Unemployment Compensation - Appendix 5

Unemployment Compensation - Appendix 5

Variables Created

  • CV_UI_YR.80-CV_UI_YR.xx

This program creates several variables describing the respondent's receipt of unemployment compensation:

  1. CV_UI_YR.XX - indicates the number of months in any given year (from 1980 to most recent interview year) that R received Unemployment Compensation.
  2. CV_UI_EVER - indicates the total number of months (from 1980 to most recent interview year) that R received Unemployment Compensation.
  3. CV_AMT_UI_YR.XX - indicates the amount of Unemployment Compensation received in any given year (from 1980 to most recent interview year) by R.
  4. CV_UI_SPELLS_YR.XX - indicates the number of spells of Unemployment Compensation that R received started in any given year (from 1980 to most recent interview year).

The program first creates a month-by-month participation array for unemployment compensation. These month-by-month variables constitute part of the event history array for program participation; see Appendix 7 for more information. After the array is created, the program merges data to create the summary variables.

Variables Used

/**Variable Names in the Program                 Variable Names on the Gator**/
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1994_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_1994.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1995_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_1995.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1996_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_1996.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1997_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_1997.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1998_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_1998.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_1999_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_1999.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2000_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_2000.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2001_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_2001.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2002_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_2002.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2003_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_2003.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2004_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_2004.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2005_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_2005.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2006_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_2006.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2007_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_2007.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2008_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_2008.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_05                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.05_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_06                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.06_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_07                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.07_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_08                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.08_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_09                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.09_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_10                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.10_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_11                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.11_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2009_12                           UNEMP_STATUS_2009.12_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2010_01                           UNEMP_STATUS_2010.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2010_02                           UNEMP_STATUS_2010.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2010_03                           UNEMP_STATUS_2010.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STATUS_2010_04                           UNEMP_STATUS_2010.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1997_05                              UNEMP_AMT_1997.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1997_06                              UNEMP_AMT_1997.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1997_07                              UNEMP_AMT_1997.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1997_08                              UNEMP_AMT_1997.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1997_09                              UNEMP_AMT_1997.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1997_10                              UNEMP_AMT_1997.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1997_11                              UNEMP_AMT_1997.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1997_12                              UNEMP_AMT_1997.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_01                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_02                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_03                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_04                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_05                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_06                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_07                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_08                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_09                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_10                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_11                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1998_12                              UNEMP_AMT_1998.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_01                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_02                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_03                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_04                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_05                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_06                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_07                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_08                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_09                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_10                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_11                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_1999_12                              UNEMP_AMT_1999.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_01                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_02                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_03                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_04                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_05                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_06                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_07                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_08                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_09                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_10                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_11                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2000_12                              UNEMP_AMT_2000.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_01                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_02                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_03                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_04                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_05                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_06                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_07                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_08                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_09                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_10                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_11                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2001_12                              UNEMP_AMT_2001.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_01                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_02                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_03                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_04                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_05                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_06                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_07                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_08                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_09                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_10                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_11                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2002_12                              UNEMP_AMT_2002.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_01                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_02                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_03                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_04                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_05                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_06                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_07                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_08                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_09                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_10                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_11                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2003_12                              UNEMP_AMT_2003.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_01                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_02                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_03                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_04                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_05                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_06                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_07                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_08                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_09                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_10                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_11                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2004_12                              UNEMP_AMT_2004.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_01                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_02                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_03                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_04                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_05                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_06                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_07                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_08                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_09                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_10                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_11                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2005_12                              UNEMP_AMT_2005.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_01                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_02                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_03                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_04                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_05                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_06                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_07                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_08                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_09                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_10                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_11                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2006_12                              UNEMP_AMT_2006.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_01                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_02                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_03                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_04                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_05                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_06                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_07                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_08                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_09                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_10                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_11                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2007_12                              UNEMP_AMT_2007.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_01                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_02                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_03                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_04                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_05                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_06                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_07                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_08                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_09                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_10                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_11                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2008_12                              UNEMP_AMT_2008.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_01                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_02                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_03                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_04                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.04_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_05                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.05_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_06                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.06_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_07                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.07_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_08                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.08_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_09                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.09_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_10                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.10_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_11                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.11_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2009_12                              UNEMP_AMT_2009.12_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2010_01                              UNEMP_AMT_2010.01_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2010_02                              UNEMP_AMT_2010.02_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2010_03                              UNEMP_AMT_2010.03_XRND
  UNEMP_AMT_2010_04                              UNEMP_AMT_2010.04_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_1998_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_1998.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_1998_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_1998.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_1999_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_1999.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_1999_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_1999.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2000_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2000.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2000_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2000.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2001_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2001.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2001_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2001.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2001_03                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2001.03_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2002_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2002.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2002_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2002.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2002_03                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2002.03_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2003_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2003.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2003_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2003.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2003_03                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2003.03_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2004_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2004.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2004_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2004.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2004_03                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2004.03_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2005_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2005.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2005_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2005.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2005_03                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2005.03_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2005_04                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2005.04_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2006_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2006.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2006_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2006.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2006_03                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2006.03_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2006_04                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2006.04_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2007_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2007.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2007_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2007.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2007_03                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2007.03_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2007_04                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2007.04_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2008_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2008.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2008_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2008.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2008_03                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2008.03_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2008_04                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2008.04_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2009_01                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2009.01_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2009_02                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2009.02_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2009_03                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2009.03_XRND
  UNEMP_START_MONTH_2009_04                      UNEMP_START_MONTH_2009.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_1998_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_1998.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_1998_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_1998.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_1999_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_1999.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_1999_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_1999.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2000_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2000.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2000_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2000.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2001_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2001.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2001_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2001.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2001_03                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2001.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2002_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2002.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2002_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2002.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2002_03                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2002.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2003_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2003.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2003_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2003.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2003_03                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2003.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2004_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2004.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2004_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2004.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2004_03                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2004.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2005_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2005.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2005_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2005.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2005_03                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2005.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2005_04                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2005.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2006_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2006.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2006_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2006.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2006_03                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2006.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2006_04                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2006.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2007_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2007.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2007_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2007.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2007_03                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2007.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2007_04                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2007.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2008_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2008.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2008_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2008.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2008_03                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2008.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2008_04                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2008.04_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2009_01                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2009.01_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2009_02                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2009.02_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2009_03                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2009.03_XRND
  UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2009_04                       UNEMP_STOP_MONTH_2009.04_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_1998_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_1998.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_1998_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_1998.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_1999_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_1999.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_1999_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_1999.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2000_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2000.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2000_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2000.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2001_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2001.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2001_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2001.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2001_03                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2001.03_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2002_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2002.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2002_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2002.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2002_03                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2002.03_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2003_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2003.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2003_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2003.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2003_03                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2003.03_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2004_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2004.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2004_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2004.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2004_03                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2004.03_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2005_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2005.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2005_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2005.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2006_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2006.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2006_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2006.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2006_03                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2006.03_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2006_04                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2006.04_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2007_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2007.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2007_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2007.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2007_03                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2007.03_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2007_04                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2007.04_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2008_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2008.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2008_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2008.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2008_03                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2008.03_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2008_04                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2008.04_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2009_01                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2009.01_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2009_02                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2009.02_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2009_03                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2009.03_XRND
  UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2009_04                        UNEMP_EDIT_DATE_2009.04_XRND
  UNEMP_DENY_1999                                UNEMP_DENY_1999_XRND
  UNEMP_DENY_2000                                UNEMP_DENY_2000_XRND
  UNEMP_DENY_2001                                UNEMP_DENY_2001_XRND
  UNEMP_DENY_2002                                UNEMP_DENY_2002_XRND
  UNEMP_DENY_2003                                UNEMP_DENY_2003_XRND
  UNEMP_DENY_2004                                UNEMP_DENY_2004_XRND
  UNEMP_DENY_2005                                UNEMP_DENY_2005_XRND
  UNEMP_DENY_2006                                UNEMP_DENY_2006_XRND
  UNEMP_DENY_2007                                UNEMP_DENY_2007_XRND
  UNEMP_DENY_2008                                UNEMP_DENY_2008_XRND
  UNEMP_DENY_2009                                UNEMP_DENY_2009_XRND
  PUBID                                          PUBID_1997
  BDATED                                         KEY!BDATE_D_1997
  BDATEM                                         KEY!BDATE_M_1997
  BDATEY                                         KEY!BDATE_Y_1997
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_1997                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_1997
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_1997                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_1997
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_1997                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_1997
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_1997                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_1997
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_1998                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_1998
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_1998                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_1998
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_1998                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_1998
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_1998                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_1998
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_1999                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_1999
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_1999                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_1999
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_1999                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_1999
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_1999                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_1999
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2000                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2000
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_2000                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_2000
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_2000                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_2000
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_2000                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_2000
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2001                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2001
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_2001                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_2001
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_2001                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_2001
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_2001                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_2001
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2002                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2002
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_2002                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_2002
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_2002                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_2002
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_2002                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_2002
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2003                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2003
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_2003                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_2003
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_2003                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_2003
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_2003                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_2003
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2004                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2004
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_2004                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_2004
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_2004                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_2004
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_2004                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_2004
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2005                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2005
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_2005                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_2005
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_2005                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_2005
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_2005                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_2005
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2006                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2006
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_2006                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_2006
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_2006                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_2006
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_2006                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_2006
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2007                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2007
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_2007                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_2007
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_2007                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_2007
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_2007                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_2007
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2008                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2008
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_2008                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_2008
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_2008                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_2008
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_2008                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_2008
  VERSION_R13_2009                               VERSION_R13_2009
  CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2009                       CV_INTERVIEW_CMONTH_2009
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_2009                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~D_2009
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_2009                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~M_2009
  CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_2009                       CV_INTERVIEW_DATE~Y_2009
  PUBID2                                         PUBID_2010
  pubid                                          pubid_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_2000                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.00_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_2001                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.01_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_2002                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.02_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_2003                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.03_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_2004                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.04_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_2005                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.05_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_2006                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.06_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_2007                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.07_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_2008                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.08_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_2009                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.09_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_2010                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.10_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_1997                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.97_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_1998                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.98_XRND
  CVCUIS_r13_1999                                CVC_UI_SPELLS_YR.99_XRND
  CVCUIEV_r13                                    CVC_UI_EVER_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_2000                                CVC_UI_YR.00_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_2001                                CVC_UI_YR.01_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_2002                                CVC_UI_YR.02_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_2003                                CVC_UI_YR.03_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_2004                                CVC_UI_YR.04_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_2005                                CVC_UI_YR.05_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_2006                                CVC_UI_YR.06_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_2007                                CVC_UI_YR.07_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_2008                                CVC_UI_YR.08_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_2009                                CVC_UI_YR.09_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_2010                                CVC_UI_YR.10_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_1997                                CVC_UI_YR.97_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_1998                                CVC_UI_YR.98_XRND
  CVCUIR_r13_1999                                CVC_UI_YR.99_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_2000                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.00_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_2001                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.01_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_2002                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.02_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_2003                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.03_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_2004                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.04_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_2005                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.05_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_2006                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.06_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_2007                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.07_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_2008                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.08_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_2009                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.09_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_2010                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.10_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_1997                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.97_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_1998                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.98_XRND
  CVCUIA_r13_1999                                CVC_AMT_UI_YR.99_XRND
  INTD                                           YINTDATE~D_2010
  INTM                                           YINTDATE~M_2010
  INTY                                           YINTDATE~Y_2010
  YPRG_1210                                      YPRG-1210_2010
  YPRG_1830_UPD                                  YPRG-1830_UPD_2010
  YPRG_1850_UPD                                  YPRG-1850_UPD_2010
  YPRG_1860_UPD                                  YPRG-1860_UPD_2010
  YPRG_1899_UPD                                  YPRG-1899_UPD_2010
  YPRG_1905_UPD                                  YPRG-1905_UPD_2010
  YPRG_1920_UPD                                  YPRG-1920_UPD_2010
  YPRG_1930_UPD                                  YPRG-1930_UPD_2010
  YPRG_3901_UPD_01                               YPRG-3901_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_4000_UPD_01_M                             YPRG-4000_UPD.01~M_2010
  YPRG_4000_UPD_01_Y                             YPRG-4000_UPD.01~Y_2010
  YPRG_4000_UPD_02_M                             YPRG-4000_UPD.02~M_2010
  YPRG_4000_UPD_02_Y                             YPRG-4000_UPD.02~Y_2010
  YPRG_4000_UPD_03_M                             YPRG-4000_UPD.03~M_2010
  YPRG_4000_UPD_03_Y                             YPRG-4000_UPD.03~Y_2010
  YPRG_4000_UPD_04_M                             YPRG-4000_UPD.04~M_2010
  YPRG_4000_UPD_04_Y                             YPRG-4000_UPD.04~Y_2010
  YPRG_4200_UPD_01                               YPRG-4200_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_4200_UPD_02                               YPRG-4200_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_4200_UPD_03                               YPRG-4200_UPD.03_2010
  YPRG_4200_UPD_04                               YPRG-4200_UPD.04_2010
  YPRG_4300_UPD_01                               YPRG-4300_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_4300_UPD_02                               YPRG-4300_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_4300_UPD_03                               YPRG-4300_UPD.03_2010
  YPRG_4400_UPD_01                               YPRG-4400_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_4400_UPD_02                               YPRG-4400_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_4400_UPD_03                               YPRG-4400_UPD.03_2010
  YPRG_4400_UPD_04                               YPRG-4400_UPD.04_2010
  YPRG_4500_UPD_01                               YPRG-4500_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_4500_UPD_02                               YPRG-4500_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_4500_UPD_03                               YPRG-4500_UPD.03_2010
  YPRG_4500_UPD_04                               YPRG-4500_UPD.04_2010
  YPRG_4700_UPD_01_M                             YPRG-4700_UPD.01~M_2010
  YPRG_4700_UPD_01_Y                             YPRG-4700_UPD.01~Y_2010
  YPRG_4700_UPD_02_M                             YPRG-4700_UPD.02~M_2010
  YPRG_4700_UPD_02_Y                             YPRG-4700_UPD.02~Y_2010
  YPRG_4700_UPD_03_M                             YPRG-4700_UPD.03~M_2010
  YPRG_4700_UPD_03_Y                             YPRG-4700_UPD.03~Y_2010
  YPRG_4700_UPD_04_M                             YPRG-4700_UPD.04~M_2010
  YPRG_4700_UPD_04_Y                             YPRG-4700_UPD.04~Y_2010
  YPRG_4900_UPD_01                               YPRG-4900_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_4900_UPD_02                               YPRG-4900_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_4900_UPD_03                               YPRG-4900_UPD.03_2010
  YPRG_4900_UPD_04                               YPRG-4900_UPD.04_2010
  YPRG_5000_UPD_01                               YPRG-5000_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_5000_UPD_02                               YPRG-5000_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_5200_UPD_01                               YPRG-5200_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_5200_UPD_02                               YPRG-5200_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_5400_UPD_01                               YPRG-5400_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_5400_UPD_02                               YPRG-5400_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_5400_UPD_03                               YPRG-5400_UPD.03_2010
  YPRG_5900_UPD_01                               YPRG-5900_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_5900_UPD_02                               YPRG-5900_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_5900_UPD_03                               YPRG-5900_UPD.03_2010
  YPRG_5900_UPD_04                               YPRG-5900_UPD.04_2010
  YPRG_6000_UPD_01                               YPRG-6000_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_6000_UPD_02                               YPRG-6000_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_6200B_UPD_01                              YPRG-6200B_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_6200B_UPD_02                              YPRG-6200B_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_6200B_UPD_03                              YPRG-6200B_UPD.03_2010
  YPRG_6200B_UPD_04                              YPRG-6200B_UPD.04_2010
  YPRG_6300_UPD_01                               YPRG-6300_UPD.01_2010
  YPRG_6300_UPD_02                               YPRG-6300_UPD.02_2010
  YPRG_6300_UPD_03                               YPRG-6300_UPD.03_2010
  YPRG_6300_UPD_04                               YPRG-6300_UPD.04_2010
  YPRG_1900                                      YPRG-1900_2010

