YAS_CH5C                               YAST-CH5C_2010
  YAS_CH6                                YAST-CH6_2010
  YAS_CH7                                YAST-CH7_2010
  YAS_CH7A                               YAST-CH7A_2010
  YAS_CH7Bl                              YAST-CH7B_000001_2010
  YAS_CH7Bu                              YAST-CH7B_000002_2010
  YAS_CH7C                               YAST-CH7C_2010
  YAS_CH8                                YAST-CH8_2010
  YAS_CH8_1                              YAST-CH8_1_2010
  YAS_CH8A                               YAST-CH8A_2010
  YAS_CH8Bl                              YAST-CH8B_000001_2010
  YAS_CH8Bu                              YAST-CH8B_000002_2010
  YAS_CH8C                               YAST-CH8C_2010
  YAS30_AGE30ELIG1                       YAST30-AGE30ELIG1_2010
  YAS30_CH9                              YAST30-CH9_2010
  YAS30_CH10                             YAST30-CH10_2010
  YAS30_CH10A                            YAST30-CH10A_2010
  YAS30_CH10C                            YAST30-CH10C_2010
  YAS_HOUSEVALUE                         YAST-HOUSEVALUE_2010
  YAS30_CHHVA                            YAST30-CHHVA_2010
  YAS30_CHHVBl                           YAST30-CHHVB_000001_2010
  YAS30_CHHVBu                           YAST30-CHHVB_000002_2010
  YAS30_CHHVC                            YAST30-CHHVC_2010
  YAS30_AGE30ELIG2                       YAST30-AGE30ELIG2_2010
  YAS30_4000S1                           YAST30-4000S1_2010
  YAS30_4000S2                           YAST30-4000S2_2010
  YAS30_4000S3                           YAST30-4000S3_2010
  YAS30_4000S3A                          YAST30-4000S3A_2010
  YAS30_4000S4                           YAST30-4000S4_2010
  YAS30_4000S5                           YAST30-4000S5_2010
  YAS30_4000S6                           YAST30-4000S6_2010
  YAS30_4000S8                           YAST30-4000S8_2010
  YAS30_4000S9                           YAST30-4000S9_2010
  YAS30_4000S9A                          YAST30-4000S9A_2010
  YAS30_4000S9C                          YAST30-4000S9C_2010
  YAS30_4000S10                          YAST30-4000S10_2010
  YAS30_4000S10A                         YAST30-4000S10A_2010
  YAS30_4000S10C                         YAST30-4000S10C_2010
  YAS30_4400                             YAST30-4400_2010
  YAS30_4420                             YAST30-4420_2010
  YAS30_4422                             YAST30-4422_2010
  YAS30_4424l                            YAST30-4424_000001_2010
  YAS30_4424u                            YAST30-4424_000002_2010
  YAS30_4426                             YAST30-4426_2010
  YAS30_4530                             YAST30-4530_2010
  YAS30_4550                             YAST30-4550_2010
  YAS30_4552                             YAST30-4552_2010
  YAS30_4554l                            YAST30-4554_000001_2010
  YAS30_4554u                            YAST30-4554_000002_2010
  YAS30_4556                             YAST30-4556_2010
  YAS30_4660                             YAST30-4660_2010
  YAS30_4680                             YAST30-4680_2010
  YAS30_4682                             YAST30-4682_2010
  YAS30_4684l                            YAST30-4684_000001_2010
  YAS30_4684u                            YAST30-4684_000002_2010
  YAS30_4686                             YAST30-4686_2010
  YAS30_4270                             YAST30-4270_2010
  YAS30_4290                             YAST30-4290_2010
  YAS30_4292                             YAST30-4292_2010
  YAS30_4294l                            YAST30-4294_000001_2010
  YAS30_4294u                            YAST30-4294_000002_2010
  YAS30_4296                             YAST30-4296_2010
  YAS30_FA_8                             YAST30-FA_8_2010
  YAS30_FA_8A_01                         YAST30-FA_8A~000001_2010
  YAS30_FA_8A_02                         YAST30-FA_8A~000002_2010
  YAS30_FA_8A_03                         YAST30-FA_8A~000003_2010
  YAS30_FA_8A_04                         YAST30-FA_8A~000004_2010
  YAS30_FA_8A_05                         YAST30-FA_8A~000005_2010
  YAS30_FA_8A_06                         YAST30-FA_8A~000006_2010
  YAS30_FA_8A_07                         YAST30-FA_8A~000007_2010
  YAS30_FA_8A_STAMP_OS                   YAST30-FA_8A_STAMP_OS_2010
  YAS30_FA_8_INSELECTION_01              YAST30-FA_8-INSELECTION.01_2010
  YAS30_FA_8_INSELECTION_02              YAST30-FA_8-INSELECTION.02_2010
  YAS30_FA_8_INSELECTION_03              YAST30-FA_8-INSELECTION.03_2010
  YAS30_FA_8_INSELECTION_04              YAST30-FA_8-INSELECTION.04_2010
  YAS30_FA_8_INSELECTION_05              YAST30-FA_8-INSELECTION.05_2010
  YAS30_FA_8_INSELECTION_06              YAST30-FA_8-INSELECTION.06_2010
  YAS30_FA_8_INSELECTION_07              YAST30-FA_8-INSELECTION.07_2010
  YAS30_FA_8_INSELECTION_08              YAST30-FA_8-INSELECTION.08_2010
  YAS30_FA_8_INSELECTION_09              YAST30-FA_8-INSELECTION.09_2010
  YAS30_FA_8B_01                         YAST30-FA_8B.01_2010
  YAS30_FA_8B_02                         YAST30-FA_8B.02_2010
  YAS30_FA_8B_03                         YAST30-FA_8B.03_2010
  YAS30_FA_8B_04                         YAST30-FA_8B.04_2010
  YAS30_FA_8B_05                         YAST30-FA_8B.05_2010
  YAS30_FA_8B_06                         YAST30-FA_8B.06_2010
  YAS30_FA_8B_07                         YAST30-FA_8B.07_2010
  YAS30_FA_8C1_01                        YAST30-FA_8C1.01_2010
  YAS30_FA_8C1_07                        YAST30-FA_8C1.07_2010
  YAS30_FA_8C2_01                        YAST30-FA_8C2.01_2010
  YAS30_FA_8C2_07                        YAST30-FA_8C2.07_2010
  YAS30_FA_8D_01                         YAST30-FA_8D.01_2010
  YAS30_FA_8D_02                         YAST30-FA_8D.02_2010
  YAS30_FA_8D_03                         YAST30-FA_8D.03_2010
  YAS30_FA_8D_04                         YAST30-FA_8D.04_2010
  YAS30_FA_8D_05                         YAST30-FA_8D.05_2010
  YAS30_FA_8D_06                         YAST30-FA_8D.06_2010
  YAS30_FA_8D_07                         YAST30-FA_8D.07_2010
  YAS30_4300                             YAST30-4300_2010
  YAS30_4300A                            YAST30-4300A_2010
  YAS30_4300A1                           YAST30-4300A1_2010
  YAS30_4300Bl                           YAST30-4300B_000001_2010
  YAS30_4300Bu                           YAST30-4300B_000002_2010
  YAS30_4300A2                           YAST30-4300A2_2010
  YAS30_4790                             YAST30-4790_2010
  YAS30_4810                             YAST30-4810_2010
  YAS30_4812                             YAST30-4812_2010
  YAS30_4814l                            YAST30-4814_000001_2010
  YAS30_4814u                            YAST30-4814_000002_2010
  YAS30_4816                             YAST30-4816_2010
  YAS30_4840                             YAST30-4840_2010
  YAS30_4842                             YAST30-4842_2010
  YAS30_4844l                            YAST30-4844_000001_2010
  YAS30_4844u                            YAST30-4844_000002_2010
