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Author: Anderson, Elizabeth
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1. Catalano, Ralph
Goldman-Mellor, Sidra
Saxton, Katherine
Margerison-Zilko, Claire E.
Subbaraman, Meenakshi
Lewinn, Kaja
Anderson, Elizabeth
The Health Effects of Economic Decline
Annual Review of Public Health 32 (April 2011): 431-450.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Annual Reviews
Keyword(s): Economic Changes/Recession; Economic Well-Being; Health/Health Status/SF-12 Scale; Poverty; Stress; Unemployment

Political pronouncements and policy statements include much conjecture concerning the health and behavioral effects of economic decline. We both summarize empirical research concerned with those effects and suggest questions for future research priorities. We separate the studies into groups defined by questions asked, mechanisms invoked, and outcomes studied. We conclude that although much research shows that undesirable job and financial experiences increase the risk of psychological and behavioral disorder, many other suspected associations remain poorly studied or unsupported. The intuition that mortality increases when the economy declines, for example, appears wrong. We note that the research informs public health programming by identifying risk factors, such as job loss, made more frequent by economic decline. The promise that the research would identify health costs and benefits of economic policy choices, however, remains unfulfilled and will likely remain so without stronger theory and greater methodological agreement.
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Catalano, Ralph, Sidra Goldman-Mellor, Katherine Saxton, Claire E. Margerison-Zilko, Meenakshi Subbaraman, Kaja Lewinn and Elizabeth Anderson. "The Health Effects of Economic Decline." Annual Review of Public Health 32 (April 2011): 431-450.