SAS Code for Variable Creation

data nonint;
  merge uin14.in_C_uiR14 (keep=pubid pubid YPRG_1210)
        uin14.in_P_uiR14 (keep=pubid cvcui:);
  by pubid;
  if YPRG_1210 in (-5,-4);

  array CUIR CUIR1980-CUIR2011;
  array CUIA CUIA1980-CUIA2011;
  array CUIS CUIS1980-CUIS2011;

  array cvcuir cvcuir_r13_1980 - cvcuir_r13_2010;
  array cvcuia cvcuia_r13_1980 - cvcuia_r13_2010;
  array cvcuis cvcuis_r13_1980 - cvcuis_r13_2010;

  do i=1 to dim(cvcuir);

  /* initialize "total months of unemp ever received" to last round CVC.*/

  /* non-interviewers would not have information for latest year of current round.*/

  /* check data consistency problem by flag dataprb10. Initialize the value to zero.*/

  do j=1 to dim(CUIA) while (dataprb10=0);

    if CUIR(j) in (-4,0) & CUIA(j) not in (.,-4) then dataprb10=j+0.1;
    else if CUIR(j)=-3 & CUIA(j)~=-3 then dataprb10=j+0.2;
    else if 1<=CUIR(j)<=12 & CUIA(j) in (.,-4) then dataprb10=j+0.3;
    if ( CUIR(j)=-3 | CUIR(j)>=1 ) & CUIS(j)=-4 then dataprb10=max(j,dataprb10)+0.01;
    if CUIS(j)>=1 & CUIA(j)=-4 then dataprb10=max(j,dataprb10)+0.001;

data int;
 merge uin14.in_C_uiR14
       uin14.in_P_uiR14 (keep=pubid bdate: cv:);
 if YPRG_1210>-4;

  /***          Define all the arrays used in this program.                              ****/

  /* (1) variables from previous rounds. */
  array intdR CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_1997 - CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_D_2009;
  array intmR CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_1997 - CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_M_2009;
  array intyR CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_1997 - CV_INTERVIEW_DATE_Y_2009;

  array cvcuir cvcuir_r13_1980 - cvcuir_r13_2010;
  array cvcuia cvcuia_r13_1980 - cvcuia_r13_2010;
  array cvcuis cvcuis_r13_1980 - cvcuis_r13_2010;