  YAS30_4846                             YAST30-4846_2010
  YAS30_4010                             YAST30-4010_2010
  YAS30_4030A_01                         YAST30-4030A.01_2010
  YAS30_4030A_02                         YAST30-4030A.02_2010
  YAS30_4030A_03                         YAST30-4030A.03_2010
  YAS30_4030A_04                         YAST30-4030A.04_2010
  YAS30_4032_01                          YAST30-4032.01_2010
  YAS30_4032_02                          YAST30-4032.02_2010
  YAS30_4032_03                          YAST30-4032.03_2010
  YAS30_4032A_01                         YAST30-4032A.01_2010
  YAS30_4032A_02                         YAST30-4032A.02_2010
  YAS30_4033Al_01                        YAST30-4033A_000001.01_2010
  YAS30_4033Au_01                        YAST30-4033A_000002.01_2010
  YAS30_4034Al_01                        YAST30-4034A_000001.01_2010
  YAS30_4034Au_01                        YAST30-4034A_000002.01_2010
  YAS30_4036_01                          YAST30-4036.01_2010
  YAS30_4036A_01                         YAST30-4036A.01_2010
  YAS30_4140                             YAST30-4140_2010
  YAS30_4160                             YAST30-4160_2010
  YAS30_4162                             YAST30-4162_2010
  YAS30_4162N                            YAST30-4162N_2010
  YAS30_4164l                            YAST30-4164_000001_2010
  YAS30_4164u                            YAST30-4164_000002_2010
  YAS30_4164Nl                           YAST30-4164N_000001_2010
  YAS30_4164Nu                           YAST30-4164N_000002_2010
  YAS30_4166                             YAST30-4166_2010
  YAS30_4870                             YAST30-4870_2010
  YAS30_4880                             YAST30-4880_2010
  YAS30_4900                             YAST30-4900_2010
  YAS30_4902                             YAST30-4902_2010
  YAS30_4906                             YAST30-4906_2010
  YAS30_5011                             YAST30-5011_2010
  YAS30_5011A                            YAST30-5011A_2010
  YAS30_5012                             YAST30-5012_2010
  YAS30_5014                             YAST30-5014_2010
  YAS30_5015                             YAST30-5015_2010
  YAS30_5015A                            YAST30-5015A_2010
  YAS30_5016                             YAST30-5016_2010
  YAS30_5017l                            YAST30-5017_000001_2010
  YAS30_5017u                            YAST30-5017_000002_2010
  YAS30_5018                             YAST30-5018_2010
  YAS30_5019                             YAST30-5019_2010
  YAS30_5040_NEW                         YAST30-5040_NEW_2010
  YAS30_5074_NEW                         YAST30-5074_NEW_2010
  YAS30_5082_NEW                         YAST30-5082_NEW_2010
  YAS30_5084l_NEW                        YAST30-5084_000001_NEW_2010
  YAS30_5084u_NEW                        YAST30-5084_000002_NEW_2010
  YAS30_5086_NEW                         YAST30-5086_NEW_2010
  YAS30_5130                             YAST30-5130_2010
  YAS30_5170                             YAST30-5170_2010
  YAS30_5172                             YAST30-5172_2010
  YAS30_5176                             YAST30-5176_2010
  YAS30_5210A                            YAST30-5210A_2010
  YAS30_5210AA                           YAST30-5210AA_2010
  YAS30_5210A1                           YAST30-5210A1_2010
  YAS30_5210A2                           YAST30-5210A2_2010
  YAS30_5210A4                           YAST30-5210A4_2010
  YAS30_5210B1                           YAST30-5210B1_2010
  YAS30_5210C1                           YAST30-5210C1_2010
  YAS30_5210C2                           YAST30-5210C2_2010
  YAS30_5210C3l                          YAST30-5210C3_000001_2010
  YAS30_5210C3u                          YAST30-5210C3_000002_2010
  YAS30_5210C4                           YAST30-5210C4_2010
  YAS30_5210D1                           YAST30-5210D1_2010
  YAS30_5210D1A                          YAST30-5210D1A_2010
  YAS30_5210D2                           YAST30-5210D2_2010
  YAS30_5210D3l                          YAST30-5210D3_000001_2010
  YAS30_5210D3u                          YAST30-5210D3_000002_2010
  YAS30_5210D4                           YAST30-5210D4_2010
  YAS30_5250                             YAST30-5250_2010
  YAS30_5260                             YAST30-5260_2010
  YAS30_5280                             YAST30-5280_2010
  YAS30_5282                             YAST30-5282_2010
  YAS30_5282N                            YAST30-5282N_2010
  YAS30_5284l                            YAST30-5284_000001_2010
  YAS30_5284u                            YAST30-5284_000002_2010
  YAS30_5284Nl                           YAST30-5284N_000001_2010
  YAS30_5284Nu                           YAST30-5284N_000002_2010
  YAS30_5286                             YAST30-5286_2010
  YAS30_5310                             YAST30-5310_2010
  YAS30_5320                             YAST30-5320_2010
  YAS30_5322                             YAST30-5322_2010
  YAS30_5326                             YAST30-5326_2010
  YAS30_5410                             YAST30-5410_2010
  YAS30_5411                             YAST30-5411_2010
  YAS30_5420                             YAST30-5420_2010
  YAS30_5421                             YAST30-5421_2010
  YAS30_5422M                            YAST30-5422~M_2010
  YAS30_5422Y                            YAST30-5422~Y_2010
  YAS30_5423                             YAST30-5423_2010
  pubid                                  pubid_2010
  PUBID                                  PUBID_2010
  e24800_111                             YSCH-24800.01.01.01_2010
  e24800_112                             YSCH-24800.01.01.02_2010
  e24800_113                             YSCH-24800.01.01.03_2010
  e24800_114                             YSCH-24800.01.01.04_2010
  e24800_115                             YSCH-24800.01.01.05_2010
  e24800_211                             YSCH-24800.02.01.01_2010
  e24800_212                             YSCH-24800.02.01.02_2010
  e24900_111                             YSCH-24900.01.01.01_2010
  e24900_113                             YSCH-24900.01.01.03_2010
  e24900_114                             YSCH-24900.01.01.04_2010
  e25700_11                              YSCH-25700.01.01_2010
  e25700_12                              YSCH-25700.01.02_2010
  e25700_13                              YSCH-25700.01.03_2010
  e25700_14                              YSCH-25700.01.04_2010
  e25700_21                              YSCH-25700.02.01_2010
  e25700_22                              YSCH-25700.02.02_2010
  e25700_23                              YSCH-25700.02.03_2010
  e25700_31                              YSCH-25700.03.01_2010
  e25700_41                              YSCH-25700.04.01_2010
  e25800_11                              YSCH-25800.01.01_2010
  e25800_12                              YSCH-25800.01.02_2010
  e25800_21                              YSCH-25800.02.01_2010

