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Source: Journal of Psychology
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1. Toney, Michael B.
Pitcher, Brian L.
Stinner, William F.
Geographic Mobility and Locus of Control
Journal of Psychology 119,4 (1986): 361-368
Cohort(s): Older Men
Publisher: Heldref Publications
Keyword(s): Demography; Locus of Control (see Rotter Scale); Migration; Mobility; Rotter Scale (see Locus of Control); Self-Perception

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Migrants and nonmigrants are often alleged to differ on numerous psychological traits; little empirical analysis, however, has examined this possibility. This study examined the hypothesis that geographic mobility is associated with locus of control, a key dimension of the self-concept. No relationships between these variables were uncovered for a national sample of older white men.
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Toney, Michael B., Brian L. Pitcher and William F. Stinner. "Geographic Mobility and Locus of Control." Journal of Psychology 119,4 (1986): 361-368.