  /* (2) (Raw data) Information available from current round*/

  array ys (8) YPRG_4000_UPD_01_Y YPRG_4000_UPD_02_Y YPRG_4000_UPD_03_Y YPRG_4000_UPD_04_Y
          YPRG_4000_01_Y YPRG_4000_02_Y YPRG_4000_03_Y YPRG_4000_04_Y;
  array ms (8) YPRG_4000_UPD_01_M YPRG_4000_UPD_02_M YPRG_4000_UPD_03_M YPRG_4000_UPD_04_M
          YPRG_4000_01_M YPRG_4000_02_M YPRG_4000_03_M YPRG_4000_04_M;
  array ds (8) YPRG_4200_UPD_01 YPRG_4200_UPD_02 YPRG_4200_UPD_03 YPRG_4200_UPD_04
          YPRG_4200_01 YPRG_4200_02 YPRG_4200_03 YPRG_4200_04;
  array es (8) YPRG_4300_UPD_01 YPRG_4300_UPD_02 YPRG_4300_UPD_03 YPRG_4300_UPD_04
          YPRG_4300_01 YPRG_4300_02 YPRG_4300_03 YPRG_4300_04;

  /* END YEAR, MONTH, ACTUAL DAY and ESTIMATED DAY information.; */
  array ye (8) YPRG_4700_UPD_01_Y YPRG_4700_UPD_02_Y YPRG_4700_UPD_03_Y YPRG_4700_UPD_04_Y
          YPRG_4700_01_Y YPRG_4700_02_Y YPRG_4700_03_Y YPRG_4700_04_Y;
  array me (8) YPRG_4700_UPD_01_M YPRG_4700_UPD_02_M YPRG_4700_UPD_03_M YPRG_4700_UPD_04_M
          YPRG_4700_01_M YPRG_4700_02_M YPRG_4700_03_M YPRG_4700_04_M;
  array de (8) YPRG_4900_UPD_01 YPRG_4900_UPD_02 YPRG_4900_UPD_03 YPRG_4900_UPD_04
          YPRG_4900_01 YPRG_4900_02 YPRG_4900_03 YPRG_4900_04;
  array ee (8) YPRG_5000_UPD_01 YPRG_5000_UPD_02 YPRG_5000_UPD_03 YPRG_5000_UPD_04
          YPRG_5000_01 YPRG_5000_02 YPRG_5000_03 YPRG_5000_04;

  /* ESTIMATED WEEKS - unable to answer start or stop date questions.; */
  array wks (8) YPRG_5200_UPD_01 YPRG_5200_UPD_02 YPRG_5200_UPD_03 YPRG_5200_UPD_04
          YPRG_5200_01 YPRG_5200_02 YPRG_5200_03 YPRG_5200_04;

  /* Weekly AMOUNT RECEIVED - actual & estimated.;  */
  array incm (8) YPRG_5900_UPD_01 YPRG_5900_UPD_02 YPRG_5900_UPD_03 YPRG_5900_UPD_04
          YPRG_5900_01 YPRG_5900_02 YPRG_5900_03 YPRG_5900_04;
  array eincm (8) YPRG_6000_UPD_01 YPRG_6000_UPD_02 YPRG_6000_UPD_03 YPRG_6000_UPD_04
          YPRG_6000_01 YPRG_6000_02 YPRG_6000_03 YPRG_6000_04;

  /* STOPPED FOR 2+ WEEKS.;  */
  array stpgp (8) YPRG_4500_UPD_01 YPRG_4500_UPD_02 YPRG_4500_UPD_03 YPRG_4500_UPD_04
          YPRG_4500_01 YPRG_4500_02 YPRG_4500_03 YPRG_4500_04;

  array recag (8) YPRG_6300_UPD_01 YPRG_6300_UPD_02 YPRG_6300_UPD_03 YPRG_6300_UPD_04
          YPRG_6300_01 YPRG_6300_02 YPRG_6300_03 YPRG_6300_04;

  /* CURRENTLY RECEIVING information, For NVPR (Never Prior) sections */
  array cur   (8) YPRG_4400_UPD_01 YPRG_4400_UPD_02 YPRG_4400_UPD_03 YPRG_4400_UPD_04
          YPRG_4400_01 YPRG_4400_02 YPRG_4400_03 YPRG_4400_04;

  array cwks  (8) YPRG_1930_UPD YPRG_1930_UPD YPRG_1930_UPD YPRG_1930_UPD
          YPRG_3500 YPRG_3500 YPRG_3500 YPRG_3500;

  array dli (8) YPRG_3901_UPD_01 dum dum dum dum dum dum dum;

  /* (3) Variables to be created. */

  /* CVC variables to be created*/
  array CUIR CUIR1980-CUIR2011;
  array CUIA CUIA1980-CUIA2011;
  array CUIS CUIS1980-CUIS2011;

  /*  csm, cem, efl, UIREC, & UIAMT are event history variables. */
  array UIREC UIREC001-UIREC384;   /*  indicator for receipt, monthly. */
  array UIAMT UIAMT001-UIAMT384;   /*  amount received, monthly. */

  array csm    (8)  csmu11-csmu14   csmu21-csmu24;   /*  start date in CMS. */
  array cem    (8)  cemu11-cemu14   cemu21-cemu24;   /*  stop date in CMS. */
  array efl    (8)  eflu11-eflu14   eflu21-eflu24;   /*  date edit flag.; */
  array sds    (8)  sdsu11-sdsu14   sdsu21-sdsu24;   /*  start date in SAS Date format. */
  array sde    (8)  sdeu11-sdeu14   sdeu21-sdeu24;   /*  stop date in SAS Date format. */
  array inc    (8)  incu11-incu14   incu21-incu24;   /*  daily amount. */
  array dataprb (*) dataprb0-dataprb10;       /*  data problem flags */

/* Initialize the CVC to latest CVC value.  Initiate data problem flags & counters to zero. */
/* Create date of birth, DCI, DLI etc. in CMS scheme  and SAS Date format.                  */

  do j=1 to dim(cvcuir);
  do i = 1 to dim(dataprb);

/* Create date variables in 2 formats-SAS Date formate value, Continuous Month Scheme (CMS)
   when applicable - Date of Birth, Date of 14th birthday, DLI, day after DLI, month after
   DLI, DCI, day before DCI, month before DCI, day after DCI, month after DCI.

