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Source: Ohio State Law Journal
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1. Mott, Frank L.
Teen Parenting: Implications for the Mother and Child Generations
Ohio State Law Journal 57,2 (1996): 469-478
Cohort(s): Children of the NLSY79
Publisher: Moritz College of Law
Keyword(s): Childbearing, Adolescent; Children, Well-Being; Cohabitation; Parent-Child Relationship/Closeness; Parenting Skills/Styles; Sexual Activity; Teenagers

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This paper examines the special problem of teen parenting and issues which will help examine the needs of children, particularly those growing up in disadvantaged environments. The ambiguity in the title focuses on two clearly inseparable issues: the problems and issues facing teen parents and their children--the problems of children raising children. The issue of the well-being of adolescents and their children cannot be effectively discussed outside of the context of the early sexual activity actually happening now, and how this may differ from what was true only a few decades ago. The issue of early sexual activity is discussed within a social context and suggestion on how the issue may be intimately linked with the well-being of both young mothers and their children are presented.
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Mott, Frank L. "Teen Parenting: Implications for the Mother and Child Generations." Ohio State Law Journal 57,2 (1996): 469-478.