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Source: Employee Benefit Plan Review
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1. LaRock, Seymour
Retirement Planning: Different Strokes for Different Folks, Depending on Age
Employee Benefit Plan Review 49,10 (April 1995): 42-44
Cohort(s): Mature Women
Publisher: Charles D. Spencer and Associates
Keyword(s): Demography; Retirement/Retirement Planning; Social Security; Women

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The term "retirement planning" has different connotations when applied to an employee age 55 or 60, as contrasted with an employee age 45 or younger. With respect to younger employees, retirement financial planning necessarily will emphasizes capital accumulation, and the size and adequacy of a projected stream of income throughout one's lifetime, following retirement. Younger employees with dependent children have that current obligation and must make some provision for such dependents in the event of the parent's premature death. Many employers have had formal preretirement counseling programs in place for a number of years. In a survey by Charles D. Spencer & Associates Inc., of 425 firms with a median size of 5,000 employees, 43% maintained such programs. The National Longitudinal Survey of Mature Women revealed that married women are more likely to continue to work if, by doing so, they can augment their own Social Security benefits. Full text online. Photocopy available from ABI/INFORM 9071.00. (Copyright: Charles D. Spencer & Associates Inc. 1995.)
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LaRock, Seymour. "Retirement Planning: Different Strokes for Different Folks, Depending on Age." Employee Benefit Plan Review 49,10 (April 1995): 42-44.