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Author: Defreitas, Gregory
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1. Defreitas, Gregory
Unionization Among Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Industrial and Labor Relations Review 46,2 (January 1993): 284-301.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
Keyword(s): Hispanics; Immigrants; Job Requirements; Minorities; Racial Differences; Unions

Using data on 23-30-year olds from the 1979-1988 National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, the first comparative economic analysis of union coverage among black, Hispanic, Asian, and white workers in the US is carried out. Coverage is found to be highest in this age group for blacks, followed by Hispanics, non- Hispanic whites, and Asians. Most empirical research on the union status of workers has been based on a single-equation model in which various demographic and job characteristics of individuals are used to explain whether a worker is likely to be in a union. The present analysis uses an approach pioneered by Abowd and Farber (1982). Contrary to common belief, immigrants average higher rates of unionization than natives. Once the regression analysis takes into account the larger proportions of urban, immigrant, and less-educated workers in the Hispanic sample, the differences in demand for unionization among comparable whites, Asians, and Hispanics fall to insignificance. Blacks tend to exhibit a markedly stronger demand for representation than comparable workers from the other groups. (Copyright New York State School of Industrial & Labor Relations 1992)
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Defreitas, Gregory. "Unionization Among Racial and Ethnic Minorities." Industrial and Labor Relations Review 46,2 (January 1993): 284-301.