   SAS Date format is a Continuous Day Scheme(Jan.01, 1960 defined as day-0).
   Use SAS date format as the day-precision is best for day before/after variables:
   sb    - Date of Birth in SAS Date format
   s14   - Date of 14th birthday in SAS Date format
   sdli  - DLI in SAS Date format
   sddli - day before DLI in SAS Date format
   sdlid - day after DLI in SAS Date format
   sdci  - DCI in SAS Date format
   sddci - day before DCI in SAS Date format
   sdcid - day after DCI in SAS Date format

   CMS is adopted in 97 survey with Jan, 1980 defined as month 1:
   cb    - Date of Birth in CMS(continuous month scheme)
   c14   - Date of 14th birthday in CMS
   cdli  - DLI in CMS
   cmdli - month before DLI in CMS
   cdlim - month after DLI in CMS
   cdci  - DCI in CMS
   cmdci - month before DCI in CMS
   cdcim - month after DCI in CMS

Check to make sure these time point variables exist for every R interviewed before running the
rest of the program, since missing value in these time points might result in execution error.
R13 checked these time points are good, no handedit is needed for this section either. */

  /* Birthdate variables, variables are valid for mdy() function*/
  cb= (BDATEY-1980)*12+BDATEM;
  c14= (BDATEY-1980+14)*12+BDATEM;

  if BDATED<=day(intnx('month',mdy(BDATEM,1,(BDATEY+14)),0,'e'))  then
  else s14=intnx('month',mdy(BDATEM,1,(BDATEY+14)),0,'e');

  /*Date of Last Interview (DLI)*/

  do i=1 to dim(intmR);
     if intmR(i)>-4 then dli_rnd=i;

  if 1<=dli_rnd<=dim(intmR) then do;
    if 1<=intmR(dli_rnd)<=12 & 1990<=intyR(dli_rnd)<=year(today()) then do; /*good month & year*/
      cmdli = cdli-1;
      cdlim = cdli+1;
      if 1<=intdR(dli_rnd)<=day(intnx('month',mdy(intmR(dli_rnd),1,intyR(dli_rnd)),0,'e'))
        then sdli  = mdy(intmR(dli_rnd),intdR(dli_rnd),intyR(dli_rnd));
      else do;
        sdli  = intnx('month',mdy(intmR(dli_rnd),1,intyR(dli_rnd)),0,'e');
      sddli = sdli-1;
      sdlid = sdli+1;
    else dataprb0=dataprb0+1;     /* dataprb0 is a counter for invalid date. */
  else dataprb0=dataprb0+1;

  /* Date of Current Interview (DCI): If day of DCI invalid, assign it to start of the month*/
  if 1<=intm<=12 & 1990<=inty<=year(today()) then do;  /* both month & year are good for CMS*/
    if 1<=intd<=day(intnx('month',mdy(intm,1,inty),0,'e')) then sdci=mdy(intm,intd,inty);
    else do;
    sddci = sdci-1;
    sdcid = sdci+1;
  else dataprb0=dataprb0+1;

*Define the start date and end dates. If R reports still receiving, then use DCI as the      *
*temporary end date for the last loop. In the next survey round, R will be asked if s/he     *
*is still receiving. If not, then a permanent end date equivalent to the interview date      *
*of the last round will be assigned. If start or end dates are missing, impute those dates.  *
*Users will be able to tell what was imputed by looking at the following participation flag  *
*variable created during the program. The categories are the following:                      *
*           1=R reported participation dates                                                 *
*           2=start month imputed                                                            *
*           3=start month and year imputed                                                   *
*           4=stop month imputed                                                             *
*           5=stop month and year imputed                                                    *
*           6=start and stop dates imputed                                                   *
*           7=err_or in data due to questionnaire problems or inconsistent response.         *
*             Both results in our not sure whether Rs received in these months or not.       *
*           QUESTIONNAIRE ERR_OR: These Rs reported valid start and stop dates but were never*
*                                asked the follow-up question - if they received again.      *
*           CONFLICTING RESPONSE: These Rs reported currently receiving, a valid start date  *
*                                 and a valid stop date that is different from the DCI but in*
*                                 the follow-up question as to whether they received again,  *
*                                 they answered NO.                                          *

  /* Create start and stop dates of unemployment spells.
  Valid spell range: from "day after last spell end day" to "day before next spell start day".
    For the 1st loop, day after Last interview bounds like "day after last spell end day".
    For the last loop, date of current interview bounds like "day before next spell start day"

  Reported date outside valid range will be handedited and flagged dataprb**.
  Missing month & year will be imputed (when they are <0) and assigned efl flags accordingly.

  The assignment works in three steps, valid range is updated(narrowed) after each step :
  1. month, year are reported, day or estimated day is reported:  assign date, then align
      with valid range.
  2.1 month not reported, but year reported: (imputation doesn't use day even if reported)
      if spell length reported & the other end of spell is known, calculate from the other end
      & length. Then align with valid range , which is also restricted by reported year.
  2.2 year not reported: (imputation doesn't use month or day even if reported) if spell
      length reported & the other end of spell is known, calculate from the other end &
      length - then align with valid range (not restricted by reported month or day).
  3. revise spells affected by Questionnaire Err_or or Inconsistency answers.*/
  /* Step 1. If day, month and year are all reported, assign SAS format date in valid range.
    If reported day is not within valid range, align to the closest day in valid range.

    Assumptions for estimated day:
    For start day, if R estimate beginning of the month, assign the 1st day of the month,
      middle of the month is assigned 11th day, while end of the month is assigned 21st day.
      If estimated day is unknown/missing, assume the start day to be the 1st of the month.
    For end day, if R estimate beginning of the month, assign the 9th day of month, middle
      of the month is assigned 19th day, while end of the month is assigned end of the month.
      If estimated day is unknown/missing, assume the start day to be end of the month.

