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Source: The Times of India
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1. Times of India
Genes Determine First Sex Romp
The Times of India, 17 September 2009, Life and Style - Health - Health and Fitness, ANI; pg.
Cohort(s): Children of the NLSY79
Publisher: The Times of India
Keyword(s): Age at First Intercourse; Genetics; Sexual Behavior

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Some children have their first sexual intercourse at an early age not because they were raised without a father at home, but because it is in their genes, according to US researchers. In the study, the researchers at the University of Oregon tested for genetic influences as well as factors like poverty, educational opportunities, and religion. They found that the more genes the children shared, the more similar their ages of first intercourse were, irrespective of whether they had an absent father or not. A spokesman for the charity, Brook, said that children needed early education to help them make informed choices

While several theories have been advanced about the environmental factors, which influence this association between absent fathers and early sex, the current study has shown that these factors are not as important as genes in determining early sexual behaviour.

Data looked at cousins aged 14 and older from the American National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. This newspaper article was based on the study found in this bibliography by Mendle, Jane K. [et alia] entitled "Associations Between Father Absence and Age of First Sexual Intercourse," Child Development 80,5 (September/October 2009): 1463-1480

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Times of India. "Genes Determine First Sex Romp." The Times of India, 17 September 2009, Life and Style - Health - Health and Fitness, ANI; pg.