SAS Code for Variable Creation

/*******************************start of the assest section (hhworthy)******************************************/

/*  first create the components of hhworth: real estate, loans, cars, etc.  each sub-section computes one item */
/*  of the total asset of the respondent and his/her spouse or partner.  flag variables are created to indicate whether  */
/*  r/family received that asset item (flag_item in (1,2,-3) and if so, was the amount computed directly from the amount */
/*  reported by respondent (flag_item=1) or was it computed from estimates given by respondent (flag_item=2), or was */
/*  it unable to be computed (flag_item=-3).                                                                             */

/* initialize the variable to housing_type= don't own, house_value = 0  */
housing_type=6 ;  
house_value=0 ;   

/****************** assets section 1:  residence *************************************************/         

/*if r alone or r and r's partner/spouse jointly own a residence*/

if YAS_DLIMORTGAGE=1 or YAS_DLIOWN2=1 or YAS_CH1 in (1 2 3 4) then
  if hhi4400=1 then housing_type=1;
  else if hhi4400=12 then housing_type=2;
  else if hhi4400=8 then housing_type=3;
  else do;
    housing_type=9; *own but house type unknown;

    if YAS_HOUSEVALUE=1 & YAS30_CHHVA>=0 then house_value=YAS30_CHHVA;
    else if YAS_HOUSEVALUE=2 & YAS30_CHHVBl>=0 & YAS30_CHHVBu>=0 then
        if YAS30_CHHVBu>=YAS30_CHHVBl then house_value = (YAS30_CHHVBu + YAS30_CHHVBl)/2;
        else house_value=-3;
    if YAS_HOUSEVALUE not in (1,2) or YAS30_CHHVA in (-1, -2) then
        if 1<=YAS30_CHHVC<=7 then flag_house=2;
        if YAS30_CHHVC=1 then house_value=12500;
        else if YAS30_CHHVC=2 then house_value=37500;
        else if YAS30_CHHVC=3 then house_value=75000;
        else if YAS30_CHHVC=4 then house_value=175000;
        else if YAS30_CHHVC=5 then house_value=375000;
        else if YAS30_CHHVC=6 then house_value=750000;
        else if YAS30_CHHVC=7 then house_value=1000001;

if YAS_CH1 in (-1 -2 -3) or YAS30_CHHVBu in (-1 -2 -3) or YAS30_CHHVBl in (-1 -2 -3) or YAS30_CHHVC in (-1 -2 -3) then house_value=-3;
if YAS_CH1 in (-1 -2 -3) then housing_type=-3; *not knowing own or not own;

if YAS30_AGE30ELIG2 ne 1 then do;
/*****************************assets section 2:  owning business-pvbuss*********************************************/
 array pvbuss      (*)      pvbuss_01        - pvbuss_04;           /* pv of business  */
 array yas30_4030a (*)      yas30_4030a_01   - yas30_4030a_04;       /* make, lose or even  */
 array yas30_4032  (*)      yas30_4032_01    - yas30_4032_04;        /* amount make  */
 array yas30_4032a (*)      yas30_4032a_01   - yas30_4032a_04;       /* amount lose  */
 array yas30_4033al(*)      yas30_4033al_01  - yas30_4033al_04;      /* amount make lower bound */
 array yas30_4033au(*)      yas30_4033au_01  - yas30_4033au_04;      /* amount make upper bound */  
 array yas30_4034al(*)      yas30_4034al_01  - yas30_4034al_04;      /* amount lose lower bound */    
 array yas30_4034au(*)      yas30_4034au_01  - yas30_4034au_04;      /* amount lose upper bound */
 array yas30_4036  (*)      yas30_4036_01    - yas30_4036_04;        /* amount make, estimate */
 array yas30_4036a (*)      yas30_4036a_01   - yas30_4036a_04;       /* amount lose, estimate */
do i=1 to dim(pvbuss);
    pvbuss(i)= -4;
    if yas30_4010=1 then
        flag_pvbuss =1;
        if yas30_4030a(i)=1 then
            if yas30_4032a(i)>=0 then pvbuss(i)=yas30_4032a(i);
            else if yas30_4032a(i) in (-1, -2) then
                if yas30_4034au(i)>=yas30_4034al(i) and yas30_4034au(i)>=0 and yas30_4034al(i)>=0 then pvbuss(i)=(yas30_4034al(i) + yas30_4034au(i))/2;
                else pvbuss(i)=-3;
            if yas30_4034au(i) in (-1, -2) then
                if 1 <= yas30_4036a(i)<=7 then flag_pvbuss=2;
                if yas30_4036a(i)=1 then pvbuss(i)=12500;
                else if yas30_4036a(i)=2 then pvbuss(i)=37500;
                else if yas30_4036a(i)=3 then pvbuss(i)=75000;
                else if yas30_4036a(i)=4 then pvbuss(i)=175000;
                else if yas30_4036a(i)=5 then pvbuss(i)=375000;
                else if yas30_4036a(i)=6 then pvbuss(i)=750000;
                else if yas30_4036a(i)=7 then pvbuss(i)=1000001;
            if pvbuss(i)>0 then pvbuss(i)=-1*pvbuss(i);
        else if yas30_4030a(i)=2 then
            if yas30_4032(i)>=0 then pvbuss(i)=yas30_4032(i);
            else if yas30_4032(i) in (-1, -2) then
                if yas30_4033au(i)>=yas30_4033al(i) and yas30_4033au(i)>=0 and yas30_4033al(i)>=0 then    pvbuss(i)=(yas30_4033al(i) + yas30_4033au(i))/2;
                else pvbuss(i)=-3;
            if yas30_4033au(i) in (-1, -2) then
                if 1<=yas30_4036(i)<=7 then flag_pvbuss=2;
                if yas30_4036(i)=1 then pvbuss(i)=12500;
                else if yas30_4036(i)=2 then pvbuss(i)=37500;
                else if yas30_4036(i)=3 then pvbuss(i)=75000;
                else if yas30_4036(i)=4 then pvbuss(i)=175000;
                else if yas30_4036(i)=5 then pvbuss(i)=375000;
                else if yas30_4036(i)=6 then pvbuss(i)=750000;
                else if yas30_4036(i)=7 then pvbuss(i)=1000001;
        else if yas30_4030a(i)=3 then pvbuss(i)=0;

    if yas30_4010=-1 or yas30_4030a(i)=-1 or yas30_4036a(i)=-1 or yas30_4036(i)= -1 then pvbuss(i)=-1;
    if yas30_4010=-2 or yas30_4030a(i)=-2 or yas30_4036a(i)=-2 or yas30_4036(i)= -2 then pvbuss(i)=-2;  
    if yas30_4010=-3 or yas30_4030a(i)=-3 or yas30_4036a(i)=-3 or yas30_4036(i)= -3 then pvbuss(i)=-3;                                                               
      /**************************assets section 3:  ownership of other real-estate : othreal**********************************/

if yas30_4140=1 then
    if yas30_4160=1 & yas30_4162>=0 then othreal=yas30_4162;
    else if yas30_4160=2 & yas30_4164u>=0 & yas30_4164l>=0 then
        if yas30_4164u>=yas30_4164l then othreal=(yas30_4164l+yas30_4164u)/2;
        else othreal=-3;
    else if yas30_4160=3 & yas30_4162N>=0 then othreal=-(yas30_4162N);
    else if yas30_4160=4 & yas30_4164Nu>=0 & yas30_4164Nl>=0 then
        if yas30_4164Nu>=yas30_4164Nl then othreal=-(yas30_4164Nl+yas30_4164Nu)/2;
        else othreal=-3;
    if yas30_4160 not in (1,2) or yas30_4162 in (-1, -2) then
        if 1<=yas30_4166<=7 then flag_othreal=2;
        if yas30_4166=1 then othreal=12500;
        else if yas30_4166=2 then othreal=37500;
        else if yas30_4166=3 then othreal=75000;
        else if yas30_4166=4 then othreal=175000;
        else if yas30_4166=5 then othreal=375000;
        else if yas30_4166=6 then othreal=750000;
        else if yas30_4166=7 then othreal=1000001;

if yas30_4140 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4164l in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4164u in (-1 -2 -3)
    or yas30_4164Nl in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4164Nu in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4166 in (-1 -2 -3)  then othreal =-3;

