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Source: Scientific Reports
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1. Wright, Amanda J.
Jackson, Joshua J.
Childhood Temperament and Adulthood Personality Differentially Predict Life Outcomes
Scientific Reports 12 (June 2022): 10286.
Cohort(s): Children of the NLSY79, NLSY79 Young Adult
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Keyword(s): Children, Temperament; Cognitive Ability; Educational Attainment; Health/Health Status/SF-12 Scale; Personality/Big Five Factor Model or Traits; Substance Use

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Debate has long surrounded whether temperament and personality are distinct sets of individual differences or are rather two sides of the same coin. To the extent that there are differences, it could indicate important developmental insights concerning the mechanisms responsible for linking traits with outcomes. One way to test this is to examine the joint and incremental predictive validity of temperament and personality in the same individuals across time. Using a longitudinal sample spanning 3 decades starting at infancy and followed up to 37 years old (N = 7081), we ran a series of Bayesian generalized linear models with measures of childhood temperament and adult-based personality to predict outcomes in several life domains. Results indicated that while each set of individual differences were often related to the same outcomes, there were instances in which temperament provided incremental validity above adult personality, ranging from 2 to 10% additional variance explained. Personality in childhood explained the most variance for outcomes such as cognitive ability and educational attainment whereas personality performed best for outcomes such as health status, substance use, and most internalizing outcomes. These findings indicate childhood and adulthood assessments of personality are not redundant and that a lifespan approach is needed to understand fully understand life outcomes.
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Wright, Amanda J. and Joshua J. Jackson. "Childhood Temperament and Adulthood Personality Differentially Predict Life Outcomes." Scientific Reports 12 (June 2022): 10286.