Household, Geography & Contextual Variables: An Introduction

The NLSY97 has collected a wide array of information on demographic, household, and neighborhood characteristics. Table 1 summarizes the topics and universe restrictions.

Table 1. Household, Geographic & Contextual Variables: Topics and Universe Restrictions

NLSY97 User's Guide Topic Round 1 Universe
(Age as of 12/31/96)
Rounds 2 and up Universe
(Age as of 12/31/96)
Age of Respondent Year and month of birth; age as of interview date all ages all ages
Gender Sex of respondent all ages all ages
Geographic Indicators Variables describing respondent's area of residence, including Census region all ages all ages
Household & Neighborhood Environment Positive and negative aspects of respondent's household and neighborhood <=14 for household environment variables; all ages for neighborhood environment variables Household environment variables restricted to <=14 for rounds 2-3, then all ages in round 4; all ages for neighborhood environment variables
Household Composition Demographic and relational information about members of respondent's household all ages all ages
Race, Ethnicity & Citizenship Respondent's race/ethnicity and citizenship status all ages all ages (round 6 for race/ethnicity; rounds 5-8 and 10-13 for citizenship)
Youth Residential History Respondent's living situations; history of respondent's residential moves all ages; parent interview conducted all ages; round 15 for sibling information