/*****************assets section 4:  retirement plans or pensions--retdsav***********************************************/


if yas30_4270=1 or yas30_4000s6=1 then
    if yas30_4290=1 & yas30_4292>=0 then retdsav=yas30_4292;
    else if yas30_4290=2 and yas30_4294u>=0 and yas30_4294l>=0 then
        if yas30_4294u>=yas30_4294l then retdsav = (yas30_4294l + yas30_4294u)/2;
        else retdsav =-3;
    if yas30_4290 not in (1,2) or yas30_4292 in (-1, -2) then
        if 1<=yas30_4296<=8 then flag_retdsav=2;
        if yas30_4296=1 then retdsav=2500;
        else if yas30_4296=2 then retdsav= 7500;
        else if yas30_4296=3 then retdsav=17500;
        else if yas30_4296=4 then retdsav=37500;
        else if yas30_4296=5 then retdsav=75000;
        else if yas30_4296=6 then retdsav=175000;
        else if yas30_4296=7 then retdsav=375000;
        else if yas30_4296=8 then retdsav=500001;

if yas30_4270 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4294l in (-1 -2 -3)
    or yas30_4294u in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4296 in (-1 -2 -3) then retdsav=-3;
/*****************assets section 5:  tax advanged accounts, ira etc.--ira*************************************/

 array ira      (*)      ira_01        - ira_07;           /* pv of tax ad. accts  */
 array ira_w      (*)      ira_w_01        - ira_w_07;           /* withdrawl intended to pay back */
 array ira_t     (*)      ira_t_01        - ira_t_07;           /* total after intended payback withdrawl  */
 array yas30_FA_8A (*)      yas30_FA_8A_01   - yas30_FA_8A_07;       /* type of the accts */
 array yas30_FA_8B  (*)      yas30_FA_8B_01    - yas30_FA_8B_07;        /* withdraw or not  */
 array yas30_FA_8C1  (*)      yas30_FA_8C1_01    - yas30_FA_8C1_07;     /*Amt int to payback*/
 array yas30_FA_8C2  (*)      yas30_FA_8C2_01    - yas30_FA_8C2_07;     /* Enter amt int to payback*/
 array yas30_FA_8D  (*)      yas30_FA_8D_01    - yas30_FA_8D_07;        /* ttl after pay back  */
do i=1 to dim(ira);
    ira(i)= -4;
    if yas30_FA_8=1 then do;
        flag_ira =1;
        if yas30_FA_8A(i)=1 then do;
            if yas30_FA_8B(i)=1 then do;
               if yas30_FA_8C1(i)=1 & yas30_FA_8C2(i)>=0 then ira_w(i)=yas30_FA_8C2(i);
            else if yas30_FA_8B(i)=0 then ira_w(i)=0;
            else ira_w(i)=-3;
            if yas30_FA_8D(i)>=0 then ira_t(i)=yas30_FA_8D(i);
            else ira_t(i)=-3;
            if ira_w(i)>=0 & ira_t(i)>=0 then ira(i)=ira_t(i)-ira_w(i);
            else if ira_w(i)=-3 or ira_t(i)=-3 then ira(i)=-3;
        else if yas30_FA_8A(i) in (-1 -2 -3) then ira(i)=-3;
    if yas30_FA_8 in (-1 -2 -3) then ira(i)=-3;    
/**********************assets section 6:  bank savings--banksav*************************************************************/

if yas30_4400=1 or yas30_4000s4=1 then
    if yas30_4420=1 & yas30_4422>=0 then banksav=yas30_4422;
    else if yas30_4420=2 & yas30_4424u>=0 & yas30_4424l>=0 then
        if yas30_4424u>=yas30_4424l then banksav = (yas30_4424u + yas30_4424l)/2;
        else banksav=-3;
    if yas30_4420 not in (1,2) or yas30_4422 in (-1, -2) then
        if 1<=yas30_4426<=9 then flag_banksav=2;
        if yas30_4426=1 then banksav=500;
        else if yas30_4426=2 then banksav=1750;
        else if yas30_4426=3 then banksav=3750;
        else if yas30_4426=4 then banksav=7500;
        else if yas30_4426=5 then banksav=17500;
        else if yas30_4426=6 then banksav=37500;
        else if yas30_4426=7 then banksav=75000;
        else if yas30_4426=8 then banksav=175000;
        else if yas30_4426=9 then banksav=250001;

if yas30_4400 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4424l in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4424u in (-1 -2 -3)
 or yas30_4426 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4422=-3  then banksav=-3;
/************************************assets section 7:  other bank savings-bonds****************************************/


if yas30_4530=1 then
    if yas30_4550=1 & yas30_4552>=0 then bonds=yas30_4552;
    else if yas30_4550=2 & yas30_4554u>=0 & yas30_4554l>=0 then
        if yas30_4554u>=yas30_4554l then bonds = (yas30_4554u + yas30_4554l)/2;
        else bonds=-3;
    if yas30_4550 not in (1,2) or yas30_4552 in (-1, -2) then
        if 1<=yas30_4556<=9 then flag_bonds=2;
        if yas30_4556=1 then bonds=500;
        else if yas30_4556=2 then bonds=1750;
        else if yas30_4556=3 then bonds=3750;
        else if yas30_4556=4 then bonds=7500;
        else if yas30_4556=5 then bonds=17500;
        else if yas30_4556=6 then bonds=37500;
        else if yas30_4556=7 then bonds=75000;
        else if yas30_4556=8 then bonds=175000;
        else if yas30_4556=9 then bonds=250001;

if yas30_4530 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4554L in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4554U in (-1 -2 -3)
 or yas30_4556 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4552=-3 then bonds=-3;               
 /********assets section 8:  owning stocks--stocks****************************************************/

if yas30_4660=1 then
    if yas30_4680=1 & yas30_4682>=0 then stocks=yas30_4682;
    else if yas30_4680=2 & yas30_4684l>=0 & yas30_4684u>=0 then
        if yas30_4684u>=yas30_4684l then stocks=(yas30_4684l+yas30_4684u)/2;
        else stocks=-3;
    if yas30_4680 not in (1,2) or yas30_4682 in (-1,-2) then
        if 1<=yas30_4686<=9 then flag_stocks=2;
        if yas30_4686=1 then stocks=500;
        else if yas30_4686=2 then stocks=1750;
        else if yas30_4686=3 then stocks=3750;
        else if yas30_4686=4 then stocks=7500;
        else if yas30_4686=5 then stocks=17500;
        else if yas30_4686=6 then stocks=37500;
        else if yas30_4686=7 then stocks=75000;
        else if yas30_4686=8 then stocks=175000;
        else if yas30_4686=9 then stocks=250001;

if yas30_4660 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4684l in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4684u in (-1 -2 -3)
 or yas30_4686 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4682=-3 then stocks=-3;

