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Source: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
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1. Dolinsky, Arthur Lewis
Caputo, Richard K.
Pasumarty, Kishore
Effects of Education on Business Ownership: a Longitudinal Study of Women
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 18,1 (Fall 1993): 43-53
Cohort(s): Mature Women
Publisher: Baylor University
Keyword(s): Educational Returns; Self-Employed Workers

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A study used data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Labor Market Experience (NLSLME) to track the long-term self-employed business ownership experience of women between 1969 and 1984, examining their initial entry into self-employment, their continued survivorship in self-employment, and their reentry into self-employment. According to the results of the study, about two-thirds of the women who enter self-employment leave it after roughly 3 years, and a sizable portion of those women who have not exited self-employment after a few years stay self-employed for the remainder of the study period. The data also reveal a significant degree of reentry into self-employment. Moreover, the incidence of initial entry, continuous stayer, and reentry status among the women in the sample is positively related to educational attainment. The study's implications for efforts to increase business ownership among economically disadvantaged women are discussed.
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Dolinsky, Arthur Lewis, Richard K. Caputo and Kishore Pasumarty. "Effects of Education on Business Ownership: a Longitudinal Study of Women." Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 18,1 (Fall 1993): 43-53.