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Author: Hancock, Elizabeth
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1. Hancock, Elizabeth
Assessing Happiness: How Economic Factors Measure Up
The Park Place Economist 21,1 (2013): 43-57.
Cohort(s): NLSY79
Publisher: Digital Commons@ Illinois Wesleyan University (DC@IWU)
Keyword(s): Happiness (see Positive Affect/Optimism); Income; Labor Force Participation

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This study will assess the relationship between happiness and economic factors. The project will have a microeconomic framework and focus on individual well being. Specifically, it questions if one’s standard of living has a meaningful impact on their happiness level given the scarcity of time. The study will also explore the possible non-pecuniary factors that are important in relation to happiness. It is expected that non-pecuniary factors will have significant effect on happiness levels along with economic factors.
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Hancock, Elizabeth. "Assessing Happiness: How Economic Factors Measure Up." The Park Place Economist 21,1 (2013): 43-57.