    /************assets section 9:  vehicle ownership-pvcars********************************/


if yas30_4790=1 then
    if yas30_4810=1 & yas30_4812>=0 then pvcars1=yas30_4812;
    else if yas30_4810=2 & yas30_4814l>=0 & yas30_4814u>=0 then
        if yas30_4814u>=yas30_4814l then pvcars1=(yas30_4814l+yas30_4814u)/2;
        else pvcars1=-3;
    if yas30_4810 not in (1,2) or yas30_4812 in (-1,-2) then
        if 1<=yas30_4816<=7 then flag_pvcars1=2;
        if yas30_4816=1 then pvcars1=2500;
        else if yas30_4816=2 then pvcars1=7500;
        else if yas30_4816=3 then pvcars1=17500;
        else if yas30_4816=4 then pvcars1=37500;
        else if yas30_4816=5 then pvcars1=75000;
        else if yas30_4816=6 then pvcars1=175000;
        else if yas30_4816=7 then pvcars1=250001;
if yas30_4790 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4814l in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4814u in (-1 -2 -3)
 or yas30_4816 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4812=-3 then pvcars1=-3;
    /************assets section 9.2:  secondary source of info on vehicle ownership, pvcars2 ********************************/

if yas30_4000s8 =1 then
    if yas30_4000s9 =1 and yas30_4000s9a>=0 then pvcars2= yas30_4000s9a;
    else if yas30_4000s9 = 2 and yas30_4000s9bl>=0 and yas30_4000s9bu>=0 then
        if yas30_4000s9bu>= yas30_4000s9bl then pvcars2=(yas30_4000s9bu+yas30_4000s9bl)/2;
        else pvcars2=-3;
    if yas30_4000s9 not in (1,2) or yas30_4000s9a in (-1,-2) then
        if 1<= yas30_4000s9c <=8 then flag_pvcars2=2;
        if yas30_4000s9c=1 then pvcars2     =   500;
        else if yas30_4000s9c=2 then pvcars2=  1750;
        else if yas30_4000s9c=3 then pvcars2=  3750;
        else if yas30_4000s9c=4 then pvcars2=  7500;
        else if yas30_4000s9c=5 then pvcars2= 17500;
        else if yas30_4000s9c=6 then pvcars2= 37500;
        else if yas30_4000s9c=7 then pvcars2= 75000;
        else if yas30_4000s9c=8 then pvcars2= 100001;

if yas30_4000s8 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4000s9bl in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_4000s9bu in (-1 -2 -3)
 or yas30_4000s9c in (-1 -2 -3) then pvcars2=-3;                    
  /*********************assets section 10:  furniture value--pvfurn***************************************************/

if  yas30_4870>-4 then flag_pvfurn=1;
if yas30_4870=1 then pvfurn=2500;
else if yas30_4870=2 then pvfurn=7500;
else if yas30_4870=3 then pvfurn=17500;
else if yas30_4870=4 then pvfurn=37500;
else if yas30_4870=5 then pvfurn=75000;
else if yas30_4870=6 then pvfurn=175000;
else if yas30_4870=7 then pvfurn=250001;
else if yas30_4870=8 then pvfurn=0;
else if yas30_4870=-1 then pvfurn=-1;
else if yas30_4870=-2 then pvfurn=-2;
else if yas30_4870=-3 then pvfurn=-3;

/***********************assets section 11:  other assets-othsav***************************************/

if yas30_4880=1 then
    if yas30_4900=1 & yas30_4902>=0  then othsav=yas30_4902;
    else if yas30_4900=2 & yas30_4904l>=0 & yas30_4904u>=0 then
        if yas30_4904u>=yas30_4904l then othsav=(yas30_4904u+yas30_4904l)/2;
        else othsav=-3;
    if yas30_4900 not in (1,2) or yas30_4902 in (-1,-2) then
        if 1<=yas30_4906<=7 then flag_othsav=2;
        if yas30_4906=1 then othsav=2500;
        else if yas30_4906=2 then othsav=7500;
        else if yas30_4906=3 then othsav=17500;
        else if yas30_4906=4 then othsav=37500;
        else if yas30_4906=5 then othsav=75000;
        else if yas30_4906=6 then othsav=175000;
        else if yas30_4906=7 then othsav=250001;

if yas30_4880=-1 or yas30_4904l=-1 or yas30_4904u=-1 or yas30_4906=-1 then othsav=-1;
if yas30_4880=-2 or yas30_4904l=-2 or yas30_4904u=-2 or yas30_4906=-2 then othsav=-2;
if yas30_4880=-3 or yas30_4904l=-3 or yas30_4904u=-3 or yas30_4906=-3 or yas30_4902=-3 then othsav=-3;
/***************assets section 12: outstanding loans-loans****************************************/


if yas30_4300 in (1,2,3) then
    if yas30_4300a=1 & yas30_4300a1>=0 then loans=yas30_4300a1;
    else if yas30_4300a=2 & yas30_4300bl>=0 & yas30_4300bu>=0 then
        if yas30_4300bu>=yas30_4300bl then loans=(yas30_4300bu+yas30_4300bl)/2;
        else loans=-3;
    if yas30_4300a not in (1,2) or yas30_4300a1 in (-1,-2) then
        if 1<=yas30_4300a2<=7 then flag_loans=2;
        if yas30_4300a2=1 then loans=2500;
        else if yas30_4300a2=2 then loans=7500;
        else if yas30_4300a2=3 then loans=17500;
        else if yas30_4300a2=4 then loans=37500;
        else if yas30_4300a2=5 then loans=75000;
        else if yas30_4300a2=6 then loans=175000;
        else if yas30_4300a2=7 then loans=250001;

if yas30_4300=-1 or yas30_4300a2=-1 or yas30_4300bl=-1 or yas30_4300bu=-1 then loans=-1;
if yas30_4300=-2 or yas30_4300a2=-2 or yas30_4300bu=-2 or yas30_4300bu=-2 then loans=-2;
if yas30_4300=-3 or yas30_4300a2=-3 or yas30_4300bu=-3 or yas30_4300bu=-3 or yas30_4300a1=-3 then loans=-3;

                                 begin liabilities section

/********************liabilites section 1:  mortgage or land contract-mortgag************/

if YAS_DLIMORTGAGE=1 or YAS_DLIOWN2=1 or YAS_CH1 in (1 2 3 4) then do;

    if YAS_DLIMORTGAGE=1 or YAS_CH6=1 then
        if YAS_CH7=1 & YAS_CH7A>=0 then mortgag=YAS_CH7A;
        else if YAS_CH7=2 & YAS_CH7Bl>=0 & YAS_CH7bu>=0 then
            if YAS_CH7bu>=YAS_CH7bl then mortgag = (YAS_CH7bl+YAS_CH7bu)/2;
            else mortgag=-3;
        if YAS_CH7 not in (1,2) or YAS_CH7A in (-1,-2) then
            if 1<=YAS_CH7C<=7 then flag_mortgag=2;
            if YAS_CH7C=1 then mortgag=12500;
            else if YAS_CH7C=2 then mortgag=37500;
            else if YAS_CH7C=3 then mortgag=75000;
            else if YAS_CH7C=4 then mortgag=175000;
            else if YAS_CH7C=5 then mortgag=375000;
            else if YAS_CH7C=6 then mortgag=750000;
            else if YAS_CH7C=7 then mortgag=1000001;

if yas_ch1 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas_ch6 in (-1 -2 -3) or YAS_CH7bl in (-1 -2 -3) or YAS_CH7bu in (-1 -2 -3) or YAS_CH7c in (-1 -2 -3) then mortgag=-3;    
 /********************liabilities section 2:  family mortgage debt-resdebt***********************/

