Errata for 2000 Child/Young Adult Release

Errata for 2000 Child/Young Adult Release

The Investigator contains the most recent release of each NLS cohort. Known problems with the current release of the Child-Young Adult are found below. Corrections have been made to items noted in the Errata of prior releases. For further questions, please contact NLS User Services.

R19-2000 NLSY79 Child-Young Adult Public Release, April 2002

Over samples reduced in 2000. In Round 19-2000, due to funding constraints, children of the black and Hispanic over samples were reduced by about 38%. These excluded cases were randomly selected and will be eligible for re-interview in Round 20-2002.

HOME Recode short titles. Several of the home recode titles (e.g., C19028., C19055., C19082., C25091., C25119., and C25146.) do not have a space between the "&" and the next word (e.g., &DAD). When running SAS this produces a warning, but does not affect the use of the title.

Interview status flags reduced and simplified. In R19-2000, the set of child interview status flags has been reduced to 7 from 8 for 1994-1998. The key child interview status flag (CINTRV2000) has been created as a dichotomous rather than a 7-category variable as in 1998.