    Estimated day flag=dataprb1: the integer indicates the loop & the decimal digit tells why:
    dataprb=p+.1: only estimated start day in (-3,-2,-1), set start day to 1st of the month
    dataprb=p+.2: only estimated stop day in (-3,-2,-1), set stop day to end of the month
    dataprb=p+.3: both estimated start/stop day in (-3,-2,-1), set start day=1st & stop=last*/

  do p=1 to dim(sds);

    /* assign lower & upper bound for start day (slb, sub)
    the p~= condition makes sure p isn't first loops when sde(p-1) doesn't make sense.
    the max() assign the latest of bounds to slb.  */
    if p~=1 & p~=(dim(sds)/2+1) then slb= max(sde(p-1)+1, sdlid);
    else slb=sdlid;

    if year(slb)<=ys(p)<=year(sub) & 1<=ms(p)<=12 then do;
      if 1<=ds(p) then sds(p)= mdy(ms(p),min(ds(p),day(intnx('month',mdy(ms(p),1,ys(p)),0,'e'))),ys(p));
      else if es(p)=1 then sds(p)= mdy(ms(p),1,ys(p));
      else if es(p)=2 then sds(p)= mdy(ms(p),11,ys(p));
      else if es(p)=3 then sds(p)= mdy(ms(p),21,ys(p));
      else if -4<es(p)<0 then do;
        sds(p)= mdy(ms(p),1,ys(p));
      if sds(p)<slb then sds(p)=slb;
      else if sds(p)>sub then sds(p)=sub;

    /* Set start date to day after DLI (sdlid) if receiving at DLI.
    if still receiving now set stop date to DCI, also set nogaps=1 */
    if dli(p)=1 then do;
      sds(p)= sdlid;
      if cwks(p)=1 then do;

    /* Set end date to DCI if receiving now */
    if cur(p)=1 then sde(p)=sdci;

    /* assign lower & upper bound for end day (elb, eub),
    In step 1 first time assigning day values, sds(p+1) could not have any value in p-th loop.
    the max() in eub uses the latest of the dates as bound. */

    /* Set end date if both end month and year are in valid range. End date is constrained
    by start date (if sde(p-1) exist then sds(p) already constrained) & day after DLI */
    if year(elb)<=ye(p)<=year(eub) and 1<=me(p)<=12 then do;
      if 1<=de(p) then sde(p)= mdy(me(p),min(de(p),day(intnx('month',mdy(me(p),1,ye(p)),0,'e'))),ye(p));
      else if ee(p)=1 then sde(p)=mdy(me(p),9,ye(p));
      else if ee(p)=2 then sde(p)=mdy(me(p),19,ye(p));
      else if ee(p)=3 then sde(p)=intnx('month',mdy(me(p),28,ye(p)),0,'e');
      else if -4<ee(p)<0 then do;
      if sde(p)<elb then sde(p)=elb;
      else if sde(p)>eub then sde(p)=eub;

    if slb<=sds(p)<=sde(p)<=eub then efl(p)=1;
  end;      /* End of Step 1. */

  /* Step 2. If month or year in (-3,-2,-1): if spell length reported & the other end of the
      spell is known, calculate from the other end & length.  Align with valid range (also
      restricted by year if it's reported). corresponding to efl (2)-(6) cases */

  do p=1 to dim(sds);

    /* (2) & (3) have good end date, bad start date */
    if sdlid<=sde(p)<=sdci & (sdlid<=sds(p)<=sde(p) )=0 then do;

      /* assign lower & upper bound for start day (slb, sub)
      the p~= condition makes sure p isn't first loops when sde(p-1) doesn't make sense.
      the max() assign the latest of bounds to slb */
      if p~=1 & p~=(dim(sds)/2+1) then slb= max(sde(p-1)+1, sdlid);
      else slb=sdlid;

      /* (2) if start year is reported and month is unknown but end date is good.
        Constrain valid range further by reported start year.
        New_lower_bound = max(Previous_lower_bound, Jan.1 of start year)
        New_upper_bound = min(Previous_upper_bound, Dec.31st of start year)
        Count backwards by the days of weeks if reported.
        Constrain start date by closest of the bounds */
      if ys(p)>0 & -3<=ms(p)<=-1 then do;
        if wks(p)>=0 then sds(p)= sde(p)-(wks(p)*7);
        if sds(p)<slb then sds(p)=slb;    /* missing value is also assigned to lower bound */
        else if sds(p)>sub then sds(p)=sub;
      end;    /* End of (2) */

      /* (3) If start year is unknown but end date is good (valid range not affected by
        reported month). Count backwards by the days of weeks if reported.
        Constrain start date by closest of the bounds */
      if -3<=ys(p)<=-1 then do;
        if wks(p)>=0 then sds(p)= sde(p)-(wks(p)*7);
        if sds(p)<slb then sds(p)=slb;    /* missing value is also assigned to lower bound*/
        else if sds(p)>sub then sds(p)=sub;
      end;    /* End of (3) */
    end;      /* End of (2) & (3)*/

    /* (4) & (5) have good start date, bad end date */
    else if sdlid<=sds(p)<=sdci & (sds(p)<=sde(p)<=sdci)=0 then do;

      /* assign lower & upper bound for end day (elb, eub), the p~= condition makes sure
      p isn't the last loop when sds(p+1) doesn't make sense.  the max() in eub makes sure
      missing value in sds(p+1) wasn't mistaken as result of min()*/
      elb= max(sds(p), sdlid);
      if p~= dim(sds)/2 & p~= dim(sds) then do;
        if sdlid<=sds(p+1)<=sdci then eub= sds(p+1)-1;
        else eub= sdci;

      /* (4) If end year is reported and end month is reported, but start date is good.
        Constrain valid range further by reported end year.
        New_lower_bound = max(Previous_lower_bound, Jan.1 of end year)
        New_upper_bound = min(Previous_upper_bound, Dec.31st of end year)
        Count forward the days of reported weeks if reported.
        Constrain start date by closest of the bounds. */
      if ye(p)>0 & -3<=me(p)<=-1 then do;
        elb= max(elb, mdy(1,1,ye(p)));
        eub= min(eub, mdy(12,31,ye(p)));
        if wks(p)>=0 then sde(p)=sds(p)+wks(p)*7;
        if sde(p)<elb then sde(p)=elb;    /*missing value is also assigned to lower bound*/
        else if sde(p)>eub then sde(p)=eub;
      end;    /* End of (4) */