if YAS_DLIMORTGAGE=1 or YAS_DLIOWN2=1 or YAS_CH1 in (1 2 3 4) then do;
  if yas30_ch9=1 then do;
    if yas30_ch10=1 & yas30_ch10a>=0 then resdebt=yas30_ch10a;
    else if yas30_ch10 not in (1 2) or yas30_ch10a in (-1 -2) then do;
        if 1=<yas30_ch10c<=7 then flag_resdebt=2;
        if yas30_ch10c=1 then resdebt=12500;
        else if yas30_ch10c=2 then resdebt=37500;
        else if yas30_ch10c=3 then resdebt=75000;
        else if yas30_ch10c=4 then resdebt=175000;
        else if yas30_ch10c=5 then resdebt=375000;
        else if yas30_ch10c=6 then resdebt=750000;
        else if yas30_ch10c=7 then resdebt=1000001;
if yas_ch1 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_ch9 in (-1 -2 -3) or yas30_ch10c in (-1 -2 -3) then resdebt=-3;
  /***********************liabilities section 3:  second mortgage-othmort****************/

if YAS_DLIMORTGAGE=1 or YAS_DLIOWN2=1 or YAS_CH1 in (1 2 3 4) then do;
    if YAS_CH8=1 then
        if YAS_CH8_1=1 & YAS_CH8A>=0 then othmort=YAS_CH8A;
        else if YAS_CH8_1=2 & YAS_CH8bu>=0 & YAS_CH8bl>=0 then
            if YAS_CH8bu>=YAS_CH8bl then othmort=(YAS_CH8bu + YAS_CH8bl)/2;
            else othmort=-3;
        if YAS_CH8_1 not in (1,2) or YAS_CH8A in (-1,-2) then
            if 1<=YAS_CH8c<=7 then flag_othmort=2;
            if YAS_CH8c=1 then othmort=12500;
            else if YAS_CH8c=2 then othmort=37500;
            else if YAS_CH8c=3 then othmort=75000;
            else if YAS_CH8c=4 then othmort=175000;
            else if YAS_CH8c=5 then othmort=375000;
            else if YAS_CH8c=6 then othmort=750000;
            else if YAS_CH8c=7 then othmort=1000001;
if yas_ch1 in (-1 -2 -3) or YAS_CH8 in (-1 -2 -3) or YAS_CH8bl in (-1 -2 -3) or YAS_CH8bu in (-1 -2 -3) or YAS_CH8c in (-1 -2 -3) then othmort=-3;

if YAS30_AGE30ELIG2 ne 1 then do;
/*************liabilities section 4:  car debt-cardebt1*********************************/

if yas30_4790=1 then
    if yas30_4840=1 & yas30_4842>=0 then cardebt1=yas30_4842;
    if yas30_4840=2 and yas30_4844l >=0 and yas30_4844u >=0 then
        if yas30_4844u>= yas30_4844l then cardebt1=(yas30_4844u+ yas30_4844l)/2;
        else cardebt1=-3;
    if yas30_4840 not in (1,2) or yas30_4842 in (-1, -2) then
        if 1 <=yas30_4846<=7 then flag_cardebt1=2;
        if yas30_4846=1 then cardebt1=2500;
        else if yas30_4846=2 then cardebt1=7500;
        else if yas30_4846=3 then cardebt1=17500;
        else if yas30_4846=4 then cardebt1=37500;
        else if yas30_4846=5 then cardebt1=75000;
        else if yas30_4846=6 then cardebt1=175000;
        else if yas30_4846=7 then cardebt1=250001;

    if yas30_4790=-1 or  yas30_4844l=-1 or yas30_4844u=-1 or yas30_4846=-1 then cardebt1=-1;
    if yas30_4790=-2 or  yas30_4844l=-2 or yas30_4844u=-2 or yas30_4846=-2 then cardebt1=-2;
    if yas30_4790=-3 or  yas30_4844l=-3 or yas30_4844u=-3 or yas30_4846=-3 or yas30_4842=-3 then cardebt1=-3;


     liabilities section 4.2: secondary info source for car debt --cardebt2
if yas30_4000s8 =1 then
    if yas30_4000s10 =1 and yas30_4000s10a>=0 then cardebt2= yas30_4000s10a;
    else if yas30_4000s10 = 2 and yas30_4000s10bl>=0 and yas30_4000s10bu>=0 then
        if yas30_4000s10bu>= yas30_4000s10bl then cardebt2=(yas30_4000s10bu+yas30_4000s10bl)/2;
        else cardebt2=-3;
    if yas30_4000s10 not in (1,2) or yas30_4000s10a in (-1,-2) then
        if 1<= yas30_4000s10c <=8 then flag_cardebt2=2;
        if yas30_4000s10c=1 then      cardebt2=   500;
        else if yas30_4000s10c=2 then cardebt2=  1750;
        else if yas30_4000s10c=3 then cardebt2=  3750;
        else if yas30_4000s10c=4 then cardebt2=  7500;
        else if yas30_4000s10c=5 then cardebt2= 17500;
        else if yas30_4000s10c=6 then cardebt2= 37500;
        else if yas30_4000s10c=7 then cardebt2= 75000;
        else if yas30_4000s10c=8 then cardebt2= 100001;

if yas30_4000s8=-1 or yas30_4000s10bl=-1 or yas30_4000s10bu=-1 or yas30_4000s10c=-1 then cardebt2=-1;
if yas30_4000s8=-2 or yas30_4000s10bl=-2 or yas30_4000s10bu=-2 or yas30_4000s10c=-2 then cardebt2=-2;
if yas30_4000s8=-3 or yas30_4000s10bl=-3 or yas30_4000s10bu=-3 or yas30_4000s10c=-3 then cardebt2=-3;
       /*********************liabilities section 5: personal education loan-famedudebt****************/

 ***** To generate the personal and government educational loans for those currently enrolled in college;
array e24800 e24800_11 e24800_21 e24800_31 dum dum dum;
array e24900 e24900_11 dum dum dum dum dum;
array e25700 e25700_11-e25700_15 e25700_21-e25700_23 e25700_31 e25700_41;
array e25800 e25800_11 dum dum dum dum e25800_21 dum dum dum dum;

do over e24800;
  if e24800 in (-1 -2) & e24900>0 then do;
    if e24900=1 then e24800=500;
    else if e24900=2 then e24800=1750;
    else if e24900=3 then e24800=3750;
    else if e24900=4 then e24800=7500;
    else if e24900=5 then e24800=17500;
    else if e24900=6 then e24800=37500;
    else if e24900=7 then e24800=50001;

do over e25700;
  if e25700 in (-1 -2) & e25800>0 then do;
    if e25800=1 then e25700=500;
    else if e25800=2 then e25700=1750;
    else if e25800=3 then e25700=3750;
    else if e25800=4 then e25700=7500;
    else if e25800=5 then e25700=17500;
    else if e25800=6 then e25700=37500;
    else if e25800=7 then e25700=50001;

do over e24800;
  if e24800>0 then famedudebt_c=famedudebt_c+e24800;
do over e24800;
  if e24800 in (-1 -2 -3) then famedudebt_c=-3;

do over e25700;
  if e25700>0 then govdebt_c=govdebt_c+e25700;
do over e25700;
  if e25700 in (-1 -2 -3) then govdebt_c=-3;


if yas30_5011=1 then
    if yas30_5011a=1 & yas30_5012>=0 then famedudebt=yas30_5012;
    else if yas30_5011a=2 &  yas30_5013l>=0 & yas30_5013u>=0  then
        if yas30_5013u>=yas30_5013l then famedudebt=(yas30_5013l+yas30_5013u)/2;  
        else famedudebt=-3;
    if yas30_5011a not in (1,2) or yas30_5012 in (-1,-2) then
        if 1<=yas30_5014<=8 then flag_famedudebt=2;
        if yas30_5014=1 then famedudebt=500;
        else if yas30_5014=2 then famedudebt=1750;
        else if yas30_5014=3 then famedudebt=3750;
        else if yas30_5014=4 then famedudebt=7500;
        else if yas30_5014=5 then famedudebt=17500;
        else if yas30_5014=6 then famedudebt=37500;
        else if yas30_5014=7 then famedudebt=75000;
        else if yas30_5014=8 then famedudebt=100001;

if yas30_5011=-1 or yas30_5013u=-1 or yas30_5013l=-1 or yas30_5014=-1 then famedudebt=-1;
if yas30_5011=-2 or yas30_5013u=-2 or yas30_5013l=-2 or yas30_5014=-2 then famedudebt=-2;
if yas30_5011=-3 or yas30_5013u=-3 or yas30_5013l=-3 or yas30_5014=-3 or yas30_5012=-3 then famedudebt=-3;

if YAS30_AGE30ELIG2=1 & famedudebt=-4 & famedudebt_c ne 0 then do;

