Errata for NLSY97 Round 16 Release

Errata for NLSY97 Round 16 Release


Variable Correction: Created Number of Household Members under Age 6 and under Age 18 in Round 13 (2009) [POSTED 5/8/2017]

The data connected to the QNAME=CV_HH_UNDER_6 and QNAME=CV_HH_UNDER_18 variables were reversed in the Round 13 (2009) data. Users should take note that the data that represent the number of household members under the age of 6 are currently found under the QNAME=CV_HH_UNDER_18 and vise versa. These variables will be corrected in the next public release.


Variable Correction: Created Number of Weeks at Job Variable for Rounds 1 to 16

Corrections are required for the number of weeks at job variables for rounds 1 to 16.

  1. The number of weeks at jobs for the respondents with no jobs were inadvertently coded as 0 instead of -4 for rounds 1, 3-5, 8-16
  2. The number of weeks at jobs for the respondents with a military job were inadvertently coded as 0 and in some cases as greater than 0  instead of -4 for rounds 1-16

The affected variables for these errors are CV_WKSWK_JOB_DLI.#.

AGE Variables on Round 1 NONHHI Roster Rewritten [Posted 11/18/2016]

Due to an error that caused many missing age values on the NLSY97 round 1 non-resident roster to be filled in with the value of zero, all of the AGE variables on the round 1 NONHHI roster have been re-written. The false values of zero have now been reset to either valid missing (-4) or invalid missing (-3).

Variable Correction: Summary Incarceration variables [Posted 4/22/2016]

A problem loading 48 cases of first-time incarcerations from Round 16 caused the 48 cases to have missing data on the following four created variables:


An additional five cases had the INCARC_AGE_FIRST variable incorrectly coded as missing.

Documentation Correction: R16 interviewer validation outcome variable [Posted 4/8/2016]

In the R16_REVIEWED_OUTCOME variable, data were switched in the first two answer categories. The 74 cases coded as 1 should be coded as 2 (answer category = "case had minor quality issues"). The 818 cases coded as 2 should have been coded as 1 (answer category = "all reviews successful"). These items will be corrected in the next release.

Variable Correction: R1 Created Household Net Worth Variable for parent

A review of the data has led to an update for two respondents in the round 1 CV_HH_NET_WORTH_P variable. The values for both respondent 2759 and respondent 3838 should be -3. This will be corrected in the next release.

Discrepancy Found between PARTNERS_UID Variables and MAR_PARTNER_LINK Event History Variables [Posted 12/11/2015]

A discrepancy was found between the spouse/partner UIDs in the PARTNERS_UID variables and the MAR_PARTNER_LINK event history variables for a limited number of NLSY97 respondents. The updates are listed below and will be corrected with the upcoming release.

PUBID= 427:
Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2011.07 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2014.02 to 601

PUBID= 848:
Update R16 PARTNERS_ID.01 to 1601
Update R16 PARTNERS_UID.01 to -3
Add new partner to CUMPARTNERS roster

Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2001.01 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2001.07 to 501

Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_1998.12 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_1999.10 to 201

Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2011.11 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2012.01 to 401
Update R16 PARTNERS_ID.01 to 401
Update R16 PARTNERS_ID.02 to 501

Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2000.03 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2003.11 to 201
Update R4 through r7 PARTNERS_ID.01 to 201

Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2013.05 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2014.02 to 801

Update R9 PARTNERS_ID.01 to 901

Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2000.04 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2000.10 to 201

Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2005.01 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2007.11 to 901

Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2005.12 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2006.11 to 701
Update R10 PARTNERS_ID.01 to 701

Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2012.05 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2014.03 to 1201

Update R16 PARTNERS_ID.01=701
Update R16 PARTNERS_UID.01=200361
Delete partner 2 from CUMPARTNERS roster

Update MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2013.04 through MAR_PARTNER_LINK_2013.12 to 1301