Appendix D, Part 1: Composition of the BPI subscales

Appendix D, Part 1: Composition of the BPI subscales

NLSY79 Child Behavior Problems Index: Composition of the BPI subscales

BPI Item Description Scale* Subscale 1986-1998 2000



Cheats or tells lies E Antisocial



BPI-04 MS-BPI-04
Bullies or is cruel/mean to others E Antisocial



BPI-09 MS-BPI-09
Does not seem to feel sorry after misbehaving ** Antisocial



BPI-11 MS-BPI-11
Breaks things deliberately (<12 yrs) E Antisocial



BPI-22 MS-BPI-22
Is disobedient at school (>5 yrs) E Antisocial



BPI-31 MS-BPI-31
Has trouble getting along with teachers (>5 yrs) E Antisocial **** MS2-32 BPI-32 MS-BPI-32
Has sudden changes in mood or feeling E Anxious/Depressed



BPI-01 MS-BPI-01
Feels/complains no one loves him/her I Anxious/Depressed **** MS2-02 BPI-02 MS-BPI-02
Is too fearful or anxious E/I Anxious/Depressed **** MS2-05 BPI-05 MS-BPI-05
Feels worthless or inferior I Anxious/Depressed **** MS2-14 BPI-14 MS-BPI-14
Is unhappy, sad, or depressed E/I Anxious/Depressed **** MS2-20 BPI-20 MS-BPI-20
Clings to adults (<12 yrs) I Dependent **** MS2-23 BPI-23 MS-BPI-23
Cries too much (<12 yrs) I Dependent **** MS2-24 BPI-24 MS-BPI-24
Demands a lot of attention (<12 yrs) I Dependent **** MS2-25 BPI-25 MS-BPI-25
Is too dependent on others (<12 yrs) I Dependent **** MS2-26 BPI-26 MS-BPI-26
Is rather high strung, tense, and nervous E Headstrong **** MS2-03 BPI-03 MS-BPI-03
Argues too much E Headstrong **** MS2-06 BPI-06 MS-BPI-06
Is disobedient at home E Headstrong **** MS2-10 BPI-10 MS-BPI-10
Is stubborn, sullen, or irritable E Headstrong **** MS2-18 BPI-18 MS-BPI-18
Has strong temper and loses it easily E Headstrong **** MS2-19 BPI-19 MS-BPI-19
Has difficulty concentrating/paying attention E Hyperactive **** MS2-07 BPI-07 MS-BPI-07
Is easily confused, seems in a fog E/I Hyperactive **** MS2-08 BPI-08 MS-BPI-08
Is impulsive or acts without thinking E Hyperactive **** MS2-13 BPI-13 MS-BPI-13
Has trouble getting mind off certain thoughts E Hyperactive **** MS2-16 BPI-16 MS-BPI-16
Is restless, overly active, cannot sit still E Hyperactive **** MS2-17 BPI-17 MS-BPI-17
Has trouble getting along with other children E Peer Problems **** MS2-12 BPI-12 MS-BPI-12
Is not liked by other children E Peer Problems **** MS2-15 BPI-15 MS-BPI-15
Is withdrawn, does not get involved with others I Peer Problems **** MS2-21 BPI-21 MS-BPI-21
Feels others are out to get him/her **  *** **** MS2-27 BPI-27 MS-BPI-27
Hangs around with kids who get into trouble **  *** **** MS2-28 BPI-28 MS-BPI-28
Is secretive, keeps things to self **  *** **** MS2-29 BPI-29 MS-BPI-29
Worries too much **  *** **** MS2-30 BPI-30 MS-BPI-30
*E=Externalizing, I=Internalizing
**Does not load on the E-I dimensions.
***Questions 27 through 30 in the BPI section are not part of the Behavior Problem scale. They were added by CHRR to tap dimensions that are particularly relevant for older children. Items 27-30 were not asked in 1986. In 1988, the order of the final 6 items differs from subsequent survey rounds.
****See Important Information below for how to identify individual BPI items for survey years 1986-1998.


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