   /****************liabilities section 6:  government education loan-govdebt***************/

if yas30_5015=1 then
    if yas30_5015a=1 & yas30_5016>=0 then govdebt=yas30_5016;
    else if yas30_5015a=2 & yas30_5017u>=0 & yas30_5017l>=0 then
        if yas30_5017u>=yas30_5017l then govdebt=(yas30_5017u + yas30_5017l)/2;
        else govdebt=-3;
    if yas30_5015a not in (1,2) or yas30_5016 in (-1,-2) then
        if 1<=yas30_5018<=8 then flag_govdebt=2;
        if yas30_5018=1 then govdebt=500;
        else if yas30_5018=2 then govdebt =1750;
        else if yas30_5018=3 then govdebt=3750;
        else if yas30_5018=4 then govdebt=7500;
        else if yas30_5018=5 then govdebt=17500;
        else if yas30_5018=6 then govdebt=37500;
        else if yas30_5018=7 then govdebt=75000;
        else if yas30_5018=8 then govdebt=100001;

if yas30_5015=-1 or yas30_5017u=-1 or yas30_5017l=-1 or yas30_5018=-1 then govdebt=-1;
if yas30_5015=-2 or yas30_5017u=-2 or yas30_5017l=-2 or yas30_5018=-2 then govdebt=-2;
if yas30_5015=-3 or yas30_5017u=-3 or yas30_5017l=-3 or yas30_5018=-3 or yas30_5016=-3 then govdebt=-3;

if YAS30_AGE30ELIG2=1 & govdebt=-4 & govdebt_c ne 0 then do;
      /**********************liabilities section 7:  other debt to family or relatives--famdebt***********/                                               
    if yas30_5130=1 then
        if yas30_5170=1 & yas30_5172>=0 then famdebt=yas30_5172;
        else if yas30_5170=2 & yas30_5174L>=0 & yas30_5174U>=0 then
            if yas30_5174U>=yas30_5174L then famdebt = (yas30_5174U+yas30_5174L)/2;
            else famdebt=-3;
        if yas30_5170 not in (1,2) or yas30_5172 in (-1, -2) then
            if 1<=yas30_5176<=9 then Flag_famdebt=2;
            if yas30_5176=1 then famdebt=500;
            else if yas30_5176=2 then famdebt=1750;
            else if yas30_5176=3 then famdebt=3750;
            else if yas30_5176=4 then famdebt=7500;
            else if yas30_5176=5 then famdebt=17500;
            else if yas30_5176=6 then famdebt=37500;
            else if yas30_5176=7 then famdebt=75000;
            else if yas30_5176=8 then famdebt=175000;
            else if yas30_5176=9 then famdebt=250001;
    if yas30_5130=-1 or yas30_5176=-1 or yas30_5174L=-1 or yas30_5174U=-1 then famdebt=-1;
    if yas30_5130=-2 or yas30_5176=-2 or yas30_5174L=-2 or yas30_5174U=-2 then famdebt=-2;        
    if yas30_5130=-3 or yas30_5176=-3 or yas30_5174L=-3 or yas30_5174U=-3 or yas30_5172=-3 then famdebt=-3;
  /*************************liabilities section 8:  other debt--othdebt**************/


/*othdebt1--credit card debt or debt from bank accoutns*/
if yas30_5210aa=0 then
    if yas30_5210a1=1 & yas30_5210a2>=0 then othdebt1=yas30_5210a2;
    else if yas30_5210a1=2 & yas30_5210a3u>=0 & yas30_5210a3l>=0 then
        if yas30_5210a3u>=yas30_5210a3l then othdebt1= (yas30_5210a3u + yas30_5210a3l)/2;
        else othdebt1=-3;
    if yas30_5210a1 not in (1,2) or yas30_5210a2 in (-1,-2) then
        if 1<=yas30_5210a4<=8 then flag_othdebt1=2;
        if yas30_5210a4=1 then othdebt1=500;
        else if yas30_5210a4=2 then othdebt1=1750;
        else if yas30_5210a4=3 then othdebt1=3750;
        else if yas30_5210a4=4 then othdebt1=7500;
        else if yas30_5210a4=5 then othdebt1=17500;
        else if yas30_5210a4=6 then othdebt1=37500;
        else if yas30_5210a4=7 then othdebt1=75000;
        else if yas30_5210a4=8 then othdebt1=100001;
if yas30_5210a =-1 or yas30_5210aa=-1 or yas30_5210a3u=-1 or yas30_5210a3l=-1 or yas30_5210a4=-1 then othdebt1=-1;
if yas30_5210a =-2 or yas30_5210aa=-2 or yas30_5210a3u=-2 or yas30_5210a3l=-2 or yas30_5210a4=-2 then othdebt1=-2;
if yas30_5210a =-3 or yas30_5210aa=-3 or yas30_5210a3u=-3 or yas30_5210a3l=-3 or yas30_5210a4=-3 or yas30_5210a2=-3 then othdebt1=-3;

/*othdebt2--any other account type of debt*/
if yas30_5210b1=1 then
    if yas30_5210c1=1 & yas30_5210c2>=0 then othdebt2=yas30_5210c2;
    else if yas30_5210c1=2 & yas30_5210c3u>=0 & yas30_5210c3l>=0 then
        if yas30_5210c3u>=yas30_5210ac3l then othdebt2= (yas30_5210c3u + yas30_5210c3l)/2;
        else othdebt2=-3;
    if yas30_5210c1 not in (1,2) or yas30_5210c2 in (-1, -2) then
        if 1<=yas30_5210c4<=7 then flag_othdebt2=2;
        if yas30_5210c4=1 then othdebt2=500;
        else if yas30_5210c4=2 then othdebt2=1750;
        else if yas30_5210c4=3 then othdebt2=3750;
        else if yas30_5210c4=4 then othdebt2=7500;
        else if yas30_5210c4=5 then othdebt2=17500;
        else if yas30_5210c4=6 then othdebt2=37500;
        else if yas30_5210c4=7 then othdebt2=50001;
if yas30_5210b1=-1 or yas30_5210c3u=-1 or yas30_5210c3l=-1 or yas30_5210c4=-1 then othdebt2=-1;
if yas30_5210b1=-2 or yas30_5210c3u=-2 or yas30_5210c3l=-2 or yas30_5210c4=-2 then othdebt2=-1;
if yas30_5210b1=-3 or yas30_5210c3u=-3 or yas30_5210c3l=-3 or yas30_5210c4=-3 or yas30_5210c2=-3 then othdebt2=-3;

