Errata for NLSY97 Round 4 Release

National Longitudinal Survey of Youth - 1997 Cohort

Errata for NLSY97 Round 4 Release

Data Release 4.2. Corrections and Changes to the NLSY97 Data Release 4.2 of the data.

In the NLSY97 data release version 4.2, an error has been discovered in some of the variables which indicate the type of school the respondent has attended or is currently attending. The specific variables affected are the round 3 variable R3776700 NEWSCHOOL_SCHCODE.01 (824 cases) and the round 4 variables R5299900 NEWSCHOOL_SCHCODE.01 (642 cases) and R5300000 NEWSCHOOL_SCHCODE.02 (1 case). Virtually all of these errors are the misidentification of high schools as middle schools. The corrected versions of these variables can be "viewed" by clicking on the file names below. The whole set of corrected files may downloaded by clicking on the zip file.

Last updated 23 October 2002.

newschcode.dat. PDF version of complete data file. PDF version of SAS file for newschool.dat.

newschcode.sps. PDF version of SPSS file for newschool.dat. Download the complete set of the above files.

R4 Errata for release 4.3: Event History Variables

In the NLSY97 data release version 4.2, a number of inconsistencies exist in the marital and partner created variables and event histories. These inconsistencies resulted from the inability to match partners across rounds. In the round 5 main and event history releases, a spouse/partner roster (PARTNERS_*) includes an ID variable that allows users to link partners across rounds. The roster data were then used to recreate the created marriage and cohabitation variables on the round 5 main file and will be used to update the marital/cohabitation event history arrays on the event history release. Due to this improvement, users are encouraged to use the round 5 and beyond created and event history marriage and cohabitation variables for their research.