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Author: Duran, Catherine A.
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1. Phillips, Robert L.
Andrisani, Paul J.
Daymont, Thomas N.
Duran, Catherine A.
Analysis of Armed Forces Personnel Policy on Minority Youth
Presented: Southern Management Association Annual Meeting, 1988
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Southern Management Association
Keyword(s): Earnings; Military Service; Minorities; Minorities, Youth; Racial Differences

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As the largest employer of youth, the personnel policies of the Department of Defense were analyzed with respect to their impact on minorities. The complete cycle was examined; that is, accessions, in-service results, and post-service experience in the labor market. The latter is based upon a pooled cross-section time-series data file from the NLSY. The overall analysis concludes that minority youth: (1) have equal opportunity for accession in the armed forces; (2) do not have an equal chance at technical training; (3) fare just as well as their majority counterparts with respect to pay and promotion; and (4) compare favorably with their nonserving minority counterparts both on in-service pay and benefits as well as post-service earnings and spells of unemployment. Recommendations are made concerning possible policy changes affecting minority job assignment and training.
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Phillips, Robert L., Paul J. Andrisani, Thomas N. Daymont and Catherine A. Duran. "Analysis of Armed Forces Personnel Policy on Minority Youth." Presented: Southern Management Association Annual Meeting, 1988.