/*othdebt3-owes money to a business*/
if yas30_5210d1=1 then
    if yas30_5210d1a=1 & yas30_5210d2>=0 then othdebt3=yas30_5210d2;
    else if yas30_5210d1a=2 & yas30_5210d3l>=0 & yas30_5210d3u>=0 then
        if yas30_5210d3u>=yas30_5210d3l then othdebt3 = (yas30_5210d3l+yas30_5210d3u)/2;
        else othdebt3=-3;
    if yas30_5210d1a not in (1,2) or yas30_5210d2 in (-1,-2) then
        if 1<=yas30_5210d4<=7 then flag_othdebt3=2;
        if yas30_5210d4=1 then othdebt3=500;
        else if yas30_5210d4=2 then othdebt3=1750;
        else if yas30_5210d4=3 then othdebt3=3750;
        else if yas30_5210d4=4 then othdebt3=7500;
        else if yas30_5210d4=5 then othdebt3=17500;
        else if yas30_5210d4=6 then othdebt3=37500;
        else if yas30_5210d4=7 then othdebt3=50001;
if yas30_5210d1=-1 or yas30_5210d3l=-1 or yas30_5210d3u=-1 or yas30_5210d4=-1 then othdebt3=-1;
if yas30_5210d1=-2 or yas30_5210d3l=-2 or yas30_5210d3u=-2 or yas30_5210d4=-2 then othdebt3=-2;
if yas30_5210d1=-3 or yas30_5210d3l=-3 or yas30_5210d3u=-3 or yas30_5210d4=-3 or yas30_5210d2=-3 then othdebt3=-3;

                               end of data cleaning for liabilities and assets
                                         begin calculations:

array varsasst (*) house_value pvbuss_01-pvbuss_04 othreal ira_01-ira_07
                   retdsav banksav bonds stocks pvcars1 pvcars2 pvfurn  othsav loans;  

array varsliab (*) mortgag resdebt othmort cardebt1 cardebt2 famedudebt govdebt othdebt1 othdebt2 othdebt3

array flgsasst (*) flag_house      
                   flag_pvbuss flag_othreal flag_ira flag_retdsav flag_banksav flag_bonds  
                   flag_stocks  flag_pvcars1 flag_pvcars2 flag_pvfurn  flag_othsav flag_loans;

array flgsliab (*) flag_mortgag flag_resdebt flag_othmort flag_cardebt1 flag_cardebt2
                   flag_famedudebt flag_govdebt flag_othdebt1 flag_othdebt2 flag_othdebt3  flag_famdebt;
array ahousedebt (*) mortgag resdebt othmort;

array afinance (*) ira_01-ira_07 retdsav banksav bonds stocks othsav  loans;

array anonfinance (*) pvbuss_01-pvbuss_04 othreal pvcars1 pvcars2 pvfurn;

array adebt (*) cardebt1 cardebt2 famedudebt govdebt othdebt1 othdebt2 othdebt3 famdebt;

array flgshsdt(*) flag_mortgag flag_resdebt flag_othmort;

array flgsfin(*) flag_ira flag_retdsav flag_banksav flag_bonds flag_stocks flag_othsav flag_loans;

array flgsnonfin(*) flag_pvbuss flag_othreal flag_pvcars1 flag_pvcars2 flag_pvfurn;

array flgsdebt(*) flag_cardebt1 flag_cardebt2 flag_famedudebt flag_govdebt flag_othdebt1 flag_othdebt2 flag_othdebt3


if YAS30_AGE30ELIG2=1 then

    hhworthy=0; assets=0; housedebt=0; liabilities=0; finance=0;nonfinance=0;debt=0;
    do i=1 to dim(varsasst);
        if varsasst(i) not in (-1,-2,-3,-4,-5) then assets=assets+varsasst(i);
        if varsasst(i) in (-1,-2,-3) then flagsasst=-3;
    do i=1 to dim(varsliab);
        if varsliab(i)  not in (-1,-2,-3,-4,-5) then liabilities=liabilities+varsliab(i);
        if varsliab(i) in (-1,-2,-3) then flagsliab=-3;

    do i=1 to dim(ahousedebt);
        if ahousedebt(i)  not in (-1,-2,-3,-4,-5) then housedebt=housedebt+ahousedebt(i);
        if ahousedebt(i) in (-1,-2,-3) then flagshsdt=-3;
    do i=1 to dim(afinance);
        if afinance(i)  not in (-1,-2,-3,-4,-5) then finance=finance+afinance(i);
        if afinance(i) in (-1,-2,-3) then flagsfin=-3;
    do i=1 to dim(anonfinance);
        if anonfinance(i)  not in (-1,-2,-3,-4,-5) then nonfinance=nonfinance+anonfinance(i);
        if anonfinance(i) in (-1,-2,-3) then flagsnonfin=-3;
    do i=1 to dim(adebt);
        if adebt(i)  not in (-1,-2,-3,-4,-5) then debt=debt+adebt(i);
        if adebt(i) in (-1,-2,-3) then flagsdebt=-3;    


/*** code hhworthy as an invalid skip for those who did not give valid responses  */
do i=1 to dim(varsasst);
    if varsasst(i)=-1 then

do i=1 to dim(varsliab);
    if varsliab(i)=-1 then

do i=1 to dim(varsasst);
    if varsasst(i)=-2 then

do i=1 to dim(varsliab);
    if varsliab(i)=-2 then

do i=1 to dim(varsasst);
    if varsasst(i)=-3 then

do i=1 to dim(varsliab);
    if varsliab(i)=-3 then

do i=1 to dim(ahousedebt);
    if ahousedebt(i)=-1 then housedebt=-1;
    else if ahousedebt(i)=-2 then housedebt=-2;
    else if ahousedebt(i)=-3 then housedebt=-3;

do i=1 to dim(afinance);
    if afinance(i)=-1 then finance=-1;
    else if afinance(i)=-2 then finance=-2;
    else if afinance(i)=-3 then finance=-3;

do i=1 to dim(anonfinance);
    if anonfinance(i)=-1 then nonfinance=-1;
    else if anonfinance(i)=-2 then nonfinance=-2;
    else if anonfinance(i)=-3 then nonfinance=-3;

do i=1 to dim(adebt);
    if adebt(i)=-1 then debt=-1;
    else if adebt(i)=-2 then debt=-2;
    else if adebt(i)=-3 then debt=-3;


/************* change all the -1s, -2s to -3s. ***************/

array finalv(*) hhworthy assets liabilities housedebt house_value finance nonfinance debt;
do i=1 to dim(finalv);
    if finalv(i) in (-1,-2) then finalv(i)=-3;

***** current round vs. CVC;

    array curr(7)
    hhworthY           house_value        housedebt          housing_type       finance
    nonfinance         debt          ;
    do i=1 to dim(curr);                                                                                           
        if curr(i) not in (-4,-5,.) then currval=1;

    assetrd_cvc=-4 ;
    array cvc(7)
    hhworthY_cvc       house_value_cvc    housedebt_cvc    housing_type_cvc       
    finance_cvc         nonfinance_cvc     debt_cvc    ;

    do i = 1 to dim(cvc);
    if YAS30_AGE30ELIG2=1 then do  i = 1 to 7 ;
    /* Top coding. (There is no bottom coding.) */

    if hhworthY_cvc ge 600000 then hhworthY_cvc=600000;
    if house_value_cvc ge 425000 then house_value_cvc=425000;
    if housedebt_cvc ge 325000 then housedebt_cvc=325000;
    if finance_cvc ge 300000 then finance_cvc=300000;
    if nonfinance_cvc ge 600000 then nonfinance_cvc=600000;
    if debt_cvc ge 370000 then debt_cvc=370000;