Errata for NLSY97 Round 20 Release

Errata for NLSY97 Round 20 Release


Income and Assets Review [posted 5/15/24]

The NLS program is conducting a review of income and assets topcoding and is working to standardize these values. As part of this review, adjustments have been made to a very limited number of values to reflect the current standards, including in the most recent version of the public data. This review also identified a small number of variables, affecting a very small number of cases, that were inadvertently left off of the public release. Both the corrections and the new variables can be found at the links below. All of these corrections and additions will be included in the next public release.

Assets Variables Corrections

New Assets Variables


Updates to YOUTH_SIBRELY variables [posted 3/8/24]

A review of the YOUTH_SIBRELY variables has identified 35 miscoded relationships in YOUTH_SIBRELY01.01 [R1309100] and seven miscoded relationships in YOUTH_SIBRELY02.01 [R1309200]. These codes have been corrected in the latest data release.