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Author: Dalton, Amy H.
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1. Dalton, Amy H.
Marcis, John G.
The Determinants of Job Satisfaction for Young Males and Females
Atlantic Economic Journal 14,3 (September 1986): 85.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: International Atlantic Economic Society
Keyword(s): Gender Differences; Job Satisfaction; Modeling, Logit; Unemployment, Youth; Working Conditions

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The growing role of females in the labor force makes the study of the quality of the workplace important for policy considerations. Logit regression analysis is used to test for the possible existence of gender differences in job satisfaction among young adults. Data are drawn from the 1980 NLSY, a sample consisting of 967 females and 1,230 males. The results indicate gender differences in the determinants of job satisfaction. For males, job satisfaction is more closely associated with general background characteristics, such as education level, marital status, and racial/ethnic differences. Job satisfaction for females is more closely linked with the workplace; for example, the wage rate, experience in the labor market, and job tenure. Five of the seven workplace variables produced conflicting signs on the coefficients for males and females.
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Dalton, Amy H. and John G. Marcis. "The Determinants of Job Satisfaction for Young Males and Females." Atlantic Economic Journal 14,3 (September 1986): 85.