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Title: The Duration of Welfare Spells
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1. O'Neill, June E.
Bassi, Laurie
Wolf, Douglas
The Duration of Welfare Spells
Review of Economics and Statistics 69,2 (May 1987): 241-248.
Cohort(s): Young Women
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Keyword(s): Welfare; Women

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Probability distributions for the duration of welfare spells are estimated utilizing data from the NLS of Young Women. The principle guiding the work is that a recipient won't exit from welfare if the expected utility on welfare exceeds the expected utility off welfare. Our analysis indicates that while the majority of welfare spells are of short duration, a non-trivial minority of spells are quite long. Those recipients with long spells are found to differ in predictable ways from those experiencing brief spells. This suggests that strategies to move women off welfare are necessary in many cases, and should be targeted on those most likely to be long-term recipients.
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O'Neill, June E., Laurie Bassi and Douglas Wolf. "The Duration of Welfare Spells." Review of Economics and Statistics 69,2 (May 1987): 241-248.