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Source: Psychology, Crime and Law
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1. Wolfe, Scott E.
Hoffmann, John P.
On the Measurement of Low Self-Control in Add Health and NLSY79
Psychology, Crime and Law 22,7 (2016): 619-650.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Keyword(s): National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (AddHealth); Scale Construction; Self-Control/Self-Regulation

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Limited attention has been devoted to the dimensionality of the low self-control scales commonly constructed in two nationally representative datasets routinely used to test self-control theory—Add Health and NLSY79. We assess the measurement properties of the low self-control scales by comparing a series of exploratory and confirmatory models that are appropriate for the categorical nature of the observed items, including unidimensional, correlated factors, second-order factor, and bifactor models. Additionally, based on these results we explore the predictive validity of the respective scales on adolescents' delinquent behavior. The results indicate that the low self-control scales in these data have acceptable levels of internal consistency but do not represent unidimensional latent factors. Rather, scales are best represented by a second-order factor structure. When measured this way, our Add Health scale is associated with delinquency in a cross-sectional context and our NLSY79 scale predicts delinquency longitudinally. This study reveals that low self-control is best conceptualized as a multidimensional construct within these data. The results of this study provide guidance to researchers measuring low self-control in either dataset (or other data sources) and inform the larger self-control theory measurement literature.
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Wolfe, Scott E. and John P. Hoffmann. "On the Measurement of Low Self-Control in Add Health and NLSY79." Psychology, Crime and Law 22,7 (2016): 619-650.