      /* (5) If stop year is unknown but start date is good (valid range not affected by
         reported month).  Count backwards by the days of weeks if reported.  Constrain
         start date by closest of the bounds*/
      if -3<=ye(p)<=-1 then do;
        if wks(p)>=0 then sde(p)=sds(p)+wks(p)*7;
        if sde(p)<elb then sde(p)=elb;    /*missing value is also assigned to lower bound*/
        else if sde(p)>eub then sde(p)=eub;
      end;  /* End of (5) */

    end;  /* End of (4) & (5)*/

    /* (6) If both the start and stop years are bad.
    if next spell start day is good, set end date to day before next spell start day,
    count backward weeks if known, constrain by last spell stop day;
    if last spell stop day is good, set start date to day after last spell stop day,
    count forward weeks if known, constrain by next spell start day. */
    else if ( sdlid<=sds(p)<=sdci )=0 & (sdlid<=sde(p)<=sdci)=0 & ys(p) not in (.,-5,-4) & ye(p) not in (.,-5,-4) then do;
      if p=1 | p=dim(sds)/2+1 then do;
        if sdlid<=sds(p+1)<=sdci then sde(p)= max(sds(p+1)-1,sdlid);
        else sde(p)= sdci;
        if wks(p)>=0 then sds(p)=sde(p)-wks(p)*7;
        if sds(p)<sdlid then sds(p)=sdlid;
        else if sds(p)>sdci then sds(p)=sdci;
      else do;
        if wks(p)>=0 then sde(p)= sds(p)+wks(p)*7;
        if p=dim(sds) | p=dim(sds)/2 | (sdlid<=sds(p+1)<=sdci)=0 then sde(p)= sdci;
        else sde(p)= sds(p+1)-1;
        if sde(p)>sdci then sde(p)=sdci;
        else if sde(p)<sdlid then sde(p)=sdlid;
    end;    /* End of (6) */

  end;  /* End of Step 2.(2)-(6) imputation. */

  /* Step 3. Questionnaire Err_or or Inconsistency answers.
    QUESTIONNAIRE ERR_OR: Questionnair routing goes different than 'should be' route.
                For example, R reported valid start and stop dates but was never
                asked the follow-up question - if they received again.
    CONFLICTING RESPONSE: For example, R reported currently receiving, a valid start date
                          and a valid stop date that is different from the DCI but in
                          the follow-up question as to whether they received again,
                          they answered NO.
    mostly corresponding to efl (7) cases, other efl flags are possible */

  do p=1 to dim(sds);

    /* R reports receiving, but doesn't know whether stopped for more than a month and so
      no information on stop date. We then impute the stop date to DCI and put efl=5 */
    if -3<=stpgp(p)<=-1 & (sdlid<=sde(p)<=sdci)=0 then do;
    end;  /* End of HandEdit dataprb2 */

    /* Rs report currently not receiving but no periods of 2 weeks+ didn't recieve,
      and end day is missing as a result. I take them to be receiving 2 weeks before the DCI.
      and bound by spell start date. Revised Jan.14,2010. */
    if (cur(p)=0 or cwks(p)=0) & stpgp(p)=0 then do;
      if sdlid<=sds(p)<=sdci & (sdlid<=sde(p)<=sdci)=0 then do;
        sde(p)=max( sdci-14, sds(p));
    end;  /* End of HandEdit dataprb3 */

    /* Rs report currently receiving, at least 2 weeks when they didn't receive, have a
      valid stop date but said NO they didn't received again, so the next loop is invalid.
      Create another loop from the day after the reported stop to DCI, and put efl=7 & inc=-3.
    if (cur(p)=1 or cwks(p)=1) & stpgp(p)=1 & sdlid<=sde(p)<sdci & recag(p)=0 then do;
      if p~=dim(sds)/2 & p~=dim(sds) then do;   /*don't add next loop if its the last loop*/
        if (sde(p)<=sds(p+1)<=sde(p+1)<=sdci)=0 then do;  /*don't edit if next loop is valid*/
          sds(p+1)= sde(p)+1;
    end;  /* End of HandEdit dataprb4 */

    /*If R reports a valid stop date but isn't asked if receives again then handedit
    in dataprb4 (add another loop if applicable) */
    if sdlid<=sde(p)<sdci & recag(p)=-4 & dataprb3 ne 1 then do;
      if p~=dim(sds)/2 & p~=dim(sds) then do;  /*don't add next loop if its the last loop*/
        if (sde(p)<=sds(p+1)<=sde(p+1)<=sdci)=0 then do; /*don't edit if next loop is valid*/
          sds(p+1)= sde(p)+1;
    end;  /* End of HandEdit dataprb5 */

  end;    /* End of HandEdits dataprb2-dataprb5 */

  /* Check date problem patterns:
  (1) if one non-missing loop date is not valid: (sdli<=sds(p)<=sde(p)<=sdci)=0
  (2) else if this non-missing loop has an earlier loop missing (loop order wrong)
  (3) else if an earlier loop's stop date is no earlier than the non-missing loop start date (overlap)*/
  do p=1 to dim(sds);
    if sds(p)~=. | sde(p)~=. then do;
      if (sdli<=sds(p)<=sde(p)<=sdci)=0 then dataprb6=p+0.1;
      else do q=1*(1<=p<=4)+5*(4<p<=8) to p-1;  /*if p>4 then 1, else 0*/
        if sds(q)=. | sde(q)=. then dataprb6=p+0.01;
        else if sdli<=sds(p)<=sde(q)<=sdci then dataprb6=p+0.001;

*After all SAS format start/end date variables are created and checked free of problems.     *
*Create the monthly receiving indicator (UIREC) and the monthly amount variables (UIAMT) and *
*CMS date variables for event history: csmu11-csm14 csmu21-csm24 cemu11-cemu14 cemu21-cemu24 *

  /* Initialize all UIREC & UIAMT (from the CDLI to CDCI) to zero */
  do m =  cdli to cdci;

   /* Initialize the following counters to zero */
  uickr=0;   /* Counter=1 when UIREC>0 but UIAMT is missing */
  uicka=0;   /* Counter=1 when UIAMT is not missing (>=-3) but UIREC=0 */
  uickv=0;   /* Counter=1 when UIREC is invalid but UIAMT not invalid */
  uiodttl=0; /* Counter for total number of months received the problematic amounts */

  /* Create csm() cem(), uirec uiamt, check results. */
  do p=1 to dim(sds);                                 /* [B2] */

    /* Change weekly amount to daily amount, use both reported & estimated variables. */
    if incm(p)>=0 then inc(p)=incm(p)/7;
    else if -3<=incm(p)<=-1 then do;
      if eincm(p)=1 then inc(p)=(50/7);
      else if eincm(p)=2 then inc(p)=(125/7);
      else if eincm(p)=3 then inc(p)=(175/7);
      else if eincm(p)=4 then inc(p)=(225/7);
      else if eincm(p)=5 then inc(p)=(300/7);
      else if eincm(p)=6 then inc(p)=(351/7);
      else if -3<=eincm(p)<=-1 then inc(p) = -3;

    if sdlid<=sds(p)<=sde(p)<=sdci then do;    /*[B2-1] only valid start & end dates enters*/


