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Author: Canterbery, E. Ray
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1. Canterbery, E. Ray
A Vita Theory of the Personal Income Distribution
Southern Economic Journal 46,1 (July 1979): 12-47.
Cohort(s): Young Men
Publisher: Southern Economic Association
Keyword(s): Control; Discrimination; Endogeneity; Human Capital Theory; Income Dynamics/Shocks; Job Training; Labor Market Demographics; Labor Market, Secondary; Life Cycle Research; Migration; Schooling; Wage Differentials; Work Experience

This paper develops a testable theory of the personal income distribution in which the distribution of endowments is endogenous. Human capital theory is modified by integration with labor market theory (hence, the term vita theory) and with the results of the discrimination and migration literature. This approach provides a general framework for otherwise diffuse empirical findings in which personal income differentials are attributed to education, experience, training, dual labor markets, as well as to differences in race, sex, class, and region. Variables over which individuals have personal control and those in which they as members of society have collective control are delineated; thus the relation of endowments to public policy choices also is made clear.
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Canterbery, E. Ray. "A Vita Theory of the Personal Income Distribution." Southern Economic Journal 46,1 (July 1979): 12-47.