      /* First Step. Assign uiamt, uirec (starting from DLI month) */
      do d= sds(p) to sde(p);
        m= (year(d)-1980)*12+month(d);   /*Continous Month(m) for Continuous Day(d)*/
        if UIAMT(m)>=0 then do;          /*don't update uiamt(m) if uiamt(m) is <0*/
          if inc(p)>=0 then UIAMT(m) = UIAMT(m) + inc(p); /*Add daily amount to uiamt(m)*/
          else if -3<=inc(p)<=-1 then UIAMT(m) = inc(p);  
        if UIREC(m)=0 & efl(p)>=1 then UIREC(m)=efl(p);   /*uirec is updated. if 2 loops span
                                    this month, use efl of the first loop */
      end;  /* End of First Assign Step */

      /* 'Move CDLI to CDLIM': if spell start day is in DLI(cdli),
        move uiamt(cdli) uirec(cdli) to month after DLI (cdlim).
        But don't change csm(p) to cdlim. */
      if (year(sds(p))-1980)*12+month(sds(p))=cdli then do;

        /* Only uiamt(cdlim)>=0 will be updated by uiamt(cdli)
          don't change if uiamt(cdlim)<0 already. */
        if uiamt(cdlim)>=0 then do;
          if uiamt(cdli)>=0 then uiamt(cdlim)=uiamt(cdlim)+uiamt(cdli);
          else if -3<=uiamt(cdli)<=-1 then uiamt(cdlim)=-3;

        /* Only uirec(cdlim)=0 will be updated by uiamt(cdli),
        don't change if uirec(cdlim)>=1 already. */
        if uirec(cdlim)=0 & uirec(cdli)>=1 then uirec(cdlim)=uirec(cdli);

      end;  /* End of 'Move CDLI to CDLIM' */

      /* check uiamt for too high amount, or disagreement between uirec uiamt.  */
      do m= (year(sds(p))-1980)*12+month(sds(p)) to m= (year(sde(p))-1980)*12+month(sde(p));
        if UIAMT(m)>10000 then uiodttl=uiodttl+1;
        if UIREC(m)>0 & UIAMT(m)=. then uickr=uickr+1;
        else if UIREC(m)=0 & -3<=UIAMT(m) then uicka=uicka+1;
        else if UIREC(m)=-3 and UIAMT(m)~=-3 then uickv=uickv+1;
      end;  /* End of Check Flags */

    end;                    /* [E2-1] */
  end;                                          /* [E2] */

  /*delete uiamt(cdli) uirec(cdli) for all Rs including Rs who did not go through this
  section as the CDLI event history variabels exist from the last round and we don't
  need to re-create them during this round. */

  /* Divide the problematic amount by the # of months receiving the problematic amounts.
  Note the loop only needs to run from cdlim to cdci - we don't allow amt earlier than CDLI
  or later than DCI */
  if uiodttl>0 then do m=cdlim to cdci;
    if UIAMT(m)>10000 & UIREC(m)>0 then UIAMT(m)=round(UIAMT(m)/uiodttl);

  /* Check cases if months before DLI or after DCI is not missing (.) */
  do m= 1 to dim(UIREC) while (dataprb8=0);
    if (m<= cmdli | m>=cdcim ) & ( UIREC(m)~=. | UIAMT(m)~=. ) then dataprb8=m;

*Update the CVC variables - months receiving in each year (CUIRx), the amount receiving each *
*year (CUIAx), the number of UNEMP spells started each year (CUISx) and the total # of months*
*received ever (CUIEV) - as reported in this round.                                          *

  do j=1 to dim(CUIR);
    if CUIR(j)=-4 then do m=((j*12)-11) to (j*12);
        if UIREC(m)=0 then do;

    do j=1 to dim(CUIR);
    if (-3<=CUIR(j)<=-1)=0 then do m=((j*12)-11) to (j*12);
      if UIREC(m)=1 then do;
        if CUIR(j)>=0 then CUIR(j)=CUIR(j)+1;
        else if CUIR(j)=-4 then CUIR(j)=1;
      else if UIREC(m)>1 | -3<=UIREC(m)<=-1 then CUIR(j)=-3;
      if (-3<=CUIA(j)<=-1)=0 then do;
        if UIAMT(m)>=0 then do;
          if CUIA(j)>=0 then CUIA(j)=CUIA(j)+UIAMT(m);
          else if CUIA(j)=-4 then CUIA(j)=UIAMT(m);
        else if -3<=UIAMT(m)<=-1 then CUIA(j)=-3;
    if -3<=CUIR(j)<=-1 then CUIA(j)=-3;
    else if CUIR(j) in (0,-4) then CUIA(j)=-4;
    if CUIA(j)>0 then CUIA(j)=round(CUIA(j)); /* End of Update & Align of UIREC UIAMT*/
    if CUIR(j)>=13 then dataprb9=j;

    /* Update Spells CUISx. Notice start & stop date already limited to
      no earlier than DLI & no later than DCI.*/

    do p=1 to dim(sds);
      if sdlid<=sds(p)<=sde(p)<=sdci & ( dli(p)~=1 | YPRG_1899_UPD=1 ) & -11<=(year(sds(p))-1980-j)*12+month(sds(p))<=0 then do;
        if CUIS(j)>=0 then CUIS(j)=CUIS(j)+1;
        else if CUIS(j)=-4 then CUIS(j)=1;
    if (CUIA(j) not in (.,-4,0) | CUIR(j) not in (.,-4,0) ) & CUIS(j)=-4 then CUIS(j)=0;
    if CUIA(j) in (.,-4,0) & CUIR(j) in (.,-4,0) & CUIS(j)=0 then CUIS(j)=-4;
    /* End of Update & Align of CUISx */

  /* Update CUIEV. Don't update if -3<=CUIEV<=-1 already. Notice loop run from cdlim to CDCI
     since we limited month variable to that range. */
  if (-3<=CUIEV<=-1)=0 then do m=cdlim to cdci;
    if UIREC(m)=1 then do;
      if CUIEV>=0 then CUIEV=CUIEV+1;
      else if CUIEV=-4 then CUIEV=1;
    else if UIREC(m)>1 or UIREC(m) in (-1,-2,-3) then CUIEV=-3;

  /* Change (-3,-2,-1) to -3 */
  do over skip3;
    if skip3 in (-1,